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Q31. What is the purpose of the Service Management Facility (SMF) profiles? 

A. an XML file that describes current services and the instances 

B. allows the customization of services and instances 

C. stores configuration information about each service instance 

D. used to start and stop processes or services 


Q32. Your server has a package repository that local clients access remotely. Which option manages HTTP access to the repository? 

A. pkg set-property 

B. pkg.depotd 

C. pkg.repotd 

D. pkgrepo 


Q33. What is true regarding an IPMP group? 

A. All underlying interfaces are physical Ethernet links. 

B. All interfaces connect to the same switch. 

C. It does not persist across reboots. 

D. Testing for failover can be done using the ipadm delete-ipmp command. 


Q34. You added an update to the system using a support repository updates (SRU) image: 

# mkdir /SRU 

# mount –F hsfs /var/tem/sru-name.iso  /SRU # pkgrecv –s /SRU/repo –d /export/IPS/repo ‘*’ 

You now want to clear all catalog, search and other cached information from this package repository. Select the command that clears cached data. 

A. pkg refresh 

B. pkgrepo rebuild 

C. pkgrepo refresh 

D. pkg.depotd restart 


Q35. Which two statements are true regarding the audit_remote plugin and the audit service? 

A. audit_remote is not loaded by default. 

B. The standard service port defined by IANA is 16162. 

C. Audit records are sent to all configured remote hosts. 

D. The required GSS_API mechanism is kerberos_v5. 

E. The maximum number of audit records queued before sending is 100. 

Answer: A,D 

Q36. Consider the following commands on a newly installed system: 

zfs set compression=on rpool 

zfs get –H –0 source compression rpool 

What is the output of the second command? 

A. default 

B. – 

C. local 

D. on 


Reference: (querying ZFS properties for scripting) 

Q37. Changes were made to the application/pkg/server:default service when an administrator made modifications to add a local package repository. 

Which command should be used to identify the changes that were made to the application/pkg/server:default service? 

A. svcs –l application/pkg/server:default B. svcs –vx application/pkg/server:default C. svccfg –s application/pkg/server listprop 

D. svccfg –s application/pkg/server:default listcust –L 

E. svccfg –s application/pkg/server listpg 



Q38. How do you add a test address to an IPMP group? 

A. Use ipadm create-addr to add the address to a member interface. 

B. Use ipadm create-addr to add the address to the IPMP interface. 

C. Use ipadm create-ip to add an address to a member interface. 

D. Use ipadm create-ip to add an address to the IPMP interface. 


Q39. You configured a limit of 100 LWPs project. You want to ensure that the LWP limit was not set too low, so you need to monitor the LWPs currently in use by the project. 

Which two options could you use to monitor the current LWP resource control and the consumption of resources for this project? 

A. prtcl $$ 

B. configuring syslogd to log messages received from the resource manager daemon 

C. ps –o taskid –p 

D. prtcl –n task.max-lwps $$ 

E. rctladm –l task.max-lwps 

F. rctladm –e syslog task.max-lwps; when the threshold for the resource is exceeded, a log entry will be generated by syslogd 

Answer: D,F 

Q40. Partial output of the command zonecfg into displayed as follows: 


name: zone.cpu-shares 

value: (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none) 

Upon booting the zone, you receive this warning: 

WARNING: The zone.cpu-shares rctl is set but FSS is not the default scheduling class for this zone. FSS will be used for processes in the zone but to get the full benefit of FSS, it should be the default scheduling class. Which action resolves the issue? 

A. In the global zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

B. In the nonglobal zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

C. Change the zone resource control value to (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none,default) 

D. Modify the general/scheduler property in the svc:/system/zones:default service.