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Q71. Consider the following commands and output on the local server: 

Also, consider the following route table entry on a remote system: UG 1 1 

You must configure a virtual switch to connect over net0 to the remote system. Select two commands that complete the configuration. 

A. ipadm set-ifprop –p forwarding=on net0 

B. ipadn set-prop –p forwarding=on vnic2 

C. ipacim set-prop –p forwarding=on ipv4 

D. ipadm set-prop –p routing=on net0 

E. routeadm –ue ipv4-forwarding 

F. routeadm –ue ipv4-routing 

Answer: B,F 

Q72. Resource constraints have been placed on a particular project. Which command would you use to view the constraints that have been placed on that project? 

A. ipcs 

B. prctl 

C. projects 

D. rctladm 

E. prstat 


Q73. The zfs holds command displays the following information: 

Which two statements are true? 

A. Use zfs destroy –d pool12/data@nov to destroy the snapshot immediately. 

B. Attempts to destroy the snapshot using zfs destroy pool12/data@nov will fail. 

C. Attempts to destroy the pool12/data@nov snapshot will not destroy the snapshot immediately. 

D. The zfs directory –R pool12/data command will destroy the file system immediately. 

E. The defer_destroy property is set to on for the pool12/data@nov data set. 

F. The userrefs property is set to 1 (or higher) for the pool12/data@nov data set. 

Answer: C,E 

Q74. Your task is to configure storage for an Oracle Solaris 11 system to support multiple web servers. Each web server will be contained in a separate zone. The system has an attached disk array configured as a JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks). The system also has an internal solid-state drive. 

The data accessed through the websites will be primarily read-only. The web servers are expected to be very busy, so configure the storage for maximum performance. Because the data is primarily static, but redundancy is required to maintain high availability in the event of a hardware failure. Data does not change often, but it is expected that the same data will be accessed many times throughout the day. 

Which configuration option best meets the data storage requirements? 

A. a raid2 storage pool with a separate log device 

B. a mirrored storage pool with a separate cache device 

C. a mirrored storage pool with a separate log device 

D. a three disk striped storage pool with a separate cache device 

E. a raidz1 storage pool with a separate log and cache device 


Q75. Your organization uses NFS to share data from Oracle Solaris servers to Oracle Solaris clients. For the nfsmapid daemon to work properly the client and server must be on the same domain. 

Select the location that has the highest precedence when the nfsmapid daemon searches for a domain name. 

A. the nfsmapid_domain parameter in the mapid SMF service. 

B. the nfsmapid_domain parameter in the /etc/default/nfs file 

C. the domain name in the /etc/default/domainname file, if it exists. 

D. a_nfsv4idmapdomain TXT record found by the configured domain name servers 


Q76. Which network component is the default target for IPMP probe-based Failure detection? 

A. the default router 

B. any nongateway system on the same subnet 

C. any group interface with a test address 

D. the first responder to the in.mpathd broadcast request 


Reference: (second para) 

Q77. You are using the distribution constructor to build a custom text installer. You copied and modified the default test installer XML file and issued the following command to build image: 

# /usr/bin/distro_const build –v /usr/share/distro_const/new-dc_ai_x86.xml 

How will the checkpoints in the distribution constructor be used by this command? 

A. The distribution constructor will create a snapshot of the data directory al a checkpoint and report errors the log file until completed. 

B. The distribution constructor will stop at each checkpoint until you issue a distro_const restart command. 

C. The distribution constructor will not use checkpoints without the correct CLI option added to the command. 

D. The distribution constructor will stop at a checkpoint only if an error is encountered during the image build. 


Q78. You are creating a native Oracle Solaris zone that will be called zd1. The zone must have a virtual network interface configured. You use the following command to create the zone configuration: 

# zonecfg –z zd1 

zonecfg:zd1> create 

What is the minimum specification required to complete the configuration before the exit command is issued? 

A. A zonepath must be set. 

B. An anet resource must be added. 

C. No other configuration parameters need to be set. 

D. Both an anet configuration and a zonepath must be set. 


Q79. Which two statements are correct regarding IPS repositories? 

A. Remote client access is governed by svc:/application/pkg/server. 

B. Every new repository contains the solaris publisher by default. 

C. One repository can replicate the contents of another. 

D. The pkg.depotd process makes all local repositories remotely available. 

E. A repository uses separate protocols for pkg and browser clients. 

Answer: C,E 

Q80. What is the signature-policy attribute's default value for the pkg client? 

A. None 

B. Verify 

C. Require 

D. require-names