Exam Code: 1Z0-820 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-820 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which modification needs to be made to the Service Management Facility before you publish a new package to the IPS repository?

A. The pkg.depotd must be disabled.

B. The pkg/readonly property for the application/pkg/server service must be set tofalse

C. The pkg/writable_root property for the application/pkg/server service must be set to true.

D. The pkg/image_root property for the application/pkg/server service must be set to the location of the repository.

Answer: D

Q42. Which five statements describe options available for installing the Oracle Solaris 11operating system using the installation media?

A. You can perform a text or LiveCD installation locally or over the network.

B. The text Installer does not install the GNOME desktop. The GNOME desktop package must he added after you have installed the operating system.

C. The LiveCD Installation cannot be used to install multiple instances of Oracle Solaris.

D. The LiveCD installer cannot be used if you need to preserve a specific Solaris Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) slice in your current operating system.

E. The LiveCD Installer is for x86 platforms only.

F. The GUI installer cannot be used to upgrade your operating system from Solaris 10.

G. If you are installing Oracle Solaris 11 on an x86-based system that will have more than one operating system installed in it, you cannot partition your disk during the installation process.

H. The LiveCD installer can be used for SPARC or x86 platforms.

Answer: ABDF

Q43. The following information is displayed about the compress/zjp software package, which Is currently installed on this system:




Compress/zip3.109 Dec 2011 04:50:38 ESTNone

Which statement describes the information that is displayed tor the compress/zip software package?

A. This package cannot be removed.

B. This package can be updated to a new version when the new version of the package becomes available.

C. This package cannot be updated.

D. This package can be updated to version 3.1.3 but not 3.2.

E. This package cannot be downgraded to version 3.1.1.

Answer: B

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Q44. The ZFS configuration on your server is:

Pool1 6.67G31K/pool


Select the three commands that you would use to 1. Create, 2. List, and 3. Delete a snapshot of the /data file system.

A. zfs snapshot pool1/data@now

B. zfs create snapshot pool1/data@now

C. zfs list -t snapshot

D. zfs list -t snapshot pool1/data

E. zfs destroy pool1/data@now

F. zfs destroy snapshot pool1/data@now

Answer: ADE

Q45. You have already generated a 256-bit AES raw key and named the keystore file /mykey. You need to use the key to create an encrypted file system.

Which command should you use to create a ZFS encrypted file system named pool1/encrypt using the /mykey keystore?

A. zfs create-oencryption = /mykey pool1/encrypt

B. zfs create-oencryption = 256-ccm-okeysource = raw, file : ///my key pool1/encrypt

C. zfs create-oencryption = AES keysource = /mykey pool1/encrypt

D. zfs create-oencryption = on keystore = /mykey pool1/encrypt

Answer: B

Q46. You are configuring NFS on a server. Select the two statements that are true.

A. Resources listed in /etc/dfs/dfstab are automatically shared on boot up.

B. A directory cannot be shared if a subdirectory below it is already shared.

C. Renaming a share created with the zfs set share command is not supported.

D. NFS and SMB protocols cannot be used simultaneously to share the same directory.

Answer: AC

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Q47. Identify three options that describe the new Oracle Solaris 11 zone features.

A. There are boot environments for zones.

B. Administrators can delegate common administration tasks by using RBAC.

C. Oracle Solaris 11 supports Solaris 8, 9, and 10 branded zones.

D. You can migrate a physical Solaris 10 system and its non-global zones to a solaris10 branded zone running on an Oracle Solaris 11 system.

E. It is possible to change the host ID of a zone.

Answer: ABD

Q48. In an effort to reduce storage space on your server, you would like to eliminate duplicate copies of data in your server’s ZFS file systems.

How do you specify that pool1/data should not contain duplicate data blocks (redundant data) on write operations?

A. zfs create-ocompression=on pool1/data

B. zpool create -odeduplication =on pool1; zfs create pool1/data

C. zfs create-odeduplication=on pool1; zfs create pool1/data

D. zfs create-odedupratio=2 pool1/data

E. zfs create-odedup=on pool1/data

Answer: E

Q49. When setting up Automated Installer (AI) clients, an interactive tool can be used to generate a custom system configuration profile. The profile will specify the time zone, data and time, user and root accounts, and name services used for an AI client installation. This interactive tool will prompt you to enter the client information and an SC profile (XML) will be created.

Which interactive tool can be used to generate this question configuration?

A. sys-unconfig

B. installadm set-criteria

C. sysconfig create-profile

D. installadm create-profile

Answer: B

Q50. This iron is displayed on the desktop of a laptop computer, which is running Oracle Solaris 11.

Which two statements describe the Information conveyed by this Icon?

A. NWAM is disabled.

B. NWAM is automatically configuring the network.

C. The wireless network card is manually configured and operational.

D. The wireless network card is manually configured but not operational.

E. The wireless network card is automatically configured and operational.

F. The wireless network card is automatically configured but not operational.

Answer: BC