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Q1. Which option describes the design relationship between session beans and entity beans?

A. Aggregation

B. Separation of concerns

C. Common reuse principle

D. Liskov substitution principle

E. Interface segregation principle

Answer: B

Q2. You need to restrict access to the administration screens in your website.

Which two techniques test a user's permissions before granting access to a particular screen?

A. Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) entity

B. Servlet filter

C. Custom tag library

D. Deployment descriptor

E. Custom JavaScript in JSP

Answer: BD

Q3. Oasis Corporation has decided to develop a single Instance multi-tiered application with its existing EIS resources. You are the technical lead for the Integration team responsible for providing the following:

A common Interface that can easily access the heterogeneous EIS resources

Generic transaction mechanism support for EIS resource managers

A connection pool to legacy EIS resources

Which two technologies would you use to meet these requirements?






Answer: BC

Q4. What are two consequences of using the Composite View pattern?

A. Improves performance

B. Avoids duplicate content

C. Forces a whole-part dependency

D. Allows tables to be reused in multiple locations

E. Restricts all sub views to have a consistent view technology

Answer: BD

Q5. Which two statements are true about RESTful web services?

A. They can be both stateful and stateless.

B. They support the use of AJAX in web applications.

C. They are often similar than their Simple Object Access protocol (SOAP) equivalents.

D. They are independent of the transport protocol.

E. They support Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) integration styles.

Answer: BC

Q6. You are integrating with a single legacy Enterprise Information System. You are interested in the transaction management capabilities of Java Connector Architecture. This new system needs the capability to invoke multiple operations against this single legacy system. these operations succeeded together or fail together as a group.

To which minimum level of transaction management do you set your resource adapter?

A. No transaction

B. Local transaction

C. Distributed transaction

D. Container-managed transaction

Answer: B

Q7. You are the architect of an application that reads from and writes to multiple systems. The application must participate in an existing transaction to update a database using JDBC, and also invoke a transactional method on a remote system as part of the same transaction.

Which two technologies would you suggest, to access remote system, for this application?

A. Java Connector Architecture (JCA)

B. java Message Service (JMS)

C. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

D. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Answer: AC

Q8. Blue Berry Corporation, one of the biggest fruit traders in Canada, has the biggest competitor, Red Cherry Corporation. Blue Berry uses a web application that is developed by using java technologies, whereas Red Cherry’s web application uses non-Java technologies. Blue Berry plans to share business sensitive, transactional data between the two systems by integrating them in a loosely coupled manner.

Which technology should be used to this?




D. RMI over IIOP


Answer: B

Q9. Which two statements describe the contact between an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container and the EJBs that it hosts?

A. The container provides automatic logging of all exceptions and errors generated by EJB code.

B. The container provides a transparent scaling mechanism to handle spikes in demand.

C. An EJB can extend its services, such as security, to improve performance.

D. The container has a well defined lifecycle model for each EJB type.

Answer: BD

Q10. An investment company has purchased a number of small online business referral systems that appeal to various niche demographics. The company wants to bring these networks together in hopes of finding a broad, single theme and brand image for these groups before they can do that, they need to get the users communicating with outside their current networks.

Which Web Services pattern would you recommend they consider in building a scheme to accommodate this communication?

A. Asynchronous Interactions

B. PAOS Interactions

C. Web Services Broker

D. JMS Bridge

Answer: A