Exam Code: 1Z0-877 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-877 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. Given this output from the who(1) command: 

$ who 

ann console Jan 27 07:25 dave pts/8 Jan 24 15:11 (:0.0) fred term/a Jan 27 08:00 lisa pts/6 Jan 27 08:28 (physical) 

Which two users are physically connected to the system? (Choose two.) 

A. Lisa 

B. Dave 

C. Fred 

D. Ann 

Answer: C,D 

Q132. After a security review, it has been decided that the sendmail process should NOT be run on one of your customer database servers. 

Which command stops the service from running and persists across reboots? 

A. svcadm clear sendmail 

B. /etc/init.d/sendmail stop 

C. svcadm -t disable sendmail 

D. svcadm disable sendmail 

E. pkill sendmail 

F. svcadm restart sendmail 

Answer: D 

Q133. You are informed that an unprivileged user has executed commands as the superuser. You decide to look at the log file for the su(1) command. The contents in the log file are: 

SU 12/07 11:50 + pts/6 gv1123-root 

SU 12/07 11:54 - pts/5 fb12-root 

SU 12/07 11:54 + pts/3 gv1123-root 

SU 12/07 12:03 + pts/1 jjj-gv1123 

You know the file has NOT been tampered with. 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. User fb12 is suspected of having executed the commands. 

B. User gv1123 is suspected of having executed the commands. 

C. The commands might have been executed on pts/3. 

D. The commands might have been executed on pts/1. 

E. User jjj is not a suspect. 

Answer: B,C 

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Q134. A SPARC-based system has been rebooted, but no one can gain access to it. When investigating, the console shows this message: 

Which action can you take to get the system working again? 

A. boot -s 

B. boot -rs 

C. boot -ars 

D. boot /etc/path_to_inst 

Answer: C 

Q135. Given: 

# ls -l program1 

-rwsr-xr-x 1 root other 32768 May 9 16:57 program1 


# grep user1 /etc/passwd 


When user1 runs program1, what is the effective UID and GID of the process? 

A. UID 0, GID 100 

B. UID 0, GID 312 

C. UID 100, GID 312 

D. UID 312, GID 100 

Answer: B 

Q136. Given: # svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/single-user:default Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. This system will boot to run level 3 at next boot. 

B. This system will boot to run level S at next boot. 

C. This system will have run level S as the default mode. 

D. The svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/multi-user:default should be run to return to run level 


E. This system will not start svc.startd controlling services at the next boot. 

Answer: B,C 

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Q137. You want to create a copy of an active ZFS file system named dbase. When listing the information on the file system, the following information is displayed: 


files/dbase 24.5K 72.8G 24.5K /data/dbase 

data/dbase@bckup_dbase 0 - 24.5K -

Rather than unmount the file system, back it up and transfer the data to a second file system, you want to create a point in time snapshot of the current dbase file system and copy that snapshot. Based on the information displayed above, which answer describes the steps necessary to complete this process? 

A. zfs snapshot data/dbase@ bckup_dbase zfs clone data/dbase@bckup_dbase data/clone_dbase 

B. fssnap -F ufs -o bs=/var/tmp /data/dbase /dev/fssnap/0 mount -r ro /dev/fssnap/0 /data/clone_dbase zfs clone /data/dbase data/clone_dbase 

C. zfs clone data/dbase@bckup_dbase data/clone_dbase 

D. zfs clone data/dbase data/clone_dbase 

Answer: C 

Q138. Which three FORTH Monitor commands allow you to boot a SPARC-based system? (Choose three.) 

A. ok boot net 

B. ok reboot 

C. ok boot net:rarp 

D. ok boot -as cdrom 

E. ok boot ip= 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q139. The following ZFS file system is available on your system: 


files 82K 72.8G 24.5K /data 

You want to temporarily unmount the /data file system. Which set of commands will unmount the /data file system so that it is not available to users and then mount the system when you are ready to make it available again? 

A. umount /data - to unmount the file system; mount /data to mount the file system 

B. zfs unmount /data - to unmount the file system; zfs mount /data to mount the file system 

C. zfs umount /data - to unmount the file system; zfs mount /data to mount the file system 

D. zfs unmount /data - to unmount the file system; zfs mount -a to mount the file system 

Answer: D 

Q140. A script is needed that checks daily to see if at jobs are scheduled to run. Which two commands obtain this information? (Choose two.) 

A. atq 

B. jobs 

C. queued 

D. ls -l /var/spool/atjobs 

E. ls -l /var/spool/cron/atjobs 

Answer: A,E