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Q41. You are consulting with a team that has maintained several legacy database for years. They have reviewed the JPA spec and are wondering if the technology would offer benefits over this current SQL base.

Which statement identifies a risk of adopting JPA?

A. JPA only works with well-known data models.

B. JPA may be able to model every table as a class.

C. JPA could render code that requires extensive SQL tuning to perform well.

D. JPA’s query language relies on a container to manage the persistence layer.

E. JPA doesn’t provides ACID semantics.

Answer: A

Q42. Your application uses web services extensively and frequently to distribute large XML objects over HTTP. In addition, the application has been set particularly demanding performance and scalability service level agreements (SLAs).

Which java API is best suited for your application?





Answer: A

Q43. A company provides call center support for corporations world-wide. Each agent in the call center can be assigned to multiple call center customers. All the company's customers use Windows based user interfaces and it has Just signed a new customer that uses a Java EE back end and wants a rich interface.

The company is developing a user interface for the new customer with the following requirements:

Customer service representatives (CSRs) must be able to work with minimal training on the application.

CSRs must be able to switch between call center systems quickly.

Screens must have a windows look and feel.

2000 agents spread across four locations must be able to use the system.

Which recommendation would you make to this company about the user interface (UI)?

A. Write the UI using JSP and JSTL.

B. Write the UI using JSPs with embedded script lets.

C. Write the UI using AJAX, Accessing servlets directly.

D. Write the UI using Java Swing and describe using JNLP.

Answer: D

Q44. Your company requires all its developers to use a well-specified set of exception classes to model several common error conditions, many of the which are specific to its business. These exception classes are centrally maintained and come packaged in a library (a JAR file). The application you are developing needs to report a number of error conditions covered by this library to remote clients.

Which paring of component type and remote access technology enables client applications to use the predefined exceptions as part of their natural programming model?

A. Servlet accessed using HTTP

B. Entity bean accessed using web services

C. Stateless session bean accessed using Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

D. Message-driven bean accessed using Java Message Service (JMS) queue

Answer: C

Q45. You are the architect for a patient management system with an HTMLUI. Currently, it is used by ward nurses who access the system using dockable tablet computers. The application uses the HttpSession object to store information.In phase two of the implementation, nurses will also have access through smart phones. These phones will use a native client rather than HTML, and will access the same business logic using a Web service.

Which two are optimal methods to manage conversational state in the new version of the system?

A. The HTML UI and native clients both use HttpSession objects.

B. The HTML UI and native clients both use stateful session beans.

C. The HTML UI and native clients both use stateless session beans.

D. The HTML UI uses an HttpSession object, native clients create a session management object.

E. The HTML UI and native clients both use singleton beans.

Answer: BD

Q46. You are contracted to improve the performance of an application.

While analyzing the application, you observe the following issues:

Tight coupling between client and business objects

Too many remote method Invocations between client and server

Which design pattern is best suited to improving performance?

A. Web Service Broker

B. Session Façade

C. Value List Handler

D. Data Access Object

E. Service Activator

Answer: B

Q47. Your company is creating a Java EE corporate wide workflow system in winch significant internal business events are consumed by multiple applications. Due to multi-year development plans, many of these applications do not exist yet, even at the design stage.

IT has defined standard data formats for these events in the form of small XML documents.

Also, the rules for how an application filters and processes events are not fixed In advance and can change over the life or the application.

Which combination of technologies is best for distributing and consuming these events throughout the company?

A. Relational database and JDBC

B. HTTP client library and servlets

C. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and stateless session beans

D. Java Message Service (JMS) topics and message-driven beans

E. JMS queues and message-driven beans

Answer: D

Q48. Your consulting company has been asked to enhance an existing application. The current application is a two-tier system in which all the business logic is located in thick clients. You are considering a solution that would involve moving the business logic into the server's database In the form of stored procedures.

Which statement is an expected outcome of your proposed solution?

A. It will improve the scalability of the system.

B. It will improve the manageability of the system.

C. It will recline the amount of traffic on the network.

D. It will, in effect, turn the application into a three-tier system.

Answer: B

Q49. You are the operations architect for a large online retailer. During peak times, your set of monitored applications exhibits non-reproducible errors. The data center is growing at 50% per annum, while your team headcount remains constant.

Which method would you use to implement an affective monitoring strategy?

A. Use the Visitor pattern to collect per-JVM statistics and store them centrally.

B. Use the Strategy pattern to encapsulate collection logic for each JVM.

C. Use the Thread Tracker to monitor the JVMs directly.

D. Use the Observer pattern to monitor each JVM directly.

Answer: D

Q50. Which two features are supported by the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API?

A. Single sign on

B. Secure network connections

C. Configurable access control policies

D. Web services security

E. Message encryption and key generation

Answer: AC