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Q111. A company is creating a new XML document for their payroll program. When a new person is hired, a new Employee Element must be added, and child elements and text must be added to the child elements. Which lines satisfy this requirement?

A. Element newEmp = document.createElement( "employee" ); Element newname = document.createElement( "name" ); Node nameNode = document.createNode( "John Smith"); newname.appendChild( nameNode ); newEmp.appendChild( newname );

B. Element newEmp = document.createElement( "employee" ); Element newname = document.createElement( "name" ); String nameString = document.createStringNode( " John Smith"); newname.appendChild( nameString );

newEmp.appendChild( newname );

C. Element newEmp = document.createElement( "employee" ); Element newname = document.createElement( "name" ); Text nameText = document.createTextNode( " John Smith"); newname.appendChild( nameText );

newEmp.appendChild( newname );

D. Node newEmp = document.createNode( "employee" ); Node newname = document.createNode( "name" );

String nameString = document.createStringNode( " John Smith"); newname.appendString( nameString ); newEmp.appendNode( newname );

Answer: C

Q112. What are two characteristics of the SAAJ API implementation? (Choose two.)

A. It is used to parse XML schemas.

B. It is used for unmarshalling WSDL documents to Java classes.

C. It can represent XML namespaces, elements, attributes, and text nodes.

D. It offers a full feature set for arbitrary work with XML.

E. SAAJ extends the SAX API.

F. SAAJ extends the DOM API.

Answer: CF

Q113. Which two provide a reason for converting an existing synchronous Web service interaction to an asynchronous Web service interaction? (Choose two.)

A. when a system needs to improve its availability

B. when a human approval step has been added to a business process

C. when a human approval step has been replaced by an in-house automated system

D. when an external Web service endpoint used in the business process is having availability problems

Answer: BD

Q114. An engineer is creating a WSDL 1.1 document, and is having difficulty with the wsdl:messages section.Which two statements are true about wsdl:messages in a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.)

A. Both type and element attributes can be used on the same wsdl:part.

B. Both type and element attributes can be used on the same wsdl:binding.

C. The type and element attributes cannot be used on the same wsdl:part.

D. The type and element attributes cannot be used on the same wsdl:binding.

E. Document-style messaging allows the type attribute.

F. Document-style messaging allows the element attribute.

Answer: CF

Q115. A company is building a Java EE 5 purchase order processing system. This system will integrate with an external invoicing system as part of the purchase order approval process. A developer created a new client application to access the invoicing system using request-response, but a new service call is receiving errors every time it invokes the necessary Web service.Which statement is true about the Body element of the SOAP reply message?

A. It must NOT contain any fault elements.

B. It will contain a fault element for each error.

C. It will contain exactly one fault element.

D. It must contain zero or one fault element.

E. It must contain an array of fault elements.

Answer: D

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Q116. When working directly with SOAP, which two statements are true about the encoding of compound values? (Choose two.)

A. Compound values cannot be encoded.

B. A compound value may NOT contain other compound values.

C. Members of a compound value are encoded as accessor elements.

D. Accessors with names that are local to their containing types have unqualified names.

Answer: CD

Q117. Enterprise A invokes a Web service provided by enterprise B with some parameters, and receives a response. A developer is making this interaction asynchronous so that A does not have to wait for B to finish processing. Which two actions must be taken to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. establish a Web service endpoint for enterprise A to receive the response

B. partition the endpoint implementation in to interaction and processing layers so responses can be received independently

C. convert all Web service methods to use XML documents as parameters and return values

D. embed a correlation identifier in the request so that enterprise B can associate the response with it

E. read messages from a queue populated by enterprise B at peak hours when response times are too slow

Answer: AD

Q118. A developer is given a WSDL for an existing Web service. What is the correct sequence of steps that must be taken to use that Web service?

A. parse the WSDL using JAXP, connect to the service using RMI, and then parse the XML using SAX

B. use a utility (such as wsimport) to read the WSDL and generate a service endpoint interface

C. register the WSDL with wsgen, bind to the stubs, and then call methods on the interface

D. receive the service using RMI, parse the XML using JAXP, create Java objects using JAXR, and then return those Java objects

Answer: B

Q119. Which code fragment correctly opens an input stream for processing using StAX?

A. StAxInputFactory foo = StAxInputFactory.newInstance(); FileInputStream bar = newFileInputStream("readit/readit.xml"); StAxStreamReader reader = foo.createStAxStreamReader(bar);

B. XMLInputFactory foo = XMLInputFactory.newInstance(); FileInputStream bar = newFileInputStream("readit/readit.xml"); XMLStreamReader reader = foo.createXMLStreamReader(bar);

C. StreamInputFactory foo = StreamInputFactory.newInstance(); InputStream bar = newInputStream("readit/readit.xml"); StreamReader reader = foo.createStreamReader(bar);

D. StAxInputFactory foo = StAxInputFactory.newInstance(); InputStream bar = newInputStream("readit/readit.xml"); XMLStreamReader reader = foo.createXMLStreamReader(bar);

Answer: B

Q120. Which two implementations of JSON Web services benefit from the inherent structure of JSON messages? (Choose two.)

A. remote procedure calls

B. geocoding

C. Enterprise Service Bus messaging

D. map image

E. stateful session management

Answer: BD