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2021 Jul 1Z0-820 exam cram

Q1. The crash dump notification on your server is:

Documentation states that there should be two core files for each crash dump in the /var/crash directory named vmdump.0

Which command should you choose to display theses two files?

A. savecore-f vmdump.0

B. dumpadm uncompressed

C. gunzip vmdump.0

D. dumpadm-z off

Answer: A

Q2. You are asked to troubleshoot networking issues on an unfamiliar system.

Select the correct command to display what network devices are installed.

A. ifconfig -a

B. dladm show-dev 

C. dladm show-phys 

D. dladm show-ether 

E. netadm show-dev 

F. netadm show-ether

Answer: B

Q3. Your task is to convert a JumpStart sysidcfg file to an Automated Installer (AI) sc_profile.xml file, using js2ai.

Select two unsupported items that will require changes.

A. terminal = zterms

B. name_service-NTS+

C. timezone=US/pacific

D. system_locale=en_US

E. network_interface=PRIMARY

F. root_password=rJmvLUXM10cU

Answer: AD

Q4. You are troubleshooting the failure of a computer to mount an NFS file system hosted by a server (hostname mars) in the local area network.

Select the three commands that will enable you to identify the problem.

A. ping-s mars

B. cat /etc/vfstab

C. cat /etc/dfs/dfstab

D. sharemgr show -v

E. showmount -e mars

F. rpcinfo-s mars | egrep ‘nfs|mountd’

Answer: BEF

Q5. You are creating a non-global zone on your system.

Which option assigns a zpool to a non-global zone, and gives the zone administrator permission to create zfs file system in that zpool?

A. While creating the non-global zone, make the following entry:

add device

set match=/dev/rdsk/c4t0d0


Boot the zone and log in the zone as root. Create the zpool:

zpool create pool2 c4t0d0

In the non-global zone, root can now create ZFS file system in the pool2 zpool

B. In the global zone, create the zpool:

global# zpool create pool2 c4t1d0

While creating the no-global zone, make the following entry:

add dataset

set name=pool2


add fs

set dir=pool1

set special=pool1

set type=zfspool1


Boot the zone, log in the zone as root, and create the zfs file system in the pool2 zpool.

C. In the global zone, create the zpool:

global#zpool create pool2 c4t1d0

While creating the global zone, make the following entry:

add dataset

set name=pool2


Boot the zone, log in to the zone as root and create the zfs file systems in the pool2 zpool.

D. In the global zone, create the zpool and the ZFS file systems that you want to use in the nonglobal zone:

global#zpool create pool2 c4t1d0

global#zfs create pool2/data

While creating the non-global zone, make the following entry for each ZFS file system that you

want to make available in the zone:

add fs

set dir=/data

set special=pool2/data

set type=zfs


E. Create the zpool in the global zone:

global#zpool create pool2 c4t1d0

Boot the non-global zone, log in to the zone as root, and issue this command to delegate ZFS

permissions to root:

non-global zone# zfs allow root create , destroy, mount pool2

Log in to the non-global zone create ZFS file systems in the pool2 zpool.

Answer: D


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Q6. United States of America export laws include restrictions on cryptography.

Identify the two methods with which these restrictions are accommodated in the Oracle Solaris 11 Cryptographic Framework.

A. Corporations must utilize signed X.509 v3 certificates.

B. A third-party provider object must be signed with a certificate issued by Oracle.

C. Loadable kernel software modules must register using the Cryptographic Framework SPI.

D. Third-party providers must utilize X.509 v3 certificates signed by trusted Root Certification Authorities.

E. Systems destined for embargoed countries utilize loadable kernel software modules that restrict encryption to 64 bit keys.

Answer: BC

Q7. Your are troubleshooting network throughput on your server.

To confirm that the load balancing among aggregated links is functioning properly, you want to examine the traffic statistics on the links comprising the aggregation.

The correct command is.

A. dlstat-aggr

B. dlstat show-aggr

C. dlstat show-link-r

D. dlstat show-link-aggr

E. dlstat show-phys-aggr

Answer: B

Q8. Identify the correctly matching pair of equivalent functionality of JumpStart and Automated installer (AI).

A. JumpStart: begin script

AI: package repository

B. JumpStart: setup_server

AI: installadm create-service

C. JumpStart: add_Install_client

AI: SMF system configuration profile files

D. JumpStart: finish scripts and sysidsfg files

AI: manifest files

Answer: B

Q9. The core dump configuration for your system is:

A user is running a process in the global zone and the process crashes. The process information is:

User1 2663 2618 0 17:46:42 pts/2 0:00 /usr/bin/bash

The server host name is: zeus

What will the per-process core file be named?

A. core.bash.2663.global

B. core.bash.2663.zeus

C. /var/core/core.bash.2663

D. /var/core/core.bash.2663.global

Answer: C

Q10. Solaris 11 includes a redesigned software packaging model: the Image Packaging system.

Which three describe advantages of the Image Packaging System over the previous Solaris 10 SVR4 packaging model?

A. Eliminates patching of the software package

B. Makes the patching process more efficient with less downtime

C. Eliminates OS version upgrade

D. Allows for the installation of the OS without a local DVD or installation server

E. Allows the use of a repository mirror to speed up package operation

F. Allows users to publish their own software package in a software repository

Answer: ADF