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2021 Jun 1Z0-877 vce

Q191. You need to do a restore of a damaged /usr file system on your x86-based server running Solaris 10 OS. Which procedure do you complete to get into single user mode on your system to perform the restore? 

A. Boot from the DCA and select Hard Disk as your boot device. 

B. Boot from the hard disk into single user mode. 

C. Boot from the CD-ROM or DVD, and when prompted at the Current Boot Paremeters menu, type b -s. 

D. Boot from the CD-ROM or DVD, and when prompted at the ok prompt, type boot -s. 

Answer: C 

Q192. Given these settings on your x86-based server: 

You connected a console to the serial port (COM1) and you want to setup your server so that it uses the console that you connected.  Which describes how to make the system recognize the console for bootup and not the VGA monitor and keyboard? 

A. Set the console property to ttya as follows: kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot -B console=ttya 

B. The x86 platform does not support booting from a serial port. 

C. Select to boot from the Solaris Serial Console ttya in the GRUB menu. 

D. Change the PROM settings so that kbd-type=serial, ttya-mode matches the port settings for the new console, and console=ttya 

E. No changes to the PROM are required. Shutdown the system and disconnect the VGA monitor and keyboard before booting. The system console will default to the serial port. 

Answer: A 

Q193. You are going to install a remote system using a WAN boot installation. Which two items are true of a WAN boot and must be part of your pre-installation checklist? (Choose two.) 

A. WAN boot is supported on machines with SPARC and x86 CPUs. 

B. You cannot use WAN boot on machines running the Solaris OS for x86 platforms. 

C. A CDROM is required to access the wanboot program and WAN boot miniroot. 

D. The system must have WAN boot support in the OBP or PXE support in the BIOS. 

E. An HTTP server must be available on the network. 

Answer: B,E 

Q194. As system administrator, you are asked to install an additional internal disk into a SPARC-based workstation that is needed to store application data. 

Which two procedures present the new disk to the Solaris 10 OS? (Choose two.) 

A. 1) execute # init 5 

2) install the new disk into the workstation 

3) power on the workstation 

4) using vi, manually edit the /etc/path_to_inst file and add an entry for the new disk 

5) execute # init 6 

B. 1) execute # touch /reconfigure 

2) execute # init 5 

3) install the new disk into the workstation 

4) power on the workstation 

C. 1) execute # init 0 

2) at the ok prompt, type setenv auto-boot? false 

3) power off the workstation 

4) install the new disk into the workstation 

5) power on the workstation 

6) at the ok prompt, type setenv auto-boot? true 

7) at the ok prompt, type boot -r 

D. 1) execute # halt 2) power off the workstation 3) install the new disk into the workstation 4) power on the workstation 5) at the ok prompt, type boot -x 

E. 1) execute # devsfadm -C disk 

Answer: B,C 

Q195. On a SPARC based system two device aliases named bootdisk01 and bootdisk02 have been created. These aliases allow the boot system to boot from two different disks, and currently bootdisk01 is used by default. Which Solaris command amends the boot-device parameter to cause the system to boot from bootdisk02 by default? 

A. eeprom boot-device=bootdisk02 

B. eeprom boot-device bootdisk02 

C. setenv boot-device=bootdisk02 

D. setenv boot-device bootdisk02 

Answer: A 

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Q196. The following command has been issued: mirror c1t1d0 c2t1d0 mirror c4t0d0 c5t0d0 Which answer describes the type of device that has been created by issuing this command? 

A. A ZFS two-way mirrored device. 

B. Two ZFS, three-way mirrored devices. 

C. A ZFS mirrored pool. 

D. A ZFS pool with two, two-way mirrors. 

Answer: D 

Q197. As system administrator, you are asked to troubleshoot a SPARC-based system that is NOT booting properly. The console messages indicate that ufsboot is not being loaded properly or is corrupted. Which phase of the boot process is ufsboot loaded? 

A. /etc/inittab Phase 

B. Boot Program Phase 

C. Kernel Initialization Phase 

D. Boot PROM Phase 

E. Init Phase 

Answer: B 

Q198. You need to restore some files from a file system. The file system was backed up from a snapshot. Which command correctly restores these files? 

A. fssnap -i 

B. snaprestore -i 

C. fssnap -r 

D. ufsrestore -i 

Answer: D 

Q199. You are logged on as the root user and issue the command: # snoop -v -i filename What two statements about the effect of the output of this command are true? (Choose two.) 

A. snoop displays packets from filename instead of the network 

B. snoop displays one line for each packet. 

C. snoop displays multiple lines for each packet. 

D. snoop verifies each packet. 

E. snoop is launched in interactive mode. 

Answer: A,C 

Q200. As system administrator, you have been asked to install a SPARC based system with the Solaris 

A. 128 megabytes of memory 

B. 256 megabytes of memory 

C. 5 gigabytes of disk space 

D. 3.2 gigabytes of disk space 

E. OpenBoot PROM firmware version 4.14 or later 

F. Access to a CD-ROM/DVD drive or an installation server 

Answer: B,C,F