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Identify two correct statements about the way Visual Builder Cloud service (VBCS) and Digital Customer Service (DCS) are related.

  • A. VBCS is a visual development tool for creating applications in DCS.
  • B. DCS is an Offering in Engagement Cloud and VBCS is another Offering in Engagement Cloud.
  • C. DCS is an Offering in Engagement Cloud and VBCS is part of that Offering.
  • D. DCS is a visual development tool for creating applications in VBCS.

Answer: AC

Which three steps are required to set up a standard coverage for the following scenario: High Severity SRs must be worked round-the-clock and resolved in 24 hours (a First Response metric is not required), and the owner should be warned of pending expiration three hours before expiration?

  • A. Create a new standard coverage using the delivered Contracts Service Entitlements Entitlement Type.
  • B. Do not choose any optional criteria columns.
  • C. Choose all optional result columns.
  • D. Create an entitlement rule that specifies:-Condition Column Severity = High-Calendar = 24 by7-Resolution Metric = 1440-Resolution Warning Threshold 180-Appropriate Start and End Dates

Answer: ABD

Your customer has the following requirement: when filtering service requests an agent wants to see by default all those service requests that are “New”, whose channel type is “Web”, and are assigned to them.
Which five activities should be completed by an agent on the SR list page in order to create an appropriate personalized service request search filter?

  • A. In Advanced Search, confirm Record Set = Assigned to Me.
  • B. Change the section identified with Status = New
  • C. In Advanced Search, save and select the “Set as Default” box.
  • D. In Advanced Search, select Action > Update.
  • E. Click the Show Advanced Search icon.
  • F. In Advanced Search, Add Channel Type = Web.

Answer: ABCEF

Milestones are a key component of Service Entitlements. Identify three correct options regarding milestones.

  • A. Milestones are customizable by an administrator to include any number of organization-specific milestone types.
  • B. Milestones are actions on a service request (SR) that must be completed by a specific time.
  • C. Milestones can be one of four default types: ‘First Response’, ‘Second Response’, ‘Final Action’, and ‘Resolution’.
  • D. Milestones can be configured to start, pause, or complete based on a complex expression with AND, OR, and parentheses.
  • E. Milestones are commitments to handle SRs within certain timelines.

Answer: ACD

Your customer has noticed that emails are being retrieved every day only at 3:00 PM. This behavior began
three days ago and no configuration changes were made during that time. What is the cause of this new behavior?

  • A. a configured job to process inbound emails
  • B. an inbound message filter per time schedule
  • C. a configured profile option to schedule the retrieval of emails
  • D. an inbound message filter per sender

Answer: B

You are creating or editing a SmartText entry. Which four options can you insert into the entry?

  • A. URLs
  • B. Tables
  • C. Images
  • D. Variables
  • E. Text
  • F. Other SmartText entries

Answer: BDEF

Which four actions does the REST API for Service Requests (SRs) allow?

  • A. Update SR milestone
  • B. Create SR
  • C. Update SR assignee
  • D. Delete SR by SR number
  • E. Delete SR by SR title

Answer: ABCD

If you did not use the Reference Implementation template for your Digital Customer Service (DCS) application, you will .

  • A. not be able to preview your application before you publish it
  • B. have to contact Oracle Support for the permission to deploy your custom DCS application
  • C. be required to map roles so that the Visual Builder Cloud Service role matches the Engagement Cloud role
  • D. be required to create all of your own components for the display of Engagement Cloud objects

Answer: D

Given the entitlement rules below, if a high-severity service request (SR) is created on Thursday at 2 PM, which two options are true?
1z0-1064 dumps exhibit Condition Column Severity = High
1z0-1064 dumps exhibitResolution Metric = 2880
1z0-1064 dumps exhibitFirst Response Metric = 360
1z0-1064 dumps exhibit First Response Warning Threshold

  • A. Resolution is due on Saturday, 2 PM EST.
  • B. If no action is taken on the SR, First Response warning will occur on Friday, 9 AM EST.
  • C. First Response is due on Friday, 12 noon EST.
  • D. If the SR is not resolved, Resolution warning will occur on Monday, 12 noon EST.

Answer: BC

Identify two correct options about Application Composer, as the primary web-based tool within Engagement Cloud used to modify standard and custom objects.

