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An employee’s job description is “Recruiter” as of 01-Jan-2015. This job was updated in the system to “Consultant” on 01-Feb-2015. The 01-Feb-2015 assignment record is the latest effective dated employment record in the system. On 01-Mar-2015, the HR specialist wants to view this employee’s previous employment details and searches for them on the Person Management page. The HR specialist enters the effective as-of date value as 31-Jan-2015 with the search keyword “Recruiter” because the employee was workingas a recruiter on 31st Jan 2015. The search returns no rows.
What is causing this?

  • A. The Person Management page search does not support Job attribute keywords.
  • B. The Update Person Search Keyword process has associated the effective dates with thejob attributes in the keyword record resulting in search discrepancies.
  • C. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 31-Jan-2015 but ran successfully the next day.
  • D. The Person Management page search does not support date-effective keywords.
  • E. The Update Person Search Keyword process has updated the latest effective dated job attribute in the keyword record.
  • F. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 01-Mar-2015 but ran successfully the previous day.

Answer: E

You are required to setgeography validation for country-specific address style. You have configured the application correctly, but users are still entering addresses in the wrong address format. What can be done to change this?

  • A. Create a new geography validation.
  • B. Set thegeography validation level to Error instead of No Validation.
  • C. Effective End Date for geography validation is end of time.
  • D. Educate users to use the country-specific address format only.

Answer: B

You are implementing Core HR for a customer. Work timings, standard working hours,organization manager, and cost center information must be captured while setting up the work structure.
Identify the organization type against which you can maintain all these fields.

  • A. Reporting Establishment
  • B. Department
  • C. Business Unit
  • D. Legal Entity
  • E. Enterprise
  • F. Division

Answer: B

A customer has a requirement to add a new Action when hiring Part-Time Employees. What is the correct option?

  • A. Create an additional lookup with the value Hire Part-Time Employee.
  • B. Create an additional Action Hire Part-Time Employee and associate it with the Action type Hire an Employee.
  • C. Create an additional Action type HirePart-Time Employee and do not associate it with any Action type.
  • D. Create an additional Action Reason Hire Part-Time Employee and associate it with the Action type Manage Employee.

Answer: B

As a consultant in your company, you are required to set up names and details of schools, colleges, universities, and so on, so that users can select from this list when entering their qualifications such as degrees.
Identify the correct setup task in Functional Setup Manager > Define Workforce Profiles. There are assignment records of one or more employees associated with this grade

  • A. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Educational Establishments
  • B. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Content Subscribers
  • C. Define Talent Profiles > Manage Profile Types
  • D. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Profile Content Items

Answer: A

During implementation, a two-tier employment model - multiple assignment has beenset up. Now the client wants to store contract information.
Which statement is true about changing the employment model setting after implementation?

  • A. The client change from any two-tier option to another at any point of time, irrespective of the existence of work relationships.
  • B. If employees exists within the enterprise and legal employer the person model setting changed as there are not contract options that support a contract with multiple assignment.
  • C. The client can have both: a two-tier multiple assignment employment model can remain for its existing employees, and a two-tier multiple contracts single assignment can be created to hire new employees with the same legal employer.
  • D. The client cannot move form a two-tier multiple assignment to two-tier single contract and single assignment after implementation.

Answer: C

As an HR Specialist it is your responsibility to hire employees and enter their base salary information. After you selected a grade and salary basis, and entered the base salary, you expected to see the compa-ratio information display - but it does not.
What is the possible cause for the information NOT displaying?

  • A. The grade rate and the salary basis are tied to different frequencies.
  • B. The grade rate was not linked to the salary basis.
  • C. The grade and the salary basis are tied to different legislative data groups.
  • D. The graderate and the salary basis are tied to different legislative data groups.

Answer: D

Which two options are trueabout Oracle Workforce Predictions? (Choose two.)

  • A. It predicts team/individual involuntary termination and performance.
  • B. It predicts team voluntary termination and performance.
  • C. It predicts individual voluntary termination and performance.
  • D. Contingent Worker and Nonworker work relationships are included.

