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Q121. You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. You need to configure the name service switch to tell the client to use DNS. 

Which two are databases in the name service switch for which the dns keyword is valid? (Choose two.) 

A. hosts 

B. ipnodes C. services D. netmasks E. networks 

Answer: A,B 

Q122. You run an IT department and are responsible for purchasing hardware. Certain data that you have housed in a series of traditional disk slices are critical and must not be lost due to disk failure. The amount of data is large (720 gigabytes) and is read and written to frequently. The performance for both read and write operations needs improvement. You have plenty of money in your budget. 

Which two approaches will meet your business needs? (Choose two.) 

A. secure the data using RAID 0 

B. secure the data using RAID 1 

C. secure the data using RAID 5 

D. secure the data using RAID 0+1 

E. secure the data using RAID 1+0 

Answer: D,E 

Q123. Assuming the directory /swapdir exists, what is the result of executing the following command? 

# mkfile 100m /swapdir/file1 

A. A 100 megabyte swap file named /swapdir/file1 is created. 

B. A 100 megabyte swap file named /swapdir/file1 is added to the existing swap space. 

C. The size of the existing swap partition is increased by 100 megabyte using a file named /swapdir/file1. 

D. This command fails, because swap space can be created only during the initial installation of the operating system. 


Q124. The director of IT operations wants all important messages and all security related syslog events forwarded to a central system. The IT staff decides that this means that they need to forward all the auth messages and all other messages above the notice level, excluding the user messages to the bigbrother system. 

Which line needs to be added to the /etc/syslog.conf file? 

A. auth.*;*.notice;user.crit @bigbrother 

B. auth.debug;*.notice;user.none @bigbrother 

C. auth.debug;*.warning;user.none @bigbrother 

D. *.emerg;*.alert;*.crit;*.warning;auth.* @bigbrother 


Q125. Which two statements describe paging and swapping on a Solaris 10 OS? (Choose two.) 

A. Adding additional swap will cause more paging to occur and should be avoided. 

B. Both paging and swapping allow for a system to run multiple processes whose total memory requirement exceeds physical RAM. 

C. Swapping occurs frequently on a system with sufficient physical memory for processes running. 

D. Swapping involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space. 

E. Paging involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space. 

Answer: B,D 

Q126. An LDAP client is NOT returning the expected information, but it is authenticating with the server. The configuration file might be corrupt. Which file contains this configuration information? 

A. /var/ldap/ldap_auth_file B. /var/ldap/ldap_client_file C. /var/ldap/ldap_config_file D. /var/ldap/ldap_profile_file 


Q127. To configure a system as a DNS client during system installation, which three items, will be requested? (Choose three). 

A. domain name for this client 

B. IP address of the primary DNS server 

C. node name for the primary DNS server 

D. user name to use for node name queries 

E. domains in which to search for node names 

F. password to access the primary DNS server 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q128. You edit the /etc/dfs/dfstab file and add two new lines on a system that is already functioning as an NFS server. Which command causes these two new resources to be made available? 

A. share 

B. mount -a 

C. mountall 

D. shareall 

E. showmount -a 


Q129. You try to mount an NFS file system, /datadir, on host fusion from the remote NFS server gravity using the NFSv4 protocol. The following message appears: 

# mount -F nfs gravity:/datadir /datadir 

nfs mount: gravity:/datadir: No such file or directory 

What can cause the error? 

A. The directory is spelled incorrectly in /etc/vfstab. 

B. The directory /datadir does NOT exist on the NFS client fusion. 

C. The NFS share /datadir does NOT exist on NFS server gravity. 

D. The host fusion is NOT allowed to access /datadir on NFS server gravity. 

E. The permissions on the directory /datadir on NFS server gravity are too restrictive. 


Q130. At your company, the NIS hosts map is pushed (updated) once every night. The /etc/nscd.conf file contains the lines: 

# # Copyright (c) 1994-2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. # #ident "@(#)nscd.conf 1.6 01/01/26 SMI" # debug-level 0 positive-time-to-live passwd 600 negative-time-to-live passwd 5 suggested-size passwd 211 keep-hot-count passwd 20 old-data-ok passwd no check-files passwd yes positive-time-to-live hosts 3600 negative-time-to-live hosts 5 suggested-size hosts 211 keep-hot-count hosts 20 old-data-ok hosts no check-files hosts yes Based on this information, which change to the /etc/nscd.conf file will increase performance of the 

Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd)? 

A. increase the debug-level 

B. decrease the keep-hot-count for the hosts cache 

C. increase positive-time-to-live for the hosts cache 

D. decrease negative-time-to-live for the hosts cache 

E. decrease positive-time-to-live for the hosts cache