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2021 Aug 1Z0-864 practice exam

Q141. Which three application concerns do most web application frameworks attempt to separate? (Choose three.)

A. Data

B. View

C. Logic

D. Logging

E. Filtering

F. Data validation

Answer: ABC

Q142. Which two can be used to maintain conversational state? (Choose two.)

A. Entity beans

B. HTTP session

C. stateful session beans

D. Message-driven beans

E. Stateless session beans

Answer: BC

Q143. A fashion web site has many small chunks of content that web designers cut-and-paste in many pages. Over time, inconsistencies have emerged as one designer alters the HTML of a given chunk. As an architect, one of your tasks is to introduce a mechanism to be used by the web designers to isolate these chunks and keep them consistent. Which two technologies allow web designers to isolate and reuse these chunks of HTML? (Choose two.)

A. Tag files

B. Simple tag handlers

C. Classic tag handlers

D. JSP include directive

E. JSP forward directive

F. JSP Expression Language

Answer: AD

Q144. A company wants to design an internal web site for the purpose of managing its numerous social events. The site will not have heavy traffic, but will require state to be persisted in a database. You have been tasked to complete this action item in your spare time. Which two Java EE based approaches are best used for a quick development? (Choose two.)

A. Use JPA in the web tier only

B. Use message-driven beans to manage the posting of events

C. Use your domain model components as JSF managed beans

D. Use an EJB container to service inject the domain model and support a JPA deployment

Answer: AC

Q145. Interceptors provide a way of refactoring code shared by multiple EJB 3 components into a single unit. This is particularly appealing when the code in question can be described as implementing a specific aspect, for example, having a well-defined purpose that can be described in a concise way. Which two actions can be implemented as interceptors? (Choose two.)

A. Logging the IP addresses of all clients of a web application

B. Computing sales tax based on customer ZIP code for a variety of purchase operations

C. Publishing to a JMS topic the arguments to any successful method invocation on an EJB component

D. Computing a discount percentage based on a customer's profile and the contents of the customer's shopping cart

E. Logging the identity of any authenticated clients to any of the business methods defined by a set of EJB components

F. Ensuring that the clients of a web service implemented as a stateless session bean are authorized to access its operations, based on a WS-Security SOAP message header

Answer: CE

1Z0-864  test questions

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Q146. You must build a web application with simple form processing. The backing data model has JavaBeans-styled accessor methods that handle textual data only. This application must be maintained by non-programmers. What is the simplest architecture for this web application?

A. JavaServer Faces (JSF) only

B. JavaServer Pages (JSP) with scriptlets

C. JavaServer Pages with a servlet controller

D. JavaServer Pages with JSP standard tags

E. JavaServer Pages with the Expression Language

Answer: D

Q147. A teenage fashion website has a multi-tier web application with 103 web servers, 12 middle-tier servers, and a large RDBMS server with more than enough capacity to support peak loads. You are the architect of the system, and you are concerned about reliability of the web application.

Which change could you make to improve reliability?

A. Add additional web servers

B. Add additional database servers

C. Add additional middle-tier servers

D. Reduce the number of web servers

E. Reduce the number of middle-tier servers

Answer: B

Q148. Which is an appropriate technique for minimizing the consequences of a successful attack?

A. Input validation

B. Principle of least privilege

C. Encryption of wire transmissions

D. Use of strong/two-factor authentication

Answer: B

Q149. Which pattern exists primarily to separate concerns?


B. Transfer Object

C. Session Facade

D. Composite Entity

Answer: A

Q150. What results directly from failure of input validation?

A. SQL injection

B. forced browsing

C. session hijacking

D. insecure direct object reference

Answer: A