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Q131. The system administrator needs to create a new role named adminuser and assign the following authorizations to the adminuser role: 




Solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminuser 

Which command would the system administrator issue to create the adminuser role? 

A. roleadd -m -d /export/home/adminusr -c "admin assistant" -A Solaris.admin.logsvc.purge,Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd,Solaris.system.shutdown,Solaris.admin.f smgr.write adminuser 

B. useradd -d /export/home/adminusr -c "admin assistant" -P Solaris.admin.logsvc.purge,Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd,Solaris.system.shutdown,Solaris.admin.f smgr.write adminuser 

C. useradd -m -d /export/home/adminusr -c "admin assistant" -A Solaris.admin.logsvc.purge,Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd,Solaris.system.shutdown,Solaris.admin.f smgr.write adminuser 


Q132. The system administrator has placed several entries in the direct map of a Solaris 10 OS machine that is configured to use local files. 

Which three features are direct map entries? (Choose three.) 

A. Direct maps can always be browsed. 

B. Direct maps specify relative paths only. 

C. Direct maps specify the absolute path of the mount point. 

D. A /- entry in the master map defines a mount point for direct maps. 

E. A master map that is a local file can only have one direct map entry. 

F. The directory specified in the map entry can be mounted from a comma-separated list of servers. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q133. What is the shortest sequence of commands that can be used to move a zone from one network interface to another? (Some arguments are removed for brevity.) 

A. zoneadm add net; zoneadm reboot 

B. zonecfg remove net; zonecfg add net 

C. zonecfg remove net; zonecfg add net; zoneadm reboot 

D. zoneadm halt; zonecfg remove net; zoneadm add net; zoneadm boot 


Q134. The status of your ZFS file system is as follows: 

raidz FAULTED 

c1t0d0 ONLINE 

c2t0d0 FAULTED 

c3t0d0 FAULTED 

c4t0d0 ONLINE 

Which answer describes the condition of your file system? 

A. Neither disk can be replaced because not enough healthy replicas from which to retrieve data exist. 

B. Replace both drives and any data in the pool is copied to the replaced drives. Healthy replicas exist on c1t1d0 and c4t0d0. 

C. Neither disk can be replaced. Although enough healthy replicas exist, too much data has been lost to recover the data in the file system. 

D. Replace c2t0d0 first, when it is ONLINE and data has been copied from c1t0d0, replace disk c3t0d0. Wait for the pool to come back ONLINE. 


Q135. You have been assigned a task to create in new profile file for the jumpstart server. Which profile keyword packages that will be installed on the client? 

A. install_type 

B. cluster 

C. system_type 

D. partitioning 


Q136. You are extending the NIS support in your network to include a new NIS map to support automount direct maps. As part of this process, you modify the NIS Makefile to include the following line: 

What does this line signify? 

A. The NIS map is indexed using the time at which resources are mounted by a client. 

B. If the file does NOT exist, it should be created using the file as a template. 

C. Client use of the NIS map is recorded in the /var/yp/ log file. 

D. The dependency is satisfied when the dependency is satisfied. 


Q137. During the system identification process, which three can be retrieved from a naming service? 

 (Choose three.) 

A. IP address 

B. host name 

C. name server 

D. name service 

E. domain name 

F. network interface 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q138. You are working on a system connected to the network. You attempt to NFS mount a directory: 

# mount host1:/usr/share/man /usr/share/man 

Your system displays the following message: 

nfs mount: host1: : RPC: Program not registered 

nfs mount: retrying: /usr/share/man 

What can you do to solve this problem? 

A. ensure that nfsd is running on the local system 

B. ensure that mountd is running on the NFS server 

C. send a HUP signal to the rpcbind process the local system 

D. use rpcinfo -p to ensure that the mount command is registered with rpcbind 


Q139. Given: 

usermod -R role2 user1 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The user1 user gets assigned role2. 

B. The user1 user loses all previous roles. 

C. If role2 is a plain user, it becomes a role. 

D. If the user1 user is a role, it becomes a plain user. 

E. The user1 user gets all authorizations from role2. 

Answer: A,B 

Q140. You have a system used for application development. The process app-rev23, owned by the epiphylla user and running in the global zone, terminates abnormally. 

Which two effects can the root user configure? (Choose two.) 

A. the process app-rev23 that produces no core file at all 

B. the process app-rev23 that produces a core file, without the string core appearing anywhere within the file name 

C. the process app-rev23 that produces a global core file that is readable by any user in a global /var/corefiles directory 

D. the process app-rev23 that produces a total of three core files, one in the current directory of the process, one in the home directory for epiphylla, and one in a global /var/corefiles directory 

Answer: A,B