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2021 May 1Z0-862 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. Which three techniques can be used to apply XML Digital Signatures to an XML document? (Choose three.)

A. use detached signatures, where the digital signature covers sibling elements or external data

B. use enveloping signatures, where the digital signature element encloses the data to be signed

C. use enveloping signatures, where the digital signature is a child element of the data to be signed

D. use enveloped signatures, where the digital signature is a child element of the data to be signed

E. use enveloping signatures, where the digital signature element is a child element of the data to be signed

Answer: ABD

Q82. A developer is asked to consult on a Web services project and assist the team with a good design approach on a new project. The team members disagree on whether to use WSDL or Java first. Several members are skilled with XML and see a schema and WSDL as the correct place to start. The team has also learned the deadline for this project has been moved up and another team plans to reuse their code. Which statement is true about the proper course of action to take in this situation?

A. Java should be used first because it is a strongly typed language and will result in a robust WSDL.

B. WSDL should be used first because it will make the code easier to reuse for the other team.

C. Java should be used first because it is often the fastest and easiest approach.

D. WSDL should be used first because the team knows XML Schema.

Answer: C

Q83. A client sends a required SOAP header as a SOAP message. The server-side process determines that information in the header is invalid and generates a SOAP fault. What is the appropriate fault code for this type of SOAP fault?

A. Client

B. Server

C. MustUnderstand

D. VersionMismatch

E. HeaderError

F. InvalidHeader

Answer: A

Improve 1Z0-862 pdf exam:

Q84. Which Java type can be used to represent arbitrary XML data in a JAX-WS service endpoint interface?

A. javax.xml.soap.SOAPNode

B. javax.xml.soap.SOAPPart

C. javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement

D. javax.xml.soap.SOAPException

E. javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage

F. javax.xml.soap.Node

Answer: C

Q85. Which two statements are true about the apt? (Choose two.)

A. The apt compiles classes and processes annotations added with JSR 175.

B. Ant tasks are NOT suitable to launch the apt.

C. The apt is an example of an external tool and not part of JAX-WS core libraries.

D. The apt is an annotation marshalling tool and works with a supplied annotation map.

E. The tool uses the command format: java apt <source files>.

Answer: AC

Q86. What are two valid facts about WS-I? (Choose two.)

A. The I-Stack is a great development tool.

B. The WS-I promotes and supports generic protocols for the interoperable exchange of messages.

C. The WS-I governs languages and protocols such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.

D. The WS-I specifies specific rules that address either weaknesses in component specifications or issues of how to combine the collected technology.

E. The WS-I has been a guiding force in creating StAX.

Answer: BD

Actual 1Z0-862 guidance:

Q87. Which two statements are true about Web services specifications (WS-*)? (Choose two.)

A. WS-Policy is a foundation for describing any WS-* features that are discoverable.

B. WS-SecureConversation most commonly uses WS-Message with HTTPS.

C. HTTP is to HTTPS as WS-Policy is to WS-SecurityPolicy.

D. WS-Policy is to WS-* as WSDL is to standard SOAP messaging.

Answer: AD

Q88. A developer is evaluating WS-I Basic Profile compliance claims from various software vendors. Which two are correct evaluation criteria to use when examining claims from different companies? (Choose two.)

A. WS-I Basic Profile does NOT address lower-layer internet protocols, such as TCP and IP.

B. WS-I Basic Profile ensures that .NET and Java Web services are interoperable.

C. WS-I Basic Profile guarantees interoperability between WS-I Basic Profile compliant services.

D. WS-I Basic Profile assures that application semantics are understood by all services interacting with each other.

E. WS-I Basic Profile addresses the most common interoperability problems, but does NOT guarantee interoperability between compliant services.

F. WS-I disallows RPC-style Web services.

Answer: AE

Q89. What happens when a Web service is created with JAX-WS?

A. The annotation @WebParams denotes an operation with parameters.

B. The service endpoint interface is most easily created implicitly with annotations.

C. Services must provide a non-WSDL interface if clients use dynamic invocation.

D. The slight reduction in productivity from using annotations is more than offset by improved runtime performance.

Answer: B

Q90. A developer must modify an existing Web service client program. XML used by the service must be updated and archived for use in other systems. The developer chooses the Dispatch API. Which two statements are true about this approach? (Choose two.)

A. Dispatch is generic and can be instantiated for use with XML or SOAP.

B. The Web service can be either SOAP or REST-based.

C. The Dispatch instance must be created in Service.Mode.PAYLOAD mode in order to use SOAP.

D. Instantiating Dispatch Service.Mode.MESSAGE mode allows you to work directly with the XML message.

E. It is unnecessary to use JAXB with the Dispatch API.

Answer: AB