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Q61. You are configuring a system on your network that was installed using LiveCD. You configured applied a static IP address to the system. You now need to configure a default router. Assume that name services are file based and the router’s IP address is 

Which two methods should you use to configure a default route on this Oracle Solaris 11 system? 

A. svccfg –s network/physical setprop config/defroute=;svcadm refresh network/physical; svcadm restart network/physical 

B. svccfg –s routing/route setprop config/defroute=;svcadm refresh routing/route; svcadm restart routing/route 

C. Add the IP address to the /etc/defaultrouter file and run route add default 

D. netadm modify –p ncp DefaultFixed set-prop –p defroute= 

E. ipadm set-prop –p defaultrouter= 


Q62. The following command is issued: 

pkg set-publisher –P publisher2 

What is the impact on your system? 

A. makes the specified publisher sticky 

B. makes the specified publisher the highest-ranked publisher 

C. displays information about the specified publisher 

D. moves the specified publisher one step higher in the search order 


Reference: (see example 3-26) 

Q63. Review the following output from the zpool status command: 

Which three are true for pool1? 

A. It this mirror is split, the new pool will contain disks c3t5d0 and c3t6d0. 

B. If this mirror is split, by default the new pool will contain disks c3t3d0 and c3t5d0. 

C. Data is striped across mirror-0 and mirror-1. 

D. mirror-1 is a mirrored copy of data that is stored on mirror-0. 

E. Disk c3t3d0 is a mirrored copy of disk c3c4d0. 

F. If this mirror is split, pool1 will no longer be mirrored. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q64. Which two statements correct regarding Link Aggregations? 

A. The MAC address of the first configured link is used for all links. 

B. A link with an existing IP interface cannot be added to an aggregation. 

C. The switch must support the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). 

D. Links of differing bit rates can be aggregated, but performance gains may not be realized. 

E. The –f option of dladm allows aggregating devices that do not support link state notification. 

Answer: B,E 

Q65. You must configure a ZFS file system on an Oracle Solaris 11 server to share it over NFS. 

(rpool/export/share/data mounted on /export/share/data) 

The file system must be configured for read-only access and must assign anonymous users a UID of 0. The file system must allow read and write access for local users. 

Assuming all ZFS properties except mountpoint are at their default settings, which option supports these requirements? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q66. Choose two true statements regarding signed IPS packages. 

A. A signature takes the form of an action statement in a manifest. 

B. A package can be signed before adding it to a repository. 

C. A package manifest may contain more than one signature. 

D. Only one organization can apply signatures to a given package. 

Answer: A,C 

Q67. Which two statements regarding the pkg command are correct? 

A. It requires HTTP to connect to a remote repository. 

B. It uses the set-publisher subcommand to remove an origin. 

C. It cannot point to both sticky and nonsticky publishers in the same repository. 

D. It uses the unset-publisher subcommand to remove publishers. 

E. It uses the set-publisher subcommand to remove publishers. 

Answer: A,D 

Q68. Which is the result of the following command? 

# zfs send –i dpool/sales/qrreports@qtrreport dpool/sales/qrreports@mth3qtrreport 

A. An error message will be sent to standard error. 

B. The dpool/sales/qrreports@qtrreport snapshot is saved to disk. 

C. The dpool/sales/qrreports@mth3qtrreport snapshot is saved to disk 

D. The difference between the First snapshot and the second snapshot will be written to disk 


Q69. You configured the Fail Share Scheduler on a server, and you defined CPU shares for two nonglobal zones. You now need to apply shares to the global zone. The configuration needs to be persistent across a reboot operation. Which utility will you use? 

A. prctl 

B. priocntl 

C. zonecfg 

D. dispadmin 


Q70. Your organization uses NFS to share data from Oracle Solaris servers to Oracle Solaris clients. The server currently has an NFS share configured for the rpool/export/data file system. A client is currently mounting this file system. As administrator, you add a new file system rpool/export/data/yesterdays_data, and copy data into the new file system. 

Which action is required for the client currently mounting the rpool/expor/data file system to access the new data? 

A. The rpool/export/data/yesterdays_data file system must be mounted. 

B. No action is required because the data is automatically made available. 

C. The rpool/export/data file system must be remounted. 

D. The nfs/client server must be restarted.