Answer: BC

Which three statements are true about Person Number?

  • A. The Person Number Generation Method cannot be changed once a person has been entered.
  • B. Initial Person Number cannot be provided at enterprise level.
  • C. The Person Number Generation method can be changed any time.
  • D. Initial Person Number can be provided at enterprise level.
  • E. Person Numbers for contacts are generated automatically.

Answer: ADE

When configuring a checklist application task what value must be select to ensure you will only be able to select from a list of employee tasks verses manager tasks?

  • A. Ensure the owner field is set to employee.
  • B. Ensure the eligibility profile linkedto the task contains criteria the include only active employees.
  • C. Ensure the owner and performer are both set to employee.
  • D. Ensure the performer field is set to employee.

Answer: C

Which employment model options are available for newly provisioned HCM Cloud environments?

  • A. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier single contract single assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment
  • B. 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier single assignment
  • C. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts multiple assignment
  • D. 2-tier single assignment, 2-tier single contract single assignment, 2-tier multiple assignment, 2-tier multiple contracts single assignment

Answer: B


Your organization has decided to implement Position Synchronization for a section of workers. At what levels can you configure this feature?

  • A. Enterprise HCM Information, Division, and Department
  • B. Legal Employer, Division, and Business Unit
  • C. Enterprise HCM Information and Legal Employer
  • D. Legal Employer, Division, and Country

Answer: A

The line manager of an employee is also the HR manager for that employee. The Promotion approval rules state that a transaction should be approved by the line manager followed by HR. If this employee receives a promotion, the approval will go to the manager twice. The customer requires that when approvers repeat in the routing chain, only one approval notification should be triggered to such approvers.
What steps in Business Process Management (BPM) Worklist should you perform to meet this requirement?

  • A. Change the Task Aggregation configuration to Once Per Task.
  • B. Change thevalue of Complete task Immediately When Participant Chooses to Approve.
  • C. Select Allow Participants To Edit Future Participants.
  • D. Deselect Allow Participants To Edit Future Participants.
  • E. Select Allow All Participants To Route Task To Other Participants.

Answer: ABC

An employee starts employment with her company in France next month. She was employed by the enterprise in the United States for several years, but resigned two years ago. Identify the correct statement about the person number for the employee.

  • A. The employee has a person record with the enterprise so she will continue with the same person number.
  • B. The employee gets a new person number for her employment in France if the legal employer sequence is used for person number.
  • C. The employee continues with her old person number if global sequence is used for person number.
  • D. The employee’s new person number will be her previous number suffixed by -1.

Answer: A

An employee accesses their Personal Information work area and wants to create his personal payment method. On navigating to the link, the employee sees that the ‘Create’ icon is disabled and is unable to create their personal payment method. The employee raises a service request to troubleshoot this issue.
What are the two options the Analyst supporting the service request should look at for the root cause? (Choose two.)

  • A. The employee does not have a valid payment method.
  • B. The employee does not have a payroll relationship associated.
  • C. ThePayroll Definition does not have a Valid Payment Method assigned.
  • D. The elements are not defined.

Answer: BC

A Human Resource Specialist is hiring a new employee in the application. While creating the employee record, he enters personal information and employment details and, when submitting the transaction, encounters an error.
Part of the error message reads “NewPersonEmploymentApproval to NewPersonEmploymentApprovalRules_NewPersonRuleSet failed with Business Fault: null. Check the underlying fault. Check target SOA component for cause”.
The Human Resource Specialist raises a service request with the internal support team. What is the cause of this error?

  • A. The UpdatePerson Keyword Search process must be run before hiring a person.
  • B. A security profile needs to be defined for the human resource specialist to hire a person.
  • C. The BPM task NewPersonEmploymentApproval is not set up properly.
  • D. The HumanResource Specialist does not have the required privilege for the New Person Employment process.

Answer: C


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