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2021 May 1Z0-878 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. DotClown company, which sells circus supplies, has an order-processing server that has only 512 megabytes of physical RAM and no disk-based swap space. Because of a sudden increase in orders and corporate growth, 512 megabytes of disk swap space was added to the system: What is the total virtual memory configured on the system? 

A. 512 megabytes 

B. 1024 megabytes 

C. 1049312 blocks 

D. 170480k+744232k=914712k 

Answer: B 

Q62. Your server has been crashing intermittently for unknown reasons. Youtfie been told to start saving the information from the crash in the /var/crash directory (c0tid0s4) so that a technician can analyze the problem. Your crash dump configuration file has the following entries: 

Dump content: all pages Dump device: /dev/dsk/c0d0s1 (swap) Savecore directory: /var/crash/ Savecore enabled: no 

After the most recent crash, you went into the /var/crash directory to look for the dump file and the directory was empty. What would you need to do to get the system to store the system crash dumps in the /var/crash directory? 

A. coreadm -p /dev/dsk/c0d0s4 

B. coreadm —y 

C. dumpadm —s /dev/dsk/c0d0s4 

D. dumpadm -y 

Answer: D 

Q63. Which two commands will display the current LDAP clienttl local configuration? (Choose two) 

A. ldapclient list 

B. ldaplist 

C. cat /var/ldap/ldap_client_file 

D. ldapclient -1 

E. ldapcheck 

Answer: A,C 

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Q64. You are responsible for maintaining a server used to support installations by means of Flash archives. Because of the diversity of systems on your organization's network, you have many different Flash archives on this server. Which command can be used to find out who created the archives and when they were created? 

A. flar info archivename 

B. flar version archivename 

C. flar manifest archivename 

D. flar create -i archivename 

Answer: A 

Q65. Given the following output from the metastat command: 

# metastat d10 

d10: Mirror Submirror 0: d11 State: Okay Submirror 1: d12 State: Resyncing Resync in progress: 34 % done Pass: 1 Read option: roundrobin (default) Write option: parallel (default) Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) d11: Submirror of d10 State: Okay Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0t0d0s0 0 No Okay Yes d12: Submirror of d10 State: Resyncing Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0t1d0s0 0 No Okay Yes 

What RAID level is the d10 volume? 

A. RAID 0 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 5 


Answer: B 

Q66. Which two commands list all the authorizations assigned to the user john? (Choose two) 

A. auths john 

B. roles john 

C. profile john 

D. more /etc/user attr 

Answer: A,D 

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Q67. You receive error messages that the /lard file system is full. You check and see that it has a large file called swapfile. Your system has more than enough swap space. You suspect that the file is in use as swap space. 

Which sequence of commands confirms that the file is in use as swap space, and helps correct the file system problem? 

A. swap -r /lard/swapfile ; rm /lard/swapfile 

B. swap -l ; swap -d /lard/swapfile ; rm /lard/swapfile 

C. swap -l ; rm /lard/swapfile ; swap -d /lard/swapfile 

D. swap -l ; swap -r /lard/swapfile ; rm /lard/swapfile 

Answer: B 

Q68. Your x86-based Solaris server will not boot from the primary boot drive. Because the boot drive has been mirrored, you need to change the server so that the system boots from the alternate boot disk. Which answer describes the procedure to change the default boot disk? 

A. Change the bootpath parameter in the bootenv. re file so that it points to the correct boot drive. 

B. Change the bootpath parameter in the boot archive file so that it points to the correct boot drive. 

C. Use the eeprom command to change the bootpath parameter so that it points to the correct boot drive. 

D. Use the bootadm command to change the bootpath parameter so that it points to the correct boot drive. 

Answer: A 

Q69. Which answer describes the task being performed on line 3? Review the excerpt from a sample zone configuration session: 

A. /usr/sf w is to be loop-back mounted from the global zone. 

B. /usr/sf w is to be copied from the global zone. 

C. /usr/sf w is to be linked to the global zone. 

D. The /usr/sfw directory will be inherited from the previous non-global zone. 

Answer: A 

Q70. When using the Preboot Execution Environment to boot and install the OS over the network on x86 / x64 based systems, there are a few parameters that need to be configured. To ensure that the client, when booted has all of the information it requires in order to boot successfully. 

Which steps are required when configuring a DHCP server to support a PXE client? (Choose three.) 

A. Set a lease policy. 

B. Specify which profile to use for the client. 

C. Selecting a router address or router discovery. 

D. in.rarpd must be running on the DHCP server. 

E. Determine what configuration macro to assign to clients. 

Answer: A,C,E