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2021 Jun 1Z0-864 practice question

Q41. Your company's new Internet application has complex requirements for the restriction of web page access, and you know the site's current security requirements are subject to change. You have recommended to your Chief Technology Officer that the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) should be used for security. Which three security features influenced your decision? (Choose three.)

A. Single sign-on support

B. A framework for SOA governance

C. Pluggable Authentication Modules

D. Secure Internet connections using sockets

E. A framework for encryption, key generation, and key agreement

F. A flexible access control policy for user-based, group-based, and role-based authorization

Answer: ACF

Q42. Your online e-commerce application has a message-driven bean (MDB) that calls an email server.

Which statement about invoking the MDB is true?

A. The client can access the MDB directly.

B. The client accesses the MDB using an interface.

C. A message-driven bean is simply a JMS message provider.

D. A JMS message is sent to the destination to which the MDB is listening.

Answer: D

Q43. As the architect charged with refactoring an existing system, you have determined that the interactions between objects in the existing system are too complex and that the objects are tightly coupled. Furthermore, due to the coupling, additional functionality would require the modification of many objects in the system. Which pattern can fix this problem?

A. Facade

B. Mediator

C. Template

D. Prototype

E. Command

F. Abstraction

Answer: B

Q44. A company has defined an XML-based document format that its business partners need to use to submit order information. To guarantee confidentiality and information integrity at a fine level in the presence of multiple processing steps, the company wants to take advantage of technologies such as WS-Security and XML Digital Signatures. These technologies define SOAP headers that can be used to sign and encrypt fragments of documents. Your task is to implement the web service that accepts and processes the orders. Which component type should be used for the web service endpoint?

A. stateless session bean with RMI interface

B. message-driven bean with web service interface

C. stateful session bean with web service interface

D. stateless session bean with access to the SOAP body

E. stateless session bean with access to the SOAP envelope

Answer: E

Q45. A company is embarking on a major new initiative, the creation of an eCommerce, B2C (business to consumer) application to sell their widgets. As the lead architect, you need to decide whether or not to use EJBs in the business tier of the architecture. The architecture is as follows: JSP <-> Controller <-> Business logic <-> JPA-based persistence. Which option represents the optimal solution describing the business tier implementation?

A. Stateless session beans are required to update values in the database.

B. Entity beans are necessary to allow the controllers to access the JPA persistence layer.

C. Message-driven beans are required to decouple the controllers from the persistence tier.

D. Session beans are required in order to provide unit-of-work, security, and transaction management semantics to the JPA layer.

Answer: D

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Q46. A company uses a mail order catalog and phone orders to sell its widgets. The company wants to develop a new online retail site. Buying trends from the current orders show that customers typically buy once or twice a year. The company has the following requirements for the site: ability to shop quickly ability for web designers to modify the user interface (UI) monthly to provide a new shopping experience ability to browse the catalog and find the product within three screens what advice would you give this company about the user interface for this application?

A. Write the UI using servlets

B. Write the UI using JSF, or JSP with JSTL

C. Write the UI using Ajax accessing servlets directly

D. Write the UI using Java Swing and distribute using JNLP

Answer: B

Q47. Which two checks are made possible in the byte-code verification? (Choose two.)

A. CPU usage is controlled.

B. Access to files is checked.

C. Digital signatures are verified.

D. Data type conversions are checked/controlled.

E. The language access restrictions (for example private, protected) are respected.

Answer: DE

Q48. A company provides call center support for corporations world-wide. Each agent in the call center can be assigned to multiple call center customers. All of the company's customers use Windows-based user interfaces and it has just signed a new customer that uses a Java EE backend and wants a rich interface. The company is developing a user interface for the new customer with the following requirements: Customer service representatives (CSRs) must be able to work with minimal training on the application. CSRs must be able to switch between call center systems quickly. Screens must have a Windows "look and feel." 2000 agents spread across four locations must be able to use the system. What advice would you give this company on the user interface (UI)?

A. Write the UI using JSP and JSTL

B. Write the UI using JSPs with embedded scriptlets

C. Write the UI using Ajax, accessing servlets directly

D. Write the UI using Java Swing and distribute using JNLP

Answer: D

Q49. What are the three primary roles in a web service interaction? (Choose three.)

A. Broker

B. Facade

C. Provider

D. Decorator

E. Requestor

F. Interceptor

Answer: ACE

Q50. Which two statements are true about the Flyweight pattern? (Choose two.)

A. It allows a single instance of a class to virtually represent many instances.

B. When used appropriately it can reduce memory demands on your servers.

C. It allows for many instances of a class to be controlled by a single instance.

D. It allows many tightly related, homogeneous objects to each maintain their own state.

Answer: AB