Exam Code: 1Z0-878 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-878 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Given: 

# dumpadm Dump content: kernel pages Dump device: /dev/dsk/c2t3d0s0 (dedicated) Savecore directory: /var/crash/wm13w6 Savecore enabled: yes 

The system administrator assigned a dedicated dump slice. 

Which command did the system administrator run to achieve this? 

A. dumpadm -d c2t3d0s0 

B. coreadm -d c2t3d0s0 

C. dumpadm -d /dev/dsk/c2t3d0s0 

D. coreadm -s /dev/dsk/c2t3d0s0 

E. dumpadm -s /dev/dsk/c2t3d0s0 

Answer: C 

Q52. Which three statements accurately describe soft partitions? (Choose three.) 

A. Soft partitions are an alternative to Solaris Volume Manager software volumes for organizing disk storage. 

B. An unlimited number of soft partitions can be created from a volume. 

C. A soft partition can be grown to use any available space on a volume. 

D. A soft partition can be included in a volume and directly accessed by an application simultaneously. 

E. Soft partitions can be extended without moving or destroying data on other soft partitions. 

F. Soft partitions provide a mechanism for dividing large storage spaces into smaller, more manageable sizes. 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q53. Which four main services support the JumpStart installation process? (Choose four.) 

A. boot services 

B. routing services 

C. backup services 

D. installation services 

E. configuration services 

F. identification services G. authentication services 

Answer: A,D,E,F 


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Given this output from metadb: 


Q55. For a local zone in the installed state, which statement is true? 

A. Local zone file systems are mounted. 

B. The local zone has an associated virtual platform. 

C. Network interfaces for the local zone are plumbed. 

D. Packages are installed under the local zone root path. 

E. The local zone has a unique ID assigned by the system. 

Answer: D 

Q56. If your system uses a large number of mirrors, make sure that you have an adequate number of state databases. If you create too few state database replicas, performance could be negatively impacted. What is the recommended number of state database replicas for mirrored volumes? 

A. At least two state database replicas per RAID-1 volume. 

B. At least three state database replicas per RAID-1 volume. 

C. One state database replicas per RAID-1 volume. 

D. At least five state database replicas per RAID-1 volume. 

Answer: A 


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Q57. The rules.ok file on your JumpStart server contains the following line: 

hostname client1 backup_root client_config set_root_passwd 

Which statement is true about the function of this line? 

A. The client runs the backup_root script prior to installing software. 

B. The client runs the client_config script while installing software. 

C. The client configures itself using either the backup_root, client_config, or set_root_passwd profiles. 

D. The client runs the backup_root, client_config, and set_root_passwd scripts after installing software. 

E. The client runs the backup_root, client_config, and set_root_passwd scripts prior to installing software. 

Answer: A 

Q58. Which two commands switch the environment of the current user fred to the role special? (Choose two.) 

A. su special 

B. role special 

C. su -special 

D. usermod -R special 

E. role -s special fred 

F. usermod -R special fred 

Answer: A,C 

Q59. Your system has three disk drives allocated for data storage. You are using Solaris Volume Manager to create your file system on these drives. The application will be read-intensive. Which configuration will provide the best data protection in the event of a failure? 

A. RAID 5 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 0 

D. RAID 1+0 

Answer: A 

Q60. The status of your ZFS file system is as follows: 

raidz FAULTED 

c1t0d0 ONLINE 

c2t0d0 FAULTED 

c3t0d0 FAULTED 

c4t0d0 ONLINE 

Which answer describes the condition of your file system? 

A. Neither disk can be replaced because not enough healthy replicas from which to retrieve data exist. 

B. Replace both drives and any data in the pool is copied to the replaced drives. Healthy replicas exist on c1t1d0 and c4t0d0. 

C. Neither disk can be replaced. Although enough healthy replicas exist, too much data has been lost to recover the data in the file system. 

D. Replace c2t0d0 first, when it is ONLINE and data has been copied from c1t0d0, replace disk c3t0d0. Wait for the pool to come back ONLINE. 

Answer: A