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Q21. Jane needs to list a directory on a remote system named entropy. The system has been configured with a .

rhosts file in Jane's home directory. Choose the command that will display the contents of a directory without Jane having to login to the remote system.

A. rsh entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*

B. rcp entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*

C. ls -r entropy /export/home/jane/scripts/*

D. rlogin entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*

Answer:: A

Q22. Click the Exhibit button.


Val wants to copy the customer data files from the data directory, to a directory called customer. The new customer directory will be in Val's home directory. Choose the command that Val will use to accomplish this task.

A. touch $HOME/customer ; cp customer-local customer-region customer-state


B. mkdir $HOME/customer ; mv customer-local customer-region customer-state


C. mkdir ../customer ; cp customer-local customer-region customer-state ../customer

D. cp customer-local customer-region customer-state | mkdir $HOME/customer

Answer: C

Q23. Click the Exhibit button.


While working in his home directory, Wally executes the commands shown in the exhibit. Wally needs to execute a find command that he had previously executed. He is using a ksh shell. Choose the command which will execute the find command again.

A. r 163

B. !find

C. !!find

D. r -f

Answer: A

Q24. Click the Exhibit button.


The exhibit shows the first few lines of a system run control script. In which shell is this script executed?

A. Bourne Shell

B. Z Shell

C. C Shell

D. Korn Shell

E. Bash Shell

Answer: A

Q25. Choose the answer that describes a process that runs in the background and provides a service.

A. user process

B. system daemon

C. rouge process

D. defunct process

E. shell process

Answer: B

Q26. You own a file that is part of a web development project. This file is shared by the group

permission among the members of the web development group called webdev. The world permissions for the file are set to read only for security reasons. You wish to give write access on the file for a contractor not in the webdev group. You do not have root access. Which method describes how you can grant write permissions to the contractor's user ID?

A. Edit the /etc/group file and add the contractor's user ID to the group.

B. Create a owner ACL for the contractor's user ID.

C. Add a mandatory access control for the contractor's user ID.

D. The world or group permissions must be modified by root.

Answer: B

Q27. You have a parts list, and you need to search it for all parts that contain the string V1 or the string R3. You decide to use a grep utility to search the file. Which grep command will you use?

A. grep -F 'V1|R3' ./parts_list

B. fgrep 'V1|R3' ./parts_list

C. egrep 'V1|R3' ./parts_list

D. grep 'V1|R3' ./parts_list

Answer: C

Q28. A user named Frank issues the following command:

% cal 9 1752

Choose the answer that best describes the number 9 as used in this command line.

A. first argument

B. second argument

C. second option

D. first option

Answer: A

Q29. You have a directory that contains only text files. You wish to compress all of these files. Which command can be used to compress these text files?

A. ls * | compress

B. echo * > compress -

C. compress *

D. compress < echo *

Answer: C

Q30. Val wants to change the permissions on a file to remove access for all user that are not in the file's group. She also wants the group permissions to allow the file to have read and write access. Val can currently read and write the file. Which octal mode with the chmod command will set those permissions?

A. chmod 664 ./data

B. chmod 660 ./data

C. chmod 775 ./data

D. chmod 550 ./data

Answer: B