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Q41. Click the Exhibit button.


Wally is using a Korn shell, and is writing a report for his customers. The report contains instructions on how to use a set of scripts that he has created for the customers to use. The scripts are all interactive. Wally is running the scripts while creating the report so he can cut and paste the user prompts into his document. Wally executes the following command:

$ fg

Which job will be placed in the foreground of the shell?

A. ./makecert

B. ./ confidential-report

C. ./affiliate

D. vi cust-report

Answer: B

Q42. Click the Exhibit button.


Jane has listed information about directories under her home directory. Choose which statement is true concerning the file finder.

A. finder is a symbolic link

B. finder has a hard link

C. finder is writable

D. finder has a ACL

Answer: B

Q43. Jim is considering using a different shell. One of the shell features that Jim would like to use is the tilde (~) metacharacter, used to move to the user's home directory. Choose the shell that does NOT support the tilde (~) metacharacter.

A. Korn Shell (ksh)

B. TC Shell (tcsh)

C. C Shell (csh)

D. Z shell (zsh)

E. Bourne Shell (sh)

Answer: E

Q44. Click the Exhibit button.


Frank needs to add write access for the sales group, so he uses the following command:

$ chmod g+w project543.dat

Choose which answer reflects the result of this command.

A. Only the sales group will be given write access to the file.

B. Only the sales group and market group will have write access to the file.

C. The sales group and market group and user jane will have write access to the file.

D. The sales group and market group and user jane and others will have write access to the file.

Answer: C

Q45. Wally created a new file named coursebook. The umask was set to the Solaris 10 default when the file was created. Wally used the following command to change the files permissions:

$ chmod g+w ./coursebook

Which octal mode with the chmod command can Wally use to set these same permissions?

A. chmod 662 ./coursebook

B. chmod 660 ./coursebook

C. chmod 664 ./coursebook

D. chmod 442 ./coursebook

Answer: C

Q46. Choose the answer that correctly describes the Java Archive tool.

A. The jar tool creates archive compatible with the tar command.

B. The jar tool use the zip command syntax to create archive files.

C. The jar tool creates compressed archive files.

D. The jar tool create archives compatible with the compress command.

Answer:: C

Q47. Click the Exhibit button.


Frank is attempting to cat a file in a subdirectory. He is returned a error that indicates he cannot open the file. The exhibit shows Frank's command, the results, and the file's permissions. Choose the permission bits on a directory that might allow Frank to cat the file.

A. execute bit

B. read bit

C. write bit

D. read and write bit

Answer: A

Q48. Wally wants to list all files in his current directory. Choose the command that will list all the files only in Wally's current directory.

A. echo *

B. strings .

C. ls -a

D. ls -l

E. ls -R

Answer: C

Q49. You need to find all files in your home directory hierarchy that contain the string sample in the file name. You want a relative path to each file so you can easily retrieve it.

Choose the command that will find these files.

A. ls -l * | grep -v sample

B. find . -print | grep sample

C. ls -Rl | grep -i sample

D. grep sample < find . -print

Answer: B

Q50. While working in his home directory Jim lists the directory contents with the following result:

$ ls -F

affiliates* daily-report* fixes today appointment expenses/ phone-list@ windfil> year-report|

From this list of files, which file is executable?

A. affiliates

B. fixes

C. expenses

D. phone-list

E. windfil

F. yearly-report

Answer: A