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2021 Aug 1Z0-869 exam question

Q101. - (Topic 2) 

How does a TiledLayer determine the sequence of frames in animated tiles? 

A. The tile to be displayed must be set during each frame of the animation. 

B. They CANNOT be set. Animation is possible only with a Sprite. 

C. The sequence of frames is obtained from the location in the source image. 

D. The sequence of frames is obtained from an animated Sprite. 

Answer: A 

Q102. - (Topic 3) 

Given a MIDlet that specifies a push registration in the JAD file as: 

MIDlet-Push-1: socket://:79, com.sun.example.SampleChat, * 

What is the result when the MIDlet is installed onto a device where another MIDlet has already registered the exact same push connection in the PushRegistry? 

A. The MIDlet installs, but the MIDlet must register the connection dynamically. 

B. The MIDlet installs and overwrites any existing push registrations. 

C. The MIDlet installs, but the connection CANNOT be used. 

D. The connection can only apply to the currently running MIDlet. 

E. The MIDlet installation is aborted and the user is notified of the problem. 

Answer: E 

Q103. - (Topic 3) 

Given the JAD file fragment: 

MIDlet-1: Calendar, calendar.png, com.example.CalendarMIDlet 

MIDlet-2: Chat, chat.png, com.example.ChatMIDlet 

What CalendarMIDlet code launches ChatMIDlet at the time specified by variable chatTime? 

A. PushRegistry.registerAlarm("Chat", chatTime); 

B. PushRegistry.registerAlarm ("com.example.ChatMIDlet", chatTime); 

C. PushRegistry.registerAlarm("MIDlet-1", chatTime); 

D. PushRegistry.registerAlarm (Class.forName("com.example.ChatMIDlet"), chatTime); 

Answer: B 

Q104. - (Topic 3) 


Font font = Font.getFont( 




If Font.STYLE_ITALIC is unavailable on the device, what is the result? 

A. IllegalArgumentException occurs. 

B. RuntimeException occurs. 

C. Device substitutes its closest substitute. 

D. Compile time error occurs. 

Answer: C 

Q105. - (Topic 2) 

Given a MIDP 2.0 device supports alpha blending, a MIDlet needs to render semi-transparent images of size 10x10 pixels. However, these images need to be generated at runtime. That is, they CANNOT be loaded as PNGs. What is the correct way to create a 10x10, red, semi-transparent image, using only the MIDP 2.0 API? 

A. use createImage() to create a mutable Image; first fill it with white pixels, then fill it with red pixels 

B. This is not possible. An Image with semi-transparency CANNOT be created at runtime. 

C. use createImage() to create a mutable Image, then fill it with red pixels 

D. use createRGBImage() to create an immutable Image from ARGB data with the desired values 

Answer: D

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Q106. - (Topic 1) 








Which two are true? (Choose two.) 

A. serviceRepaints() blocks waiting for paint() to return. 

B. paint() is called three times, once for each repaint() and once for serviceRepaints(). 

C. paint() is always called twice, once for each repaint() request. 

D. If the two regions specified in repaint() overlap, repaint() may attempt to paint the union of the two areas. 

Answer: A,D 

Q107. - (Topic 3) 

What is the minimum number of simultaneously running threads that a JTWI 1.0 device must support for each MIDlet suite? 

A. 3 

B. 1 

C. two running threads for each class of the MIDlet suite 

D. 10 Answer: D 

Q108. - (Topic 1) 



 ServerSocketConnection ssc = 



 SocketConnection sc = (SocketConnection) ssc.acceptAndOpen(); 

Which entry in the JAD file is used to request multiple permissions? 

A. MIDlet-Permission:; 

B. MIDlet-Permission: MIDlet-Permission: 

C. MIDlet-Permission:, 

D. MIDlet-Permission: MIDlet-Permission: 

E. MIDlet-Permission:; javax.microedition.serversocket 

Answer: C 

Q109. - (Topic 2) 

In the JTWI 1.0 specification, what is the recommended screen size as returned by Canvas.getHeight() and Canvas.getWidth(), when in full screen mode? 

A. 320x240 pixels 

B. 125x125 pixels 

C. 176x208 pixels 

D. 96x54 pixels 

Answer: B 

Q110. - (Topic 3) 

When can a MIDlet suite be installed in the untrusted domain? 

A. when suite is NOT signed with an X.509 PKI certificate 

B. when suite is authenticated using an X.509 PKI certificate and the certificate is expired 

C. when suite is authenticated using an X.509 PKI certificate and the certificate is invalid 

D. when suite is authenticated using an X.509 PKI certificate and the certificate fails signature verification 

Answer: A