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Q31. Consider the events_% tables in performance Schema. 

Which two methods will clear or reset the collected events in the tables? 

A. Using DELETE statements, for example, DELETE FROM performance_schema.events_watis_current; 

B. Using the statement RESET PERFORMANCE CACHE; 

C. Using the statement FLUSH PERFORMANCE CACHE; 

D. Using TRUNCATE statements, for example, TRUNATE TABLE performance_schema.events_waits_current; 

E. Disabling and re-enabling all instruments 

F. Restarting Mysql 

Answer: D,E 

Reference: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/performance-schema-timing.html 

Q32. Which two statements are true about setting the per-thread buffers higher than required? 

A. More memory per thread is beneficial in all scenarios. 

B. It causes increased overhead due to initial memory allocation. 

C. It can affect system stability during peak load times, due to swapping. 

D. It requires increasing the thread_cache_size variable. 

Answer: C,D 

Q33. You execute the following statement in a Microsoft Windows environment. There are no conflicts in the path name definitions. 

C: \> mysqld – install Mysql56 – defaults – file = C : \my –opts.cnf 

What is the expected outcome? 

A. Mysqld acts as an MSI installer and installs the Mysql 5.6 version, with the c: \my-opts.cnf configuration file. 

B. Mysql is installed as the Windows service name Mysql56, and uses c: \my-opts.cnf as the configuration file 

C. An error message is issued because – install is not a valid option for mysqld. 

D. A running Mysql 5.6 installation has its runtime configuration updated with the server variables set in c: \my-opts.cnf. 


Q34. Your developers have created table to store some of their program’s data. After examining the slow Query Log, you see that they are using the LIKE operator and SUBSTER () functions against a VARCHAR (10000) column quite often. 

An example of the start of one row of data: 


What should you do to improve the overall performance? 

A. Convert the column to TEXT and add a fulltext index to the table. 

B. Create multiple prefix indexes of differing lengths. 

C. Convert their column to BINARY. 

D. Redesign the table so that the most commonly searched for string patterns are in their own columns. 


Q35. You want a record of all queries that are not using indexes. 

How would you achieve this? 

A. By enabling the Slow Query Log because all queries that are not using indexes will be logged automatically 

B. By enabling the Error Log because not using indexes is an error 

C. By enabling the Slow Query Log and using the – log-queries-not-using-indexes option 

D. By enabling the Error Log and using the – log-queries-not-using-indexes option 


Reference: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/slow-query-log.html 

Q36. Consider the Mysql Enterprise Audit plugin. 

The following event detail is found in the audit log: 











Which two points can be concluded from the given event? 

A. A connection was blocked by a firewall or a similar security mechanism. 

B. A connection was attempted via socket rather than TCP. 

C. A connection failed because the proxy user privileges did not match the login user. 

D. A connection as the user kate was successful. 

E. A connection failed due to authentication being unsuccessful. 


Q37. User A issues the command: 


Which command can User B execute against the pets table? 

A. UPDATE pets… 





Q38. Which statement is true about using Microsoft Windows Cluster as a platform for Mysql? 

A. It is provided by means of IP- level disk replication. 

B. It is shared-nothing architecture. 

C. It implements High Availability by using the .NET Connector’s load balancing capabilities. 

D. It relies on the shared disk architecture being visible to both servers. 


Q39. While reviewing the MySQL error log, you see occasions where MySQL has exceeded the number of file handles allowed to it by the operating system. 

Which method will reduce the number of file handles in use? 

A. Disconnecting idle localhost client sessions 

B. Implementing storage engine data compression options 

C. Relocating your data and log files to separate storage devices 

D. Activating the MySQL Enterprise thread pool plugin 


Q40. Following a server crash, the automatic recovery of InnoDB fails. 

How would you begin to manually repair the InnoDB tables? 

A. Start the server with the – innodb_force_recovery option set to a non-zero value. 

B. Start the server as usual, and then execute the REPAIR TABLE command. 

C. Start the server as usual, and then execute the CHECK TABLE command. 

D. Start the server with the – innodb_recover_options option set to FORCE.