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2021 Jun 1Z0-879 free practice questions

Q11. You want to set a system's default destination printer, so you run the command: 

# lpadmin -d printerE 

What file stores this information? 

A. /etc/default/printers.conf 

B. /var/sadm/printers 

C. /etc/default/printerE 

D. /etc/printers.conf 

Answer: D 

Q12. Given: 

# svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/multi-user:default 

Which two services do NOT start automatically? (Choose two.) 

A. the /etc/rc2_d/S99dtlogin service 

B. the /etc/rc2_d/S10lu service 

C. the /etc/rc3_d/S84appserv service 

D. the /etc/rc2_d/S90wbem service 

E. the /etc/rc3_d/S90samba service 

Answer: C,E 

Q13. Which three describe the purpose of the name service switch file? (Choose three.) 

A. It determines which file systems will be used for operating system configuration data. 

B. If multiple networks are connected to the system, this file determines which one will be used to locate other resources on the network. 

C. It contains information necessary for locating user authorizations and profiles. 

D. It determines which data sources will be used to resolve the names of other nodes on the network. 

E. It contains the names of all the users who can use this system over the network. 

F. It contains information used to determine how names and passwords for users will be resolved at login. 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q14. The rules.ok file on your JumpStart server contains the following line: 

hostname client1 backup_root client_config set_root_passwd 

Which statement is true about the function of this line? 

A. The client runs the backup_root script prior to installing software. 

B. The client runs the client_config script while installing software. 

C. The client configures itself using either the backup_root, client_config, or set_root_passwd profiles. 

D. The client runs the backup_root, client_config, and set_root_passwd scripts after installing software. 

E. The client runs the backup_root, client_config, and set_root_passwd scripts prior to installing software. 

Answer: A 

Q15. You are informed that an unprivileged user has executed commands as the superuser. You decide to look at the log file for the su(1) command. The contents in the log file are: 

SU 12/07 11:50 + pts/6 gv1123-root 

SU 12/07 11:54 - pts/5 fb12-root 

SU 12/07 11:54 + pts/3 gv1123-root 

SU 12/07 12:03 + pts/1 jjj-gv1123 Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. User fb12 is suspected of having executed the commands. 

B. User gv1123 is suspected of having executed the commands. 

C. The commands might have been executed on pts/3. 

D. The commands might have been executed on pts/1. 

E. User jjj is not a suspect. 

Answer: B,C 

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Q16. Given the contents of /etc/dumpdates: 

/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 0 Fri Jan 21 15:35:31 2005 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 2 Sat Jan 22 15:35:31 2005 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 3 Sun Jan 23 15:35:31 2005 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 4 Mon Jan 24 15:35:31 2005 

Overnight, the file system on /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s7 becomes corrupt. 

In which order should you restore the backup? 

A. 4, 3, 2, 0 

B. 0, 2, 3, 4 

C. 4, 2, 3, 0 

D. 0, 4, 3, 2 

Answer: B 

Q17. Click the Exhibit button. 

Overnight, the root file system filled up to 100%.  The exhibit displays the state of the server before the root file system filled up. Which three directories should be checked for the files that caused the root file system to fill up so quickly? 

A. /dev 

B. /etc 

C. /usr 

D. /opt 

E. /system 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q18. Given the following on a default Solaris OS installation: 

$ id 

uid=1001(test1) gid=1(other) 

$ echo $SHELL 


$ su - root -c "mozilla" 

Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.10 s10_74 December 2004 

Welcome to solaris10 on lynx 

-sh: mozilla: not found 

Which three statements are true (Choose three). 

A. The test1 user has no permission to execute mozilla. 

B. The mozilla application is not installed on the system. 

C. The root user has no password. 

D. The root user has no permission to execute mozilla. 

E. The environment variable SUPATH has not been set. 

F. The environment variable PATH for the root user has no directory with mozilla. 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q19. You are installing a SPARC system using a custom jumpstart installation. You want to automate the installation as much as possible and would like to avoid answering questions normally presented during the system identification phase of the installation. You choose to perform a Custom JumpStart installation. 

Which answers describe system identification information that can be obtained from the identification service provided by the boot-server? (Choose three.) 

A. Hostname 

B. Domain name 

C. Root password 

D. Software group selection 

E. Disk partitioning and file system specifications 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q20. You are asked to perform a Solaris OS installation on a workstation. One requirement is that if the root file system becomes corrupted, the recovery of the root slice must take the minimum amount of time. 

Which layout will take the least time to recover the root slice (/)? 

A. / 71.5 gigabyte swap512 megabyte 

B. /20 gigabyte swap1024 megabyte /usr10 gigabyte /export/home41 gigabyte 

C. /10 gigabyte swap1024 megabyte /var10 gigabyte /usr30 gigabyte /export/home21 gigabyte 

D. /40 gigabyte swap1024 gigabyte /usr10 gigabyte 

Answer: C