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Q221. There is a new LAN being planned and the project coordinator asks which name services are available on Solaris 10 OS. Which five name services options are available on Solaris 10 OS? (Choose five.) 

A. None 


C. NIS+ 


Answer: A,C,E,F,H 

Q222. You need to register your x86-based system on a JumpStart server. Which option specifies that this x86 system is a DHCP client? 

A. -d 

B. -e 

C. -c 

D. -p 

Answer: A 

Q223. You are installing a software application onto your server. The software installation notes specify that the Solaris 10 OS must have patch 104945-02 applied.  You have downloaded the patch into your /home directory and the ls command lists it as follows:  104945-02.zip You are ready to install the patches. Which answer describes the correct procedure for installing the patch? 

A. cp the patch to /var/tmp cd /var/tmp patchadd -p 104945-02 

B. /usr/bin/unzip ~/104945-02.zip patchadd 104945-02.zip 

C. /usr/bin/unzip ~/104945-02.zip cp the patch to /var/tmp cd /var/tmp;patchadd 104945-02 

D. cp the patch to /var/tmp; cd /var/tmp /usr/bin/unzip 104945-02.zippatchadd 104945-02 

Answer: D 

Q224. What are two beneficial features of soft partitions? (Choose two.) 

A. They allow a single large volume to be subdivided into more than eight segments. 

B. They improve throughput by scattering access across multiple physical volumes. 

C. They allow multiple physical volumes to be combined into a single logical volume. 

D. They allow the file system to grow as the underlying volume size increases without moving or destroying the data already stored on it. 

E. They allow a file system to grow beyond the limits of the underlying physical volume. 

F. They provide a more reliable method for storing data and improving availability. 

Answer: A,D 

Q225. A Solaris zone can be configured with a sparse root zone. Which answer describes characteristics of the sparse root zone? 

A. Uses a read-only loopback file system from the global zone. 

B. A minimum installation of the root file system. Much like the root file system available when booting from DVD. 

C. All Solaris packages get copied to the non-global zones file system. 

D. All of the root file system is shared with the global zone, no files are copied into the zoneti private file system. 

Answer: A 

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Q226. A recent system security review requires that in addition to the default logging of users using the su command, all su attempts must be logged to the console. 

Which file must be edited to achieve this? 

A. /etc/default/console 

B. /etc/default/sulog 

C. /etc/default/login 

D. /etc/default/su 

Answer: D 

Q227. You are logged on as the root user and issue the command: 

# snoop -v -i filename 

What two statements about the effect of the output of this command are true? (Choose two.) 

A. snoop displays packets from filename instead of the network 

B. snoop displays one line for each packet. 

C. snoop displays multiple lines for each packet. 

D. snoop verifies each packet. 

E. snoop is launched in interactive mode. 

Answer: A,C 

Q228. Suns patch access policy requires a service plan for obtaining all OS patches. Which types of patches are available for those users that do not have an active Sun service plan? (Choose three.) 

A. Security updates 

B. Data integrity updates 

C. Kernel update patches 

D. Hardware driver updates 

E. Recommended patch cluster 

F. All patches as long as they are obtained using one of Suns patch management tools. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q229. In order to PXE boot a system, many of the following macros must be defined in DHCP. 

SrootIP4 SrootNM SrootPTH SinstIP4 SinstNM SinstPTH SrootOpt SbootFIL SbootRS SsysidCF SjumpsCF Substituting <macro> 

With the name of a macro from above, and <definition> with the appropriate configuration string, which command must be used to define each macro? 

A. dhcp -A -s <macro> -d <definition> 

B. dhtadm -A -s <macro> -d <definition> C. dhcpmgr -A -s <macro> -d <definition> D. dhcpadm -A -s <macro> -d <definition> 

Answer: B 

Q230. A SPARC-based system, but you are not sure of the physical path information. Which OBP command shows you this information? 

A. show-devs 

B. probe-all 

C. probe-scsi-all 

D. printenv 

E. prtdiag -v 

Answer: A