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Q21. A company created its own MVC-like framework in the years before Struts and JSF. Unfortunately, the company's Front Controller has become bloated with too many features including fine-grained authorization, view dispatching, and business logic invocation. Which three patterns could be applied to reduce the complexity of this Front Controller? (Choose three.)

A. Mediator

B. Command

C. View Helper

D. Intercepting Filter

E. Composite View

F. Application Controller

Answer: BDF

Q22. A company has an existing system that is a three-tier architecture (presentation, business logic, and database). It has both a rich client that mixes the presentation and business logic to be installed on the desktop and a thin client that is accessed by a browser. You are performing an audit of the architecture. Which non-functional requirement is a cause for concern?

A. Scalability

B. Availability

C. Performance

D. Maintainability

Answer: D

Q23. A company is redesigning a core application and wants to ensure that it will scale over time, because usage is expected to increase 400 percent in the next two years. Future-proofing is important because the company's CEO has complained about how frequently the architecture changes, requiring redesign and redevelopment work. The application will be extended continuously over the next two years and the version of the database software used is also likely to be upgraded. What is the most suitable architecture for the application?

A. Session beans accessing a JPA-based persistence tier

B. Session beans accessing a JDBC-based persistence tier

C. Session beans accessing an EJB 2.x BMP-based persistence tier

D. Session beans accessing an EJB 2.x CMP-based persistence tier

E. Plain old Java objects (POJOs) accessing a JPA-based persistence tier

Answer: A

Q24. A bank is launching a new mobile device notification channel to their online banking system that will allow customers to receive SMS/text messages and email notifications regularly about their current balance and recent transactions over a certain amount. The bank has 300 million customers in thirty countries, covering time zones from GMT-8 to GMT+8. The messages sent are informational only and are not legally binding. The mid and back office systems are built using both relational databases and legacy mainframe-based systems. What is the most appropriate method for the mid and back office systems to integrate with the mobile device notification channel?

A. guaranteed messaging using message-driven beans (MDBs) consuming messages from a JMS queue populated by the systems of record

B. unguaranteed messaging using message-driven beans (MDBs) consuming messages from a JMS topic populated by the systems of record

C. unguaranteed messaging using message-driven beans (MDBs) consuming messages from a JMS queue populated by the systems of record

D. stateless session beans retrieving records of interest directly from the mid and back office systems using a combination of JDBC and green screen scraping

Answer: C

Q25. What are two consequences of using the Composite View pattern? (Choose two.)

A. Improves performance

B. Avoids duplicate content

C. Forces a whole-part dependency

D. Allows tables to be reused in multiple locations

E. Restricts all subviews to have a consistent view technology

Answer: BD

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Q26. As a project architect, you are selecting technologies for a complex, n-tier web application's virtual platform. At this stage in the project, which two technologies should be of primary consideration? (Choose two.)


B. Linux


D. Firefox

E. Tomcat

Answer: AC

Q27. Which two techniques can be used to provide polymorphic behavior? (Choose two.)

A. Extending a class and adding a new method

B. Implementing two interfaces in the same class

C. Extending a class and overriding an existing method

D. Implementing an interface with several different classes

Answer: CD

Q28. What are two results of high coupling? (Choose two.)

A. Classes are easy to test.

B. Classes are difficult to reuse.

C. Classes hide their internal state.

D. Classes are easy to understand in isolation.

E. A modification in one class forces changes in other classes.

Answer: BE

Q29. You were hired by a company with a teenage fashion web site, to create a portal for their sales staff that is accessible over the Internet. As part of this web portal your application needs to generate a sales bar chart dynamically from real-time corporate data at request-time and streamed to the web browser. Which technology is best suited for creating these PNG-based bar graphs?

A. JSP page

B. filter class

C. servlet class

D. JSP custom tag

E. JSF standard component

Answer: C

Q30. As the architect for a company's product development department, you have been tasked with designing the next generation of money management tools for high net worth individuals. Sold at a premium price and with guaranteed server-side resources for each logged-in user's session, MyMoney Pro provides real-time feeds on stock, bond, and mutual fund prices to the user as well as the ability to execute trades with a response time of two seconds or less. Java Swing is used to build the client-side application to provide the rich end-user experience deemed necessary, and the persistence tier will be implemented as CMP entity beans. What is the most appropriate server-side component to use to model and hold the client's session state and resources in the MyMoney Pro application?

A. An entity bean

B. A stateful session bean

C. The HttpSession object

D. A stateless session bean

Answer: B