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Q81. View the Exhibit and examine the details of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION table. 

You have the requirement to display PRODUCT_NAME and LIST_PRICE from the table where the CATEGORYJD column has values 12 or 13, and the SUPPLIER_ID column has the value 102088. You executed the following SQL statement: 

SELECT product_name, list_price 

FROM product_information 

WHERE (category_id = 12 AND category_id = 13) AND supplier_id = 102088; 

Which statement is true regarding the execution of the query? 

A. Itwould executebut theoutput would return no rows. 

B. It would execute and the outputwould displaythedesired result. 

C. It wouldnotexecute because the entireWHEREclause conditionisnot enclosedwithinthe parentheses. 

D. Itwould not execute becausethesame column has been used in both sidesoftheANDlogical operatortoform the condition. 

Answer: A

Q82. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDERS table. The columns ORDER_MODE and ORDER_TOTAL have the default values 'direct' and 0 respectively. 

Which two INSERT statements are valid? (Choose two.) 

A. INSERT INTO orders 

VALUES (1, O9-mar-2007', 'online',",1000); 

B. INSERT INTO orders 

(order_id ,order_date ,order_mode, 

customer_id ,order_total) 

VALUES(1 ,TO_DATE(NULL), 'online', 101, NULL); 


(SELECT order_id ,order_date .customer_id 

FROM orders) 

VALUES (1,O9-mar-2007', 101); 

D. INSERT INTO orders 

VALUES (1,09-mar-2007', DEFAULT, 101, DEFAULT); 

E. INSERT INTO orders 

(order_id,order_date ,order_mode .order_total) 

VALUES (1 ,'10-mar-2007','online',1000); 

Answer: CD

Q83. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the CUSTOMERS table. 

CUSTOMER_VU is a view based on CUSTOMERS_BR1 table which has the same structure as CUSTOMERS table. CUSTOMERS needs to be updated to reflect the latest information about the customers. 

What is the error in the following MERGE statement? 

MERGE INTO customers c 

USING customer_vu cv 

ON (c.customer_id = cv.customer_id) 



c.customer_id = cv.customer_id, 

c.cust_name = cv.cust_name, 

c.cust_email = cv.cust_email, 

c.income_level = cv. Income_level 



WHERE cv. Income_level >100000; 

A. The CUSTOMERJD column cannot be updated. 

B. The INTO clause is misplaced in the command. 

C. The WHERE clause cannot be used with INSERT. 

D. CUSTOMER VU cannot be used as a data source 

Answer: A

Q84. Evaluate the following CREATE TABLE command: 

CREATE TABLE order_item (order_id NUMBER(3), 

Item_id NUMBER(2), 

qty NUMBER(4), 

CONSTRAINT ord_itm_id_pk 

PRIMARY KEY (order_id jtem_id) 


(CREATE INDEX ord_itm_idx 

ON order_item(order_id item_id))); 

Which statement is true regarding the above SOL statement? 

A. Itwould execute successfullyandonly ORD_ITM_IDX index would be created. 

B. It would give an error because the USING INDEX clause cannot be used onacomposite primarykey. 

C. It wouldexecutesuccessfully and two indexes ORD_ITM_IDXand ORD_ITM_ID_PKwould becreated. 

D. Itwould give an error becausetheUSING INDEX clause isnotpermitted in the CREATETABLEcommand. 

Answer: A

Q85. View the Exhibit and examine the data in the DEPARTMENTS tables. 

Evaluate the following SQL statement: 

SELECT department_id "DEPT_ID", department_name , 'b' FROM departments WHERE department_id=90 UNION SELECT department_id, department_name DEPT_NAME, 'a' FROM departments WHERE department_id=10 

Which two ORDER BY clauses can be used to sort the output of the above statement? (Choose two.) 


B. ORDER BY 'b' 



Answer: AC

Q86. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables. 

ORDER_ID is the primary key in the ORDERS table. It is also the foreign key in the ORDER_ITEMS table wherein it is created with the ON DELETE CASCADE option. 

Which DELETE statement would execute successfully? 

A. DELETEorder_idFROMorders WHEREorder_total< 1000; 

B. DELETEordersWHERE order_total < 1000; 

C. DELETE FROM orders WHERE (SELECTorder_id FROM order_items); 

D. DELETE orders o, order_itemsi WHEREo.order id = i.order id; 

Answer: B

Q87. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the EMPLOYEES table. 

Evaluate the following SQL statement: 

SELECT employee_id, last_name, job_id, manager_id 

FROM employees 

START WITH employee_id = 101 

CONNECT BY PRIOR employee_id=manager_id; 

Which statement is true regarding the output for this command? 

A. It would return a hierarchical output starting with the employee whose EMPLOYEE_ID is 101, followed by his or her peers. 

B. It would return a hierarchical output starting with the employee whose EMPLOYEE_ID is 101, followed by the employee to whom he or she reports. 

C. Itwouldreturn a hierarchical outputstarting withthe employeewhose EMPLOYEE_IDis101, followed by employeesbelowhim orherin thehierarchy. 

D. It would return a hierarchical output starting with the employee whose EMPLOYEE_ID is101, followed by employees up to one level below him or her in the hierarchy. 

Answer: C

Q88. Evaluate the following statement: 

CREATE TABLE bonuses(employee_id NUMBER, bonus NUMBER DEFAULT 100); 

The details of all employees who have made sales need to be inserted into the BONUSES table. You can obtain the list of employees who have made sales based on the SALES_REP_ID column of the ORDERS table. 

The human resources manager now decides that employees with a salary of $8,000 or less should receive a bonus. Those who have not made sales get a bonus of 1% of their salary. Those who have made sales get a bonus of 1 % of their salary and also a salary increase of 1 %. The salary of each employee can be obtained from the EMPLOYEES table. 

Which option should be used to perform this task most efficiently? 


B. Unconditional INSERT 

C. ConditionalALLINSERT 

D. Conditional FIRST INSERT 

Answer: A

Q89. Which two statements are true regarding roles? (Choose two.) 

A. A role can be granted to itself. 

B. A role can be granted to PUBLIC. 

C. A user can be granted only one role at any point of time. 

D. The REVOKE command can be used to remove privileges but not roles from other users. 

E. Roles are named groups of related privileges that can be granted to users or other roles. 

Answer: B,E

Q90. Given below is the list of meta character syntaxes and their descriptions in random order: Meta character syntax Description 1) ^a) Matches character not in the list 

2) [^...] b) Matches character when it occurs at the beginning of a line 3) | c) Treats the subsequent meta character as a literal 4) \ d) Matches one of the characters such as the OR operator Identify the option that correctly matches the meta character syntaxes with their descriptions. 

A. 1-b,2-a,3-d.4-c 

B. 1-a, 2-b,3-d.4-c 

C. 1-d, 2-b,3-a.4-c 

D. 1-b,2-c,3-d,2-a 

Answer: A