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2021 Jun 1Z0-878 free exam

Q181. Which three are daemons started by the /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart script on an NIS master server? (Choose three.) 

A. ypcat 

B. ypbind 

C. ypinit 

D. ypserv 

E. ypxfrd 

F. yprefont 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q182. Users dbadmin, webadmin, and user6 all have their home directories located on serveri in the /export/home directory. 

Given these three files on a system named ciient6: 

/etc/passwd: dbadmin:x:100:10:Database Admin:/home/dbadmin:/bin/csh webadmin:x:101:10:Web Admin:/home/webadmin:/bin/ks h user6:x:101:10:User number 6:/home/user6:/bin/csh 

/etc/auto_master: #Master map for automounter /net —hosts —nosuid,nobrowse /home auto_home —nobrowse /etc/auto_home: #Home automounter map 

* serveri:/export/home/& 

Only user6 is currently logged in to ciient6, and dbadmin and webadmin have no processes running and have never logged in to ciient6. There have been no attempts to access the home directories of dbadmin and webadmin. 

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Running Is /home outputs user 6. 

B. The dbadmin and webadmin users will NOT be able to log in to ciient6 because their home directories do not exist. 

C. A new user named user7 that is added to /etc/passwd on client6 and has a home directory on serveri as /export/home/user7 will be able to log in without restarting the automounter on client6. 

D. Running the mount on ciient6 command will show the home directories of webadmin, dbadmin, and user6 listed as being mounted. 

Answer: A,C 

Q183. Which of the following provides the JumpStart client with the location of the system identification file? (Choose two.) 

A. Name Service 

B. /etc/bootparams file 

C. Specified by the add_install_client command. 

D. Specified by the setup_install_server command. 

E. The system identification file is always located in the /export/config directory. 

Answer: B,C 

Q184. The NIS passwd map contains the following entry: 

larry:uysvPo3nanyeo:101:10:Larry Doe:/home/larry:/bin/ksh 

Which three commands return this entry? (Choose three.) 

A. ypcat passwd |grep larry 

B. ypmatch -k 101 passwd.byuid 

C. ypmatch -k 101 passwd.byname 

D. ypmatch -k larry passwd.byname 

E. ypmatch -k Larry passwd.bycomment 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q185. A NIS map update fails to propagate to slave servers on the network. 

What are three ways to update the slave servers? (Choose three.) 

A. on every slave server, execute ypinit -s <master> 

B. on the master server, execute cd /var/yp; /usr/ccs/bin/make 

C. on the master server, execute /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfr <mapname> 

D. on every slave server, execute /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfr <mapname> 

E. on only one of the slave servers, execute cd /var/yp; /usr/ccs/bin/make 

F. on only one of the slave servers, execute /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfr <mapname> 

Answer: A,B,D 

1Z0-878  testing engine

Renovate 1Z0-878 test engine:

Q186. Given the following content for output from coreadm: 

# coreadm global core file pattern: /var/core/core.%f.%p global core file content: all init core file pattern: core.%f.%p init core file content: default global core dumps: enabled per-process core dumps: enabled global setid core dumps: disabled per-process setid core dumps: disabled global core dump logging: enabled 

Which three commands are issued to set this configuration? (Choose three.) 

A. coreadm -i core.%f.%p 

B. coreadm -g core.%f.%p -G all 

C. coreadm -e global -e log -G all 

D. coreadm -i /var/core/core.%f.%p 

E. coreadm -g /var/core/core.%f.%p 

F. coreadm -G /var/core/core.%f.%p -g all 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q187. A user's workstation is configured to mount /archive from a remote system through 

NFS using the following entry in /etc/vfstab: #device device mount FS fsck mount mount 

#to mount to fsck point type pass at boot options 

speedy:/archive - /archive nfs - yes -

To improve performance, a second NFS server, named pokey, is being added to serve out the identical file system. 

You notice that the workstation is attempting to mount /archive read-write. The /archive file system contains old archived data and should not be modified. You decide that the user's workstation should mount /archive read-only instead. 

Which two changes must you make to allow the workstation to use the NFS server pokey and speedy and to correct the read-write/read-only mounting issue? (Choose two.) 

A. change the mount options field to ro 

B. change the mount options field to ro=speedy,pokey 

C. change the device to mount field to speedy,pokey:/archive 

D. change the device to mount field to read pokey:/archive/speedy 

Answer: A,C 

Q188. Exhibit: 

# zonecfg -z heston-z2 info zonepath: /export/zones/heston-z2 autoboot: true pool: net: address: physical: ce0 # df -lh Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0 7.9G 3.2G 4.6G 41% / /devices 0K 0K 0K 0% /devices ctfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/contract proc 0K 0K 0K 0% /proc mnttab 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/mnttab swap 14G 584K 14G 1% /etc/svc/volatile objfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/object fd 0K 0K 0K 0% /dev/fd swap 14G 7.1M 14G 1% /tmp swap 14G 72K 14G 1% /var/run /dev/dsk/c1t2d0s0 7.9G 3.1G 4.7G 41% /altroot.c /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0 7.9G 3.1G 4.7G 41% /altroot.b /dev/dsk/c1t3d0s0 7.9G 3.1G 4.7G 41% /altroot.d /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s6 9.8G 9.9M 9.6G 1% /var/crash /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s5 7.9G 24M 7.8G 1% /var/core /dev/md/dsk/d100 77G 3.2G 73G 5% /export/zones # 

Which three statements are true about the zone configuration shown in the exhibit? (Choose three.) 

A. It is a Sparse Root zone. 

B. It has exclusive use of ce0. 

C. It shares ce0 with the global zone. 

D. The IP address for this zone is 

E. It shares (inherits) all file systems with the global zone. 

F. It does NOT share (inherit) any file systems with the global zone. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q189. Under which two conditions will the automounter automatically mount resources listed in an AutoFS direct map? (Choose two) 

A. only if the unit point has first been created 

B. If the resources are to be mounted read-only 

C. If an entry for the direct map has been added to the master map 

D. If the reference used in the direct map uses relative path names 

E. If the reference used in the direct map uses absolute path names 

Answer: C,E 

Q190. Youve created several ZFS file systems as listed: 

The /data/temporary file system is no longer needed. Which command would you use to remove this ZFS file system? 

A. zfs destroy data/temporary 

B. zpool destroy data/temporary 

C. umount /data/temporary; zfs destroy temporary 

D. umount /data/temporary; newfs /data/temporary 

Answer: A