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2021 Jul 1Z0-878 latest exam

Q21. Given: 

usermod -P Profile user1 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The user1 user loses all other profiles. 

B. The user1 user gets assigned Profile. 

C. The user1 user loses all authorizations in the user_attr file. 

D. The user1 user gets all authorizations from Profile added in the user_attr file. 

Answer: A,B 

Q22. Click the Exhibit button. 

Your colleague is configuring a client for installation with jumpstart. They have entered the command shown in the exhibit. Examine the exhibit, on which server will the profile file be found? 

A. The profile file server is not defined 

B. serverl in the /jumpstart/os directory 

C. server2 in the /jumpstart/config directory 

D. server3 in the /jumpstart/config directory 

Answer: C 

Q23. A system called renegade is configured to access a CAD application and the man pages using 

automount. The system has the following /etc/auto_master file: # Master map for automounter # /home auto_home -nobrowse /- auto_direct -ro 

The renegade system also has the following /etc/auto_direct file: # Superuser-created direct map for automounter # /tools/cad -ro,soft cadserver:/export/cad,v2 /usr/share/man -ro,soft docserver1,docserver2:/usr/share/man 

Which two statements are true about the renegade system? (Choose two.) 

A. To access the CAD application, the user can type # cd /tools/cad. 

B. Before trying to access the man pages, the user must first run the # automount command. 

C. If the mount of /tools/cad fails for any reason, the system continues to retry until cadserver responds. 

D. The /usr/share/man directory is mounted from docserver1 or docserver2, depending upon availability. 

E. To access the CAD application, the user must type the full path as follows: # cd /net/cadserver/export/cad,v2. 

Answer: A,D 

Q24. A user is having LDAP client problems. The profile with which the client was configured was updated over night. From the error messages it would appear that the daemon on the client responsible for updating the profile might NOT have started. 

Which daemon on the client is responsible for updating the profile? 

A. ldap_client 

B. ldap_update 

C. ldap_profile 

D. ldap_cachemgr 

Answer: D 

Q25. Which command displays all zones on a system and their current state? 

A. zonecfg list B. zoneadm list C. zonecfg info D. zonename list 

E. zoneadm list -cv 

F. zonecfg -z all info 

Answer: E 

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Q26. You have three applications from three different vendors, but only one system to run them on. Each application will require different OS patches to be installed. The problem you will encounter, if you load all of these applications on the same server, is that the vendor will not support the application if it runs on anything but the recommended environment. Which answer provides a solution? 

A. Run each application in a separate non-global zone. Patch each zone separately. 

B. Run each application in a zone. Install one application in the global-zone and patch it with the most current patch versions allowed. Do not patch the non-global zones. 

C. Run each application in a separate non-global zone. Patch the non-global zones with the most current patch versions. 

D. Zones will not work in this scenario- use domains. 

Answer: A 

Q27. Which three can be described with the name SUNW.i86pc? (Choose three.) 

A. a processor type which can use PXE boot 

B. a file system type created during PXE boot 

C. a DHCP client class used during PXE boot 

D. a vendor client class used during PXE boot 

E. a macro defined in DHCP used for PXE boot 

F. a Solaris OS package installed during PXE boot 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q28. This option, when used with the ifconfig command, makes the kernel communicate to the network interface and sets up the streams needed by IP to use the device. Which option is it? 

A. start B. plumb C. anycast 

D. broadcast 

Answer: B 

Q29. Which of the following statements concerning Live Upgrade is TRUE? 

A. You could use vi to modify the /etc/hosts file in a non-active BE 

B. The /usr file system can be shared between two BEs 

C. You can NOT use the pkgadd command to add a package to a non-active BE 

D. You can NOT create a empty BE 

E. The BE can only be modified using the luupgrade command 

Answer: A 

Q30. What are two requirements to JumpStart systems with Solaris OS using PXE boot? (Choose two.) 

A. an FTP server with x86 install images 

B. an install server with x86 install images 

C. a DHCP server with appropriate vendor options configured 

D. a BOOTPARAM server with appropriate vendor options configured 

Answer: B,C