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2021 Jul 1Z0-879 practice test

Q101. The /prod/inv file system needs to be unmounted so you can take it offline for maintenance. When you try and unmount it, you receive the following error message: 

umount: /prod/inv busy 

One or more users are still using it. 

Which command should you use to discover who is using the file system? 

A. who -q 

B. fuser -cu /prod/inv 

C. who /prod/inv 

D. fuser -ck /prod/inv 

Answer: B 

Q102. A review of system security dictates that root logins are to be completely disabled. 

In the file that contains the entry that controls root logins, to what must you set the line beginning CONSOLE= for root logins to be disabled? 

A. CONSOLE=/dev/ttya 


C. CONSOLE=/dev/pts/1 

D. CONSOLE=/dev/console 

Answer: B 

Q103. A user from the Stores department reports that the system has become extremely slow. You log in to the system and determine that a process, chewsystem, is using the CPU. 


# ps -ef | grep chewsystem 

root 1733 1 0 16:17:17 ? 0:00 /bin/ksh ./chewsystem 

Which two commands can you use to stop the process? (Choose two.) 

A. pkill 1 

B. pkill -KILL chewsystem 

C. kill -KILL chewsystem 

D. pkill %1733 

E. kill -KILL 1733 

Answer: B,E 

Q104. Given the command and output: 

# profiles —1 testroie 

Audit Control: 

/etc/init.d/audit euid=0, egid=3 /e t c/securi ty/bsmconv uid= 0 /e t c/secur i t y/bsmunconv u i d = 0 /usr/sbin/audi t euid= 0 /usr/sbin/audi tconfig euid= 0 /usr/sbin/auditd uid=0 


And given the fact that testrole executes commands with a profile shell, with what effective UID and real UID will the /usr/sbin/auditd program be started? 

A. effective UID 0 and real UID 0 

B. effective and real UID of testrole 

C. effective UID of testrole and real UID 0 

D. effective UID 0 and real UID of testrole 

Answer: A 

Q105. You want to implement ZFS on your server, but before attempting to use the ZFS software, you must first verify that your server meets the minimum requirements.  Which answers describe the hardware and software requirements that your server must meet before ZFS can be implemented? (Choose three) 

A. The minimum disk size is 128 Mbytes. 

B. A storage pool requires a minimum of 64 Mbytes. 

C. 1GB of RAM is recommended. 

D. The minimum disk size is 1GB. 

E. A storage pool requires a minimum of 128 Mbytes. 

Answer: A,B,C

Up to the minute 1Z0-879 free question:

Q106. The following command is issued on your Solaris system: 

zpool create datapool mirror c1t1d0 c2t1d0 mirror c3t1d0 c4t1d0 

Which answer describes the type of device that has just been created? (Choose two) 

A. Mirrored ZFS file system 

B. RAID-Z storage pool 

C. A ZFS storage pool 

D. A mirrored ZFS storage pool 

Answer: A,D 

Q107. You are creating file systems on an x86-based server that has two IDE disks connected to the primary IDE controller. The master IDE disk is the boot drive, the secondary disk is a 36GB disk drive and contains no data. The secondary drive has one fdisk partition and on that partition, you have created two slices- 0 and 1.  You now need to create a file system on slice 1 of the secondary disk. Which device should you select when creating the file system? 

A. c0d0s1 

B. c0d1s1 

C. c1d0s1 

D. c1t1d0s1 

E. c0t0d0s1 

Answer: B 

Q108. A user contacts the help desk to report that a script run by the user's department is reporting an error. The script checks for who is logged in. Your first action is to make sure that the file that the who command reads for its output, is present. 

Which file does the who command read to obtain its output? 

A. /var/adm/users 

B. /var/adm/utmpx 

C. /var/adm/utmp 

D. /var/adm/wtmpx 

Answer: B 

Q109. You tried connecting to your server using telnet. You tried connecting to your server using telnet, however, you cannot get a login prompt. From the system console, you display the following information about the telnet service: 

Which answer describes what you can do to get the telnet service working again? 

A. Enable telnetd in the /etc/inetd.conf file. 

B. inetadm enable svc:/network/telnet:default 

C. inetadm -a svc:/network/inetd:default 

D. inetadm -a telnet 

Answer: D 

Q110. System A has a file system that is being shared as follows: 

-/data/dbase rw "" 

System B mounts that file system so that users on systemB can use /data as a working directory for adding, changing, and removing files in the /data/dbase file system located on systemA. 

Which answers describe the correct method of mounting the remote file system? 

A. mount -F nfs -o hard,intr systemA:/data/dbase /data 

B. mount -F nfs -o soft,intr,bg systemA:/data/dbase /data 

C. mount -F nfs -o hard,nointr,bg systemA:/data/dbase /data 

D. mount -F nfs -o soft,intr,bg,largefiles,logging,rw systemA:/data/dbase /data 

Answer: C