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2021 May 1Z0-822 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. While examining an Oracle Solaris 11 system, you discover an unfamiliar ELF binary in the /usr/bin directory. You want to know which package installed the binary. Which pkg subcommand should you use to identify the package, based on the absolute path to the binary? 

A. pkg info 

B. pkg list 

C. pkg search 

D. pkg contents 

Answer: D 

Q82. You are the primary administrator for a set of Oracle Solaris 11 servers. You noticed some changes to configuration files. 

You are concerned that someone may have unauthorized access or that an authorized user may be abusing the access privilege. You decide to track a set of security events across multiple servers. How will you configure the systems for this? 

A. Configure a centralized system-logging server and direct all servers to use it. 

B. Use audit-config to add the servers' host names to the audit_remote plug in. 

C. Add centralized NFS file systems to the /etc/security/audit_control file on each server. 

D. Modify the /etc/security/audit_startup file and add audit_remote logging on each server. 

Answer: D 

Q83. Consider the following command: 

zonestat –q –r physical-memory –R high –z dbzone –p –p “zones” 10 24h 60m 

What data will this command report? 

A. The dbzone’s physical memory usage every hour for a day, displaying the 10 higher usage intervals for each hour. 

B. All the dbzone’s resource usage, excluding physical memory, 10 times an hour for a day. 

C. The dbzone’s CPU, virtual memory, and networking utilization every hour for a day, displaying top 10 usage intervals. 

D. The dbzone’s memory and CPU utilization every 10 seconds for a day, displaying peak usage each hour. 

E. The dbzone’s physical memory usage every 10 seconds for a day. displaying peak usage each hour. 

Answer: E 

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Q84. Resource constraints have been placed on a particular project. Which command would you use to view the constraints that have been placed on that project? 

A. ipcs 

B. prctl 

C. projects 

D. rctladm 

E. prstat 

Answer: B 

Q85. A recursive snapshot was taken of the root pool and the snapshot streams are stored on a remote system. The boot disk has failed, has been replaced, and the root pool snapshots have been restored. Which two steps are still required to make the system bootable? 

A. Re-create the swap and dump devices. 

B. Install the boot blocks on the new disk. 

C. Restore the snapshot stream. 

D. Set the bootfs property on the root pool. 

E. Perform a ZFS rollback to restore the file systems in the root pool. 

Answer: C,E 

Q86. You have a ZFS pool that contains a hierarchy of data file systems. You create snapshots of the file systems and you created a clone (dpool/export/CID) of the dpool/export/home/CID file systems. The file systems are as follows: Now you remove a file from the cloned file system: 

root@sll-server1:~# rm /export/CID/core.bash.8070 

How will space usage be changed for dpool/export/CID? 

A. The USED value will increase and the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will be unchanged. 

B. The USED value will decrease and the REFER value will increase; the AVAIL value will increase. 

C. The USED value will decrease, the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will increase. 

D. USED, REFER and the AVAIL value will be unchanged. 

Answer: B 

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Q87. ou have a server that has two zones configured. These zones use the pool named pool_zones. Examine the following configuration information: 

The system has four CPUs. Assume that both zones are under heavy load. Examine the following partial output: 

Which option describes the values you would expect to see for the CPU field for the zones? 

A. approximately 40% for z1 and approximately 60% for z2 

B. approximately 60% for z1 and approximately 40% for z2 

C. approximately 20% for z1 and approximately 30% for z2 

D. approximately 30% for z1 and approximately 20% for z2 

E. approximately 25% for z1 and approximately 25% for z2 

Answer: A 

Q88. What is the signature-policy attribute's default value for the pkg client? 

A. None 

B. Verify 

C. Require 

D. require-names 

Answer: B 

Q89. There is a valid SMF manifest located underneath the /var/svc/manifest directory. 

Which four methods can be used to add it to the services repository? 

A. Reboot the system. 

B. Restart the early-manifest-import service. 

C. Use the svccfg apply command. 

D. Restart the manifest-import service. 

E. Use the svccfg import command. 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q90. You discovered that the network/ipmp:default is not  starting on boot. You listed the service and discovered the name of the log file. You now want to examine the log file entry created at boot. 

In which two locations can you find the log file created at startup? 

A. /lib/svc/volatile 

B. /etc/svc/volatile 

C. /var/svc/volatile 

D. /var/run 

E. /var/tmp 

F. /var/svc/log 

G. /lib/svc/log 

Answer: C,F