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Q141. Your system has three disk drives allocated for data storage. You are using Solaris Volume Manager to create your file system on these drives. The application will be write-intensive. Which configuration will provide the best performance? 

A. RAID 5 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 0 Striped Structure 

D. RAID 0+1 


Q142. Which of the following statements describe advantages of WAN Boot over a JumpStart installation? (Choose four.) 

A. WAN Boot supports SPARC platform or x86 / x64 platform clients. 

B. The client download of the Solaris 10 OS can be performed using HTTPS. 

C. Supports all SPARC-based systems regardless of the OpenBoot PROM firmware version. 

D. Supports all SPARC-based systems with an OpenBoot PROM firmware version of 4.14 or higher. 

E. The WAN Boot process eliminates the need for a JumpStart server on the same local network as the client. 

F. WAN Boot clients are able to use RARP, TFTP, NFS, HTTP, or the HTTPS protocols to respond to boot requests. 

G. WAN Boot utilizes some of the existing JumpStart framework but contains enhancements to security and scalability that traditional JumpStart protocols, such as NFS, could not provide. 

Answer: B,C,E,G 

Q143. A user is unable to access the system deep-six.overthere. The revolve.conf file on the user's system contains the following lines: 

# cat /etc/resolv.conf domainname yourdept.yourcompany.com domain yourdept.yourcompany.com nameserver nameserver And nslookup generates the following error message: # nslookup deep-six.overthere 



** server can't find deep-six.overthere: NXDOMAIN 

What can be done to resolve this problem while keeping the user's system in the yourdept.yourcompany.com domain? 

A. add another name server to resolv.conf 

B. add search overthere.yourcompany.com to resolv.conf 

C. ask the users to use deep-six.overthere.yourcompany.com 

D. change resolv.conf to have domainname overthere.yourcompany.com instead of domainname corp.yourcompany.com 

Answer: B,C 

Q144. As part of an early warning system, a system administrator disables the remote shell service and replaces it with a script. This script logs that it was called with the auth facility and the warning level. The script also logs the process ID of the invoking shell. 

What is the proper invocation of logger? 

A. logger -i -p auth.warning "rsh attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

B. logger -p warning.auth "rsh[$$]: attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

C. logger -i -p auth.warning -t rsh "attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 

D. logger -p auth.warning -t rsh "[$$] attempted from $ruser@$host to $user" 


Q145. You are responsible for maintaining a server used to support installations by means of Flash archives. Because of the diversity of systems on your organizations network, you have many different Flash archives on this server. Which command can be used to determine who created each archive, when they were created, and which hardware platform they were created from? (Choose two.) 

A. flar -i <archivename> 

B. flar info <archivename> 

C. flar header <archivename> 

D. flar version <archivename> 

E. flar create -I <archivename> 

Answer: A,B 

Q146. A system administrator found the following message in the /var/adm/messages file: 

Jan 26 14:44:29 host genunix: [ID 936769 kern.notice] pm0 is /pseudo/pm@0 

Which statement is true? 

A. The message was logged by the kernel. 

B. The message was created by the logger command: 

logger -t genunix -p kern.notice "pm0 is /pseudo/pm@0". 

C. The message was created by the logger command: 

logger "genunix: [ID 936769 kern.notice] pm0 is /pseudo/pm@0". 

D. The message was created by the logger command: 

logger -t genunix -p kern.notice "[ID 936769 kern.notice] pm0 is /pseudo/pm@0". 


Q147. Select the answer that best describes the four LDAP update operations? 

A. Add, Delete, Create, Remove 

B. create, Delete, Modify, Rename 

C. Add, Delete, Modify, Create 

D. Create, Delete, Bind, Modify 


Q148. When using WAN Boot to perform a network-based OS installation, which of the following formats are supported? 

A. Flash archive 

B. The Solaris 10 OS Software 1 CD-ROM or DVD. 

C. A local image of the Solaris 10 Operating System obtained from either the CD-ROM or DVD mediA. 

D. A spooled image of the Solaris 10 Operating System obtained from either the CD-ROM or DVD media located on a remote install-server. 


Q149. You are configuring a remote server. Your help desk technicians need the ability to do printer administration. Because of sensitive data on this system, you cannot grant the help desk technicians full root access. Which two commands create a role of helpdesk and assign the Printer Administration profile to it, and then add a help desk technician with a userid of roger to that role? (Choose two.) 

A. useradd roger -A helpdesk B. usermod -R helpdesk roger C. roleadd -A helpdesk -U roger 

D. roleadd -m -d /export/home/helpdesk -P "Printer Administration" helpdesk 

E. useradd -A helpdesk -m -d /export/home/helpdesk -P "Printer Administration" roger 

Answer: B,D 

Q150. DotClown company, which sells circus supplies, has an order-processing server that has only 512 megabytes of physical RAM and no disk-based swap space. Because of a sudden increase in orders and corporate growth, 512 megabytes of disk swap space was added to the system: What is the total virtual memory configured on the system? 

A. 512 megabytes 

B. 1024 megabytes 

C. 1049312 blocks 

D. 170480k+744232k=914712k