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2021 Jun 1Z0-822 dumps

Q51. You administer an Oracle Solaris 11 server with multiple zones. You want to configure it so that all nonprivileged users in the global zone see only their own process. 

What must you do to make the change? 

A. Modify the LIMITPRIV variable in the /etc/usr/user_attr file. 

B. Modify the basic privilege ser in the /etc/security/policy.conf file. 

C. Configure the priv= attribute in the /etc/security/prof_attr.d/core-os file. 

D. Configure privileges for the ps command in the /etc/security/exec_attrd/core-os file. 

Answer: D 

Q52. Review the following output from the zpool status command: 

Which three are true for pool1? 

A. It this mirror is split, the new pool will contain disks c3t5d0 and c3t6d0. 

B. If this mirror is split, by default the new pool will contain disks c3t3d0 and c3t5d0. 

C. Data is striped across mirror-0 and mirror-1. 

D. mirror-1 is a mirrored copy of data that is stored on mirror-0. 

E. Disk c3t3d0 is a mirrored copy of disk c3c4d0. 

F. If this mirror is split, pool1 will no longer be mirrored. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q53. Consider the following ZFS configuration: 

You have created snapshots of the homo directories which are as follows: 

You have another storage pool named bpool on the same system. You use the following command to store the snapshots in this pool: 

# zfs send rpool/export/home@11.28.12  | zfs recv –f bpool@11.28.12 

What will be created in the pool bpool as a result of this operation? 


A. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curly 

B. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curlybpool/export/home@12.25.11 

C. bpool/export/home/bpool/export/home/curlybpool@12.25.11 

D. bpool/curlybpool/curly@12.25.11 

E. bpool/curly 

F. bpool/curly 

Answer: A 

Q54. To reduce the use at storage space on your server, you want to eliminate duplicate copies of data in your server's ZFS file systems. How do you specify that pool1/data should not contain duplicate data blocks on write operations? 

A. zfs create –o compression=on pool1/data 

B. zpool create –o deduplication=on pool1 ; zfs create pool1/data 

C. zpool create –o dedupratio=on pool1 ; zfs create pool1/data 

D. zfs create –o dedupratio=2 pool1/data 

E. zfs create –o dedup=on pool1/data 

Answer: E 

Q55. You are creating a new SMF service named newservice. You perform the following steps: 


What is the next step that you must perform to install this service? 

A. Enable the service 

B. Export the service 

C. Import the service. 

D. Create a snapshot of the service to be stored in the repository. 

Answer: C 

Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/systems/articles/smf-example-jsp-136458.html (See first three bulleted points on the page) 


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Q56. Which ipmpstat mode reports each link's status in an IPMP group? 

A. address 

B. group 

C. interface 

D. probe 

E. target 

Answer: C 

Q57. You must configure your server to use IPMP with probe based failure detection enabled. Which statement is a valid constraint or feature that applies to this requirement? 

A. Link-based detection is supported only on Genetic Land Driver version 2 (GLDv2)-complaint NICs. 

B. GLDv2 NICs are not supported in Oracle Solaris 11. 

C. GLDv3 NICs configured for link based detection by default. 

D. You must first disable link based detection before configuring probe-based failure detection. 

Answer: D 

Q58. You are the primary administrator for a set of Oracle Solaris 11 servers. You noticed some changes to configuration files. Yon are concerned that someone may have unauthorized access cm that an authorized user may be abusing the access privilege. You want to track users of these systems to determine what tasks each user performs. Select the best way to gather this information. 

A. Solaris auditing 

B. the system/event service 

C. the system-logging service 

D. Basic Audit Reporting Tool 

E. System Extended Accounting 

Answer: A 

Q59. You are using the distribution constructor to build a custom text installer. You copied and modified the default test installer XML file and issued the following command to build image: 

# /usr/bin/distro_const build –v /usr/share/distro_const/new-dc_ai_x86.xml 

How will the checkpoints in the distribution constructor be used by this command? 

A. The distribution constructor will create a snapshot of the data directory al a checkpoint and report errors the log file until completed. 

B. The distribution constructor will stop at each checkpoint until you issue a distro_const restart command. 

C. The distribution constructor will not use checkpoints without the correct CLI option added to the command. 

D. The distribution constructor will stop at a checkpoint only if an error is encountered during the image build. 

Answer: D 

Q60. Which three options will take precedence over one-another in a local zone that uses the Fair Share Scheduler? 

A. the global resource control zone.cpu-shares 

B. the global default scheduling class 

C. the local zone attribute scheduling-class 

D. the local zone attribute cpu-shares 

E. the scheduling class of the pool assigned to a zone 

Answer: A