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2021 Jun 1Z0-862 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. What are two features of a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.)

A. Service defines a collection of related endpoints.

B. Service describes the message's payload using XML.

C. Service assigns an Internet address to a specific binding.

D. Porttype declares complex data types and elements used elsewhere.

E. Porttype elements are used to group a set of abstract operations.

F. Porttype defines a concrete protocol and data format specification.

Answer: AE

Q42. A developer is writing a Web service method that needs to accept multiple types of requests. Based on the request's content, the service performs time-consuming steps, such as verifying the user's account, checking credit ratings, and building a list of offers. Which two approaches are appropriate to use in this situation? (Choose two.)

A. a synchronous, document-style approach

B. a synchronous, procedure-style approach

C. an asynchronous, document-style approach

D. an asynchronous, procedure-style approach


F. SMTP or other asynchronous protocol

Answer: CF

Q43. Which two code fragments are valid XML schema anonymous complex type definitions? (Choose two.)

A. <xsd:sequence name="foo">


<xsd:element name="bar1"/>

<xsd:element name="bar2"/>



B. <xsd:complexType name="foo">


<xsd:element name="bar1"/>

<xsd:element name="bar2"/>



C. <xsd:element name="foo">



<xsd:element name="bar1"/>

<xsd:element name="bar2"/>




D. <xsd:element name="foo">



<xsd:element name="bar1"/>

<xsd:element name="bar2"/>




Answer: BC

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Q44. What are three benefits of using SSL to connect to a Web service without mutual authentication?(Choose three.)

A. The server is assured of the client's identity if the client issues the certificate.

B. The client is assured of the server's identity.

C. Message integrity is preserved between the client and the server.

D. The communication between the client and the server is still logged.

E. The communication between the client and the server is encrypted.

F. Using SSL over HTTP incurs less overhead than HTTPS.

Answer: BCE

Q45. Given:

1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2. <soapenv:Envelope>

3. <soapenv:Body xmlns:ns2="urn:examples">

4. <ns2:name>Sun Solaris</ns2:name>

5. <ns2:price >99.99</ns2:price>

6. <ns2:description>

7. Solaris for Intel

8. </ns2:description>

9. <ns2:ID>A358185</ns2:ID>

10. </soapenv:Body>

11. </soapenv:Envelope>

Which statement is correct?

A. The message is SOAP-encoded because the encoding style is implied.

B. The message is RPC-encoded because in the absence of other specifiers, this is the WS-I default.

C. The message is document literal with type encoding, based on the schema provided.

D. The message is document literal wrapped because there is no encoded type information.

Answer: C

Q46. What are two reasons for choosing message-level security in a Web service? (Choose two.)

A. to support the use of SSL

B. to support multiple transport protocols

C. to selectively encrypt message content

D. to remove security information from SOAP headers

E. to support encrypted attachments

Answer: BC

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Q47. Given:

<message name="sayFOO">

<part name="parameters" element="tns:sayFOO"/>


<message name="sayFOOResponse">

<part name="parameters" element="tns:sayFOOResponse"/>


<message name="UDException">

<part name="fault" element="tns:UDException"/>


<portType name="UserDefinedExceptionWS">

<operation name="sayFOO">

<input message="tns:sayFOO"/>

<output message="tns:sayFOOResponse"/>

<fault name="UDException" message="tns:UDException"/>



Which endpoint method declaration is generated by this service?

A. public String sayFOO(String name){

B. public String sayFOO(String name) throws SOAPFaultException{

C. public String sayFOO(String name) throws RemoteException, UDException{

D. public String sayFOO(String name) throws UDException{

Answer: D

Q48. A developer is defining a SOAP binding in the WSDL for their new service. Which XML fragment is WSDL 1.1 compliant?

A. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

B. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

C. <soap:binding transport=Http://"document"/>

D. <soap:binding transport=Http://"rpc"/>

Answer: C

Q49. For a company's new software, the developers are constructing abstract definitions of the data being communicated by their document style Web service.

Given the targetNamespace:


Which is a valid wsdl:message containing a wsdl:part?

A. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" attribute="tns:InputRequest"/> </message>

B. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" element="tns:InputRequest"/>


C. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" attribute="xsda:InputRequest"/> </message>

D. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" element="xsda:InputRequest"/> </message>

E. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" element="xsd:string"/>


F. <message name="GetInput">

<part name="body" element="InputRequest"/>


Answer: D

Q50. Which two statements are true about JAXR 1.0? (Choose two.)

A. Every JAXR RegistryObject has a unique key.

B. It provides a businessEntity data structure for storing publisher assertions.

C. It provides interfaces for managing the life cycle of registry objects.

D. It provides a bindingTemplate interface that is used to determine if a service is deployed behind a firewall.

E. Clients can load custom capability profiles via a JAXR interface to enable advanced features.

Answer: AC