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2021 Jun 1Z0-863 exam question

Q41. Which two statements are true about JAX-WS support for data bindings? (Choose two.) 

A. Data binding is performed with only generated classes to reduce errors and hide complexity. 

B. JAXB 2.0 is preferred. 

C. Inline binding declarations with XML Schema are NOT supported for JAXB 2.0. 

D. SAAJ 1.3 is supported for data binding with SOAP. 

E. JAX-RPC data binding is recommended for cross-platform interoperability. 

Answer: B,D 

Q42. A developer is asked to determine which Web services approach is correct for a new project. A SOAP-based Web service must be created and deployed in an environment where many customers will use it. These customers will be responsible for developing their own clients, based on the published WSDL. Which approach is correct to use first in this situation? 

A. Java, because the WSDL generated later will be more accurate 

B. WSDL, because the service and customers can benefit from the strongly typed schema 

C. Java, because the service must be efficient to support many customers 

D. WSDL, because tools allow existing classes to be easily mapped without modification 

Answer: B 

Q43. A company is building a Java EE 5 purchase order processing system. This system will integrate with an external invoicing system as part of the purchase order approval process. A developer created a new client application to access the invoicing system using request-response, but a new service call is receiving errors every time it invokes the necessary Web service. 

Which statement is true about the Body element of the SOAP reply message? 

A. It must NOT contain any fault elements. 

B. It will contain a fault element for each error. 

C. It will contain exactly one fault element. D. It must contain zero or one fault element. E. It must contain an array of fault elements. 

Answer: D 

Q44. A developer who recently added message optimization support to the company's Web services is tasked with explaining how the next crop of WSIT client applications will use the feature. Which statement is true? 

A. Client developers should have experience with the SAAJ and MIME types to use MTOM with the service. 

B. The clients should use the service WSDL to discover and satisfy the interoperability requirements. 

C. Adding message optimization is a manual step when the WSDL is available on HTTPS. 

D. The encryption for optimization requires a client keystore. 

Answer: B 

Q45. A company is refactoring an existing website to use Web services clients. The application retrieves lists of parts and displays them to the users in a browser window. Previously, the data was stored as files on the web server and, in order to access the files, the user would simply click on a hyperlink. Now the data must be dynamically generated via a service that another developer has created. They want the easiest way to refactor their website to use Web services. Which three technologies should they use? (Choose three.) 



C. Javascript 



F. Java 

Answer: B,C,E 

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Q46. Which statement is true about the SOAP 1.1 actor attribute? 

A. It is ignored for HTTP. 

B. It indicates the recipient of a header block. 

C. It indicates the final recipient of the message. 

D. It indicates which recipient processes the Body element. 

E. SOAP 1.1 does not use the actor attribute. 

Answer: B 

Q47. Which three statements about parsers are true? (Choose three.) 

A. SAX and StAX are bi-directional. 

B. DOM and StAX are bi-directional. 

C. StAX is a push API, whereas SAX is pull. 

D. SAX is a push API, whereas StAX is pull. 

E. SAX and StAX are read-only. 

F. SAX and DOM can write XML documents. 

G. StAX and DOM can write XML documents. 

Answer: B,D,G 

Q48. Given the Java fragment and schema: 

1. //-- Java code fragment 

2. public class PurchaseOrder{ 

3. public javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar orderDate; 

4. } 

5. //-- Schema fragment 

6. <xs:complexType name="purchaseOrder"> 

7. <xs:sequence> 

8. <xs:element name="orderDate" type="xs:anySimpleType" 

9. minOccurs="0"/> 

10. </xs:sequence> 

11. </xs:complexType> 

Which two statements are true about .Net and WCF interoperability for this data? (Choose two.) 

A. The GregorianCalendar maps to an equivalent date type in both Java and .Net. 

B. .Net will generate code with the calendar as a string that functions as well as a date. 

C. .Net will generate code with the calendar as a string that is not type equivalent. 

D. Use of the @XmlSchemaType annotation causes .Net to properly map to a date. 

E. Casting in the case of WSIT services is an effective approach for the WCF client. 

Answer: C,D 

Q49. What are two features of a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.) 

A. Service defines a collection of related endpoints. 

B. Service describes the message's payload using XML. 

C. Service assigns an Internet address to a specific binding. 

D. Porttype declares complex data types and elements used elsewhere. 

E. Porttype elements are used to group a set of abstract operations. 

F. Porttype defines a concrete protocol and data format specification. 

Answer: A,E 

Q50. Which two statements are true about elements in a WSDL document? (Choose two.) 

A. Operation is an abstract set of port types supported by one or more endpoints. 

B. Service is an abstract set of operations supported by one or more endpoints. C. Message is an abstract description of an action supported by the service. 

D. Operation is an abstract description of an action supported by the service. 

E. Binding is a single endpoint defined as a combination of an operation and a network address. 

F. Message is an abstract, typed definition of the data being communicated. 

Answer: D,F