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Exam Name: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3)
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2021 Jun 1Z0-864 Study Guide Questions:

Q101. Your company is bidding on a contract, which due to the presence of a large number of client applications deployed in a geographically dispersed area, requires it to support an outdated web service interface that uses SOAP 1.1. Which component type is the most appropriate to use, given that your company wants to keep the amount of code to be written as small as possible?

A. Message-driven bean with JMS queue

B. Stateless session bean with RMI interface

C. Message-driven bean with JAXB document unmarshaller

D. Stateless session bean with JAX-WS web service interface

Answer: D

Q102. Your company's web site is supported with a cluster of load-balanced web servers and a database server. To reduce expenses, your company must replace your current cluster of web servers with a single web server. All servers under consideration have the same specification. Which three items will be negatively impacted by this re-architecture? (Choose three.)

A. Security

B. Reliability

C. Scalability

D. Availability

E. Manageability

F. Maintainability

Answer: BCD

Q103. Your consulting company has been asked to enhance an existing application. The current application is a two-tier system in which all of the business logic is located in thick clients. You are considering a solution that would involve moving the business logic out of the client (thus allowing the client to be a standard browser), and moving the business logic into the server's database in the form of stored procedures. Which statement is true about your proposed solution?

A. It will improve the scalability of the system.

B. It will improve the manageability of the system.

C. It will reduce the amount of traffic on the network.

D. It will, in effect, turn the application into a three-tier system.

Answer: B

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Update 1Z0-864 exam question:

Q104. You are the architect of a web application that uses JSF as a presentation tier for business processes coded as stateless session beans. When you add new code to the stateless session beans to address new accounting requirements, without changing the interface, you discover that the new business processes are being ignored by some of the JSF components. Which might be the cause of this problem?

A. The presentation tier is relying on validation logic in the business tier.

B. The browser is caching out-of-date versions of the JSF components.

C. The business processes are not rigorously encapsulated in the session beans.

D. The new session beans have been deployed incorrectly, and proper deployment will resolve the problem.

Answer: C

Q105. In which three situations is it best to use messaging with the Service Activator? (Choose three.)

A. when high availability is required

B. when you want to carry data across a tier

C. when interactive client conversations are required

D. when subtasks can be processed in random order

E. when you need to listen for and process messages

F. when you need to publish messages to multiple receivers

Answer: DEF

Q106. What are two advantages of using encapsulation in a multi-tier architecture? (Choose two.)

A. Business components inherit behavior from the web container.

B. Complex web container behavior can be hidden behind simple interfaces.

C. Business logic can be modified without modifying objects that depend on it.

D. Database records can be accessed directly from the web tier to improve scalability and performance.

Answer: BC


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Q107. You are architecting an online ordering application with these requirements: Users access the system over the Internet using HTML.

An email message is sent to the user confirming the order. Users must log in and are validated using LDAP.

The product catalog is stored in a relational database.

All orders are logged to the internal fulfillment system.

Orders must not be lost.

Which Java EE technology should be used to send orders to the fulfillment system?





Answer: B

Q108. What are two significant advantages of developing web applications with JavaServer Faces? (Choose two.)

A. JSF pages can be previewed outside the web container.

B. Backing beans can be unit tested outside the web container.

C. Client-side validation mechanisms are automatically generated.

D. The event driven model for invoking backing beans is friendly to JavaScript callbacks (Ajax).

Answer: BD

Q109. Your application depends upon heavy web services communication that distributes large XML objects over HTTP. Your architecture is event driven and you require the creation of bi directional XML parsers that are fast, easy to implement, and have a low memory footprint. Which Java EE API is best suited for your solution?





Answer: A


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