Exam Code: 1Z0-822 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration Exam
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q41. The zpool configuration on serverA is: 

pool 1 c3t2d0 c3t3d0 pool 2 c3t4d0 c3t5d0 

The zpool configuration on servetB is: 

pool1 mirror-0 c3t2d0 c3t3d0 mirror-1 c3t4d0 


Which option will modify the configuration on serverA to match serverB? 

A. zpool destroy pool2zpool attach pool1 c3t4d0 c3t5d0 

B. zpool destroy pool2zpool attach pool1 c3t2d0 c3t2d0 c3t4d0 c3t5d0 

C. zpool destroy pool2zpool add pool1 c3t4d0 c3t5d0 

D. zpool destroy pool2zpool mirror pool1 pool2 

E. zpool destroy pool2zpool attach pool1 c3t2d0 attach pool1 c3t3d0zpool attach pool1 c3t4d0 attach pool1 c3t5d0 

F. zpool destroy pool1zpool destroy pool2zpool destroy pool1 mirror c3t2d0 c3t3d0 c3t4d0 c3t5d0 


Q42. You have a ZFS pool that contains a hierarchy of data file systems. You create snapshots of the file systems and you created a clone (dpool/export/CID) of the dpool/export/home/CID file systems. The file systems are as follows: Now you remove a file from the cloned file system: 

root@sll-server1:~# rm /export/CID/core.bash.8070 

How will space usage be changed for dpool/export/CID? 

A. The USED value will increase and the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will be unchanged. 

B. The USED value will decrease and the REFER value will increase; the AVAIL value will increase. 

C. The USED value will decrease, the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will increase. 

D. USED, REFER and the AVAIL value will be unchanged. 


Q43. You discovered that the network/ipmp:default is not  starting on boot. You listed the service and discovered the name of the log file. You now want to examine the log file entry created at boot. 

In which two locations can you find the log file created at startup? 

A. /lib/svc/volatile 

B. /etc/svc/volatile 

C. /var/svc/volatile 

D. /var/run 

E. /var/tmp 

F. /var/svc/log 

G. /lib/svc/log 

Answer: C,F 

Q44. You appended a site-specific Rights Profile to the /etc/security/prof_attr file. Which file will be updated as a result of this operation? 

A. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/local-entries 

B. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/prof_attr 

C. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/core-os 

D. /etc/user_attr 


Q45. Which four configuration elements are managed by the dumpadm utility? 

A. the location of the dump device 

B. the location of the savecore directory 

C. the index number for the next core dump 

D. the reserved file system space that a core dump may not use 

E. the compression of the crash dump file 

F. the size of the dump device 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19963-01/html/821-1452/tscrashdumps-4.html (dumpadm command, see the table) 

Q46. Which three statements describe Solaris 11 boot environments (BEs)? 

A. A full backup of your OS image is provided. 

B. Packages can be installed and uninstalled in an inactive BE. 

C. The OS can be upgraded in an active BF while the system is live without impacting production. 

D. A new BE can be created from the snapshot of an existing BE. 

E. A BE can become active without rebooting the system. 

F. An active BE can be unmounted and upgraded without impacting production. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q47. Which scheduling class cannot be assigned to a zone? 

A. RT 

B. FX 

C. TS 




Q48. Which option describes how to revert a service back to a previous version? 

A. Issue the svccfg delcust command. 

B. Issue the revetsnap command. 

C. Issue the restore_repository command. 

D. Issue the svccfg revert command. 


Q49. You added an interface to the IPMP group ipmp0 with the following commands: 

# ipadm create-ip net4 

# ipadm add-ipmp –i net4 ipmp0 

Which statement regarding the newly added interface is correct? 

A. Link state failure detection will not occur. 

B. Probe-based failure detection will not occur. 

C. Without a data IP address, it cannot become active. 

D. These changes will be lost when the system is booted. 

Answer: A,C 

Q50. Yon are testing the connectivity between an Oracle Solaris 11 system and a local IPS server that has the host name of mercury within the domain purple.com. 

The command ping mercury indicates the sever is alive. 

The URI http://mercury.purple.com produces the error: 

Firefox can’t find the server at mercury.purple.com 

Yon enter the command svcprop –p config network/dns/client Which two can be verified? 

A. the domain name of the local system 

B. the name service switch configuration 

C. the IP address of the IPS server 

D. the IP address of the DNS server 

E. the IP address of the local system 

F. the host name of the local system 

Answer: B,F