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Q51. - (Topic 2) 



 Canvas canvas; 


 // ... 





What occurs when serviceRepaints() is called? 

A. The application blocks until the repaint() method returns. 

B. The application immediately calls the paint() method. 

C. The application blocks until the paint() method returns. 

D. The application immediately calls the repaint() method. 

Answer: C 

Q52. - (Topic 2) 

Assuming an application descriptor contains: 

MIDlet-Data-Size: 4096 

Which is true? 

A. The device will use 4096 bytes to buffer data the application receives over the network. 

B. The device will permanently reserve 4096 bytes of heap space for the application. 

C. The device will use 4096 bytes to buffer data the application sends over the network. 

D. The device will permanently reserve 4096 bytes of RMS space for the application. 

Answer: D 

Q53. - (Topic 3) 

wav is a content type supported on a device that executes: 


 Player p; 


 p = Manager.createPlayer("http://foobar.sun.com/sound.wav"); 


 p.prefetch(); Which is true? 

A. An exception is generated at runtime. 

B. No exception is thrown at runtime. No sound is played. 

C. The result is device-dependent. 

D. sound.wav is played on the device. 

Answer: B 

Q54. - (Topic 2) 

Which is true when using multiple threads to access a record store? 

A. The implementation coordinates access, ensuring that record stores will NOT be corrupted. 

B. You must lock a record store prior to access. 

C. You CANNOT access a record store with multiple threads. 

D. You must coordinate access to a record store to prevent data corruption. 

Answer: D 

Q55. - (Topic 1) 

Which is true regarding the javax.wireless.messaging package? 

A. Message objects are assumed always to be blocks of binary data. 

B. This API is designed to run exclusively on the GSM SMS protocol. 

C. The messaging protocols that use this API are typically store-and-forward. 

D. Messages are usually lost if the recipient is not connected at the time of sending. 

Answer: C 


Up to the immediate present 1Z0-869 exams:

Q56. - (Topic 1) 

Click the Exhibit button. 

Given the GameCanvas code: 


 public void run() { 


 try { 


 Graphics g = getGraphics(); 


 Image dog = Image.createImage("/dog.png"); 


 Sprite s = new Sprite(dog, 98, 88); 




 while (gameActive) { 
















 } catch (Exception ex) { 







Assuming that gameActive is true, and that run() is called as a result of a new thread's start() invocation, what is the result? 

A. An exception is thrown at runtime because of an error with the arguments to the Sprite constructor. 

B. An IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs due to an error in line 17 or line 20. 

C. The dog on the left side of the image file appears on the display, but the dog on the right side is never seen. 

D. Compilation fails because Sprite does NOT have a paint(Graphics g) method. 

E. An animation appears that continuously cycles between the two versions of the dog. 

Answer: E 

Q57. - (Topic 2) 

Which classes and interfaces are available in CLDC? 

A. Vector, Hashtable, Iterator 

B. Vector, Hashtable, Stack, Enumeration 

C. List, ArrayList, Vector, Hashtable, HashSet 

D. List, Set, Vector, Hashtable 

Answer: B 

Q58. - (Topic 2) 

Given the MIDlet code: 

11. try { 

12.Class socketClass = Class.forName("java.net.Socket"); 

13.Object socket = socketClass.newInstance(); 


 } catch (ClassNotFoundException x) { 


 } catch (InstantiationException y) { 


 } catch (IllegalAccessException z) { 



Which is true? 

A. It will compile, but results in a ClassNotFoundException. 

B. It will not compile. Class.forName() is not supported by CLDC. 

C. It will not compile. ClassNotFoundException and IllegalAccessException are not supported by CLDC. 

D. It will compile, but results in an InstantiationException. 

Answer: A 

Q59. - (Topic 3) 

Which three methods can be used by a MIDlet to communicate with the Application Management Software? (Choose three.) 

A. getAppProperty() 

B. destroyApp() 

C. pauseApp() 

D. notifyPaused() 

E. notifyDestroyed() 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q60. - (Topic 3) 

Which is false about untrusted MIDlet suites? 

A. An untrusted MIDlet suite does not request permissions explicitly in the JAR manifest or the application descriptor. 

B. Untrusted MIDlet suites may access protected APIs or functions if given explicit user permission. 

C. JTWI devices must treat all MIDP 2.0 suites as trusted. 

D. JTWI devices must treat all MIDP 1.0 suites as untrusted. 

Answer: C