Exam Code: 1Z0-864 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3)
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-864 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. The web pages in a system are carefully designed so that links to security-sensitive URLs are not available in pages offered to untrusted users. Which statement is true?

A. The system security is adequately protected by this approach.

B. Every security-sensitive target must be additionally protected using the declarative security model.

C. The system security is adequately protected by this approach provided only POST requests are accepted by the server.

D. The system security is adequately protected by this approach, but security must be carefully maintained.

Answer: B

Q112. Which application would NOT be a good candidate for an EJB-centric implementation of the business tier?

A. An application that transfers money between accounts

B. A news-oriented web site that receives millions of hits a day

C. An application with business logic that calls third-party web services

D. A small workflow-oriented application to provision and deprovision employee accounts

Answer: B

Q113. A company offers a financial workbench tool that lets users search for a variety of financial products using an open-ended, variable set of query criteria. The resulting queries can have widely different structures and use a number of aggregate functions. The actual querying is performed on the server, so as to take advantage of sophisticated caching technology developed by the company. The company values ease of development and does not want to see resources taken away from the company's main specialty, which is financial analysis. Which persistence technology best supports this company's requirements?


B. JDBC using prepared statements

C. CMP entity bean with DAO pattern

D. BMP entity bean with JDBC layer and DAO pattern

Answer: A


Up to the immediate present 1Z0-864 test question:

Q114. Which technology is NOT capable of implementing a Front Controller?

A. servlets

B. servlet filters

C. JavaServer Faces

D. JavaServer Pages

E. session context listeners

Answer: E

Q115. Which three are parts of a SOAP message? (Choose three.)

A. SOAP body

B. SOAP endpoint

C. SOAP headers

D. SOAP handlers

E. SOAP attachments

Answer: ACE

Q116. Which two statements are true about the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA)? (Choose two.)

A. Any JCA provider must implement each supported category of algorithm.

B. Exactly one implementation of each category of cryptographic algorithm must be provided.

C. Implementations of cryptographic algorithms can be plugged into a JVM after it has been installed and at runtime.

D. Categories of algorithms supported by the JCA include message digests, signatures, encryptions, key management, and random number generation.

Answer: CD


Accurate 1Z0-864 dump:

Q117. You are interested in writing an XML messaging application. You would like to make methods calls to an API so you can read SOAP messages containing attachments and optionally send and receive these messages over the Internet. You are most interested in implementing XML messaging from the Java platform. Which Java API is best suited for your solution?





Answer: B

Q118. Your web site's daily active user sessions have greatly increased. This is degrading performance because your application container is using all of its resources to manage the volume of active sessions. You need to deploy in a cluster to scale the application. You have been setting Java beans into your HTTPsession. Which interface should you implement when re-factoring your beans to successfully deploy in a cluster supporting session fail-over?

A. BeanContext

B. Serializable

C. Cloneable

D. Accessible

E. Comparable

Answer: B

Q119. Which two actions limit the negative consequences of a successful attack? (Choose two.)

A. Implementing the principle of least privilege

B. Installing a firewall at the outer boundary of your systems

C. Placing Internet-accessible servers in a demilitarized zone

D. Using a single sign-on system so that administrators do not have to log in to each server separately

E. Giving servers administrative rights to the databases they need, and ensure that the password is not hard-coded

Answer: AC

Q120. A Java EE application produces information that must be consumed by heterogeneous clients.

These clients include a mainframe, an application written in C++, and another Java EE application running at a remote site. How should this application make this information available to these clients?

A. an MDB

B. IP Multicast

C. a JMS topic

D. a web service

Answer: D