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2021 Aug 1Z0-850 exam

Q111. - (Topic 1) 



 abstract class A {} 


 class B {} 


 interface C {} 


 interface D {} 


 // insert code here 

Which, inserted at line 5, results in a compilation failure? 

A. class E implements C {} 

B. class E extends B implements D {} C. class E extends A {} 

D. interface E extends C, D {} 

E. class E extends A, B {} 

F. class E implements C, D {} 

Answer: E 

Q112. - (Topic 1) 

Which two technologies are primarily focused on developing Web Services? (Choose two.) 






Answer: A,D 

Q113. - (Topic 1) 

Which environment has the highest probability of properly supporting an applet? 

A. mobile environments using telephone handsets 

B. Internet environment where client components are not standardized 

C. J2EE server environment 

D. intranet environment where client components are standardized 

Answer: D 

Q114. - (Topic 1) 

Click the Exhibit button. Which is true? 

A. Juku is a subclass of Hara. 

B. Every Juku has a reference to at least one Hara. 

C. Juku is a subclass of Hara and at least one other class. 

D. This is NOT a valid UML diagram. 

E. Juku implements the Hara interface. 

Answer: D 

Q115. - (Topic 1) 

Which is NOT a correct statement about entity beans? 

A. They are persisted using BMP and CMP. 

B. They are used to share data among clients. 

C. They are used to store persistent data. 

D. They are used to implement business processes. 

E. They are used to represent data stored in an RDBMS. 

Answer: D

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Q116. - (Topic 2) 

Which two are true about HTML? (Choose two.) 

A. HTML documents CANNOT be browsed by a text editor. 

B. HTML uses tags to structure text into headings, paragraphs, and lists. 

C. HTML can set up hypertext links between documents. 

D. HTML is an object-oriented programming language. 

Answer: B,C 

Q117. - (Topic 2) 

Which two packages are used to create GUI programs in J2SE? (Choose two.) 

A. java.util 

B. javax.swing 



E. java.awt 

Answer: B,E 

Q118. - (Topic 2) 

A Java developer needs to be able to send email, containing XML attachments, using SMTP. Which J2EE technology provides this capability? 

A. servlets 


C. XMail 

D. JavaMail 

E. JMail 

Answer: D 

Q119. - (Topic 1) 

Which two are true? (Choose two.) 

A. An interface can implement another interface. 

B. A class can implement more than one interface. 

C. Many classes can implement the same interface. 

D. Every class must implement at least one interface. 

Answer: B,C 

Q120. - (Topic 1) 

Which two are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The javax.servlet package contains part of the servlet API. 

B. A servlet is an open source framework developed for creating web applications. 

C. A servlet is a Java class that executes within a web container. 

D. A servlet is a Java class that executes within a web browser. 

E. The servlet API is included in J2SE. 

Answer: A,C