  • A. It allows edits to dashboard pages.
  • B. It requires the use of a sandbox to modify the fields associated with standard and custom objects.
  • C. It requires proper permissions to use the tools and additional permissions to edit the desired object.
  • D. In includes a preview option for all standard and custom object pages.

Answer: B

You want to configure the workflow for the standard Service Request (SR) object. Which four actions can you do?

  • A. You can modify the workflow to update field values within the SR object.
  • B. You can generate tasks for the SR object from the workflow.
  • C. You must make the changes using the Page Composer tool.
  • D. You will be required to code any new workflow actions in Groovy.
  • E. You can send an e-mail notification to specified recipients.
  • F. You can define the workflow to run when certain fields of the SR object are changed.

Answer: ABEF

Your Engagement Cloud site has had the knowledge function enabled. Your internal users want to author articles. Unfortunately, they cannot find the option to create new articles.
What option could cause this problem?

  • A. The User Group selected for authoring articles has been set to ‘External”.
  • B. The Base Locale for the articles has not been enabled in the correct language.
  • C. Users have not been given the “Knowledge Analyst” role.
  • D. The “Show article snippet in search and recommend” option has not been selected in the task “Manage Administrator Profile Values”.

Answer: C

Which two options are true about reporting on milestones?

  • A. Administrator-defined milestone data is not included in Analytics.
  • B. No standard reports on milestones are provided.
  • C. Milestone reporting is performed via the CRM Service Request Real-Time subject area.
  • D. An as-delivered SLA Infolet shows near-overdue and overdue milestones.

Answer: AD

To create a new Survey object, you create a sandbox and set it as active.
Which two statements are correct while creating your Survey object in Application Composer?

  • A. Multiple users cannot use your sandbox at the same time.
  • B. You can set a second sandbox as Active at the same time in order to begin working on another new object.
  • C. Your changes won’t be available to any other sandbox or to any application in the mainline application layer until you have published your sandbox.
  • D. Your changes are isolated and do not impact other users’ configuration environments or the production environment.

Answer: CD

You need to extract all service Request (SR) data from your Engagement Cloud site from the last 12 months. Identify two valid approaches to get this large volume of data.

  • A. You can schedule a single export as an ESS job (also known as a “scheduled process”) for all 12 months of SR data.
  • B. You can download large volumes of SR data from the Analytics interface.
  • C. You must retrieve large volumes of data through a REST API endpoint.
  • D. You can schedule incremental exports as ESS jobs (also known as a “scheduled process”) on a periodic basis, such as weekly or monthly.

Answer: AB

Select three correct limits and restrictions when importing data from a file.

  • A. Both create and update operations are available for imported records.
  • B. By default, the import starts immediately after it is activated.
  • C. Groovy Scripts and object workflows that have been configured for the object being imported are always executed.
  • D. The maximum number of records in each CSV file should not exceed the maximum limit of 10,000,000 records.
  • E. If the values in the imported CSV file contain a new line character, then they must be enclosed within quotation marks.

Answer: ABC

Which two options are true about role synchronization for Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. is required for every DCS instance
  • B. also synchronizes userIDs and passwords between DCS and Engagement Cloud
  • C. enables DCS user authentication through an identity management service (such as Engagement Cloud identity management)
  • D. is real time

Answer: AD

Which three steps are required to configure the system to send an email notification when a milestone has reached warning status?

  • A. Add an extension column to the milestone object to hold the warning threshold value.
  • B. Configure an analytics report showing milestones in warning status.
  • C. Specify the warning threshold for the milestone in the standard coverages.
  • D. Create standard text to be posted to the message thread.
  • E. Configure the email template to be used for notification.
  • F. Configure an object workflow action to send the email when the milestone status changes to warning.

Answer: BCE

You have enabled email acknowledgement and have created a corresponding template. The acknowledgement e-mail is sent, but there is some standard text appended to the email that is not part of the template:
Standard text appended:
“Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. The reference number for your service request is: SR0000003006. (SVC-5295081)
Thank you for your patience. If you would like to communicate further about the service request, you can reply to this email and send it to the email address: nnn-test.fa.extservice.incoming.2@oracle.com. {#
#SR0000003056# #}”
Which statement is true?

  • A. You can completely eliminate the standard text appended by editing the message: SVC_EMAIL_ACK_FOR_KNOWN_CUST.
  • B. You have to edit the e-mail template and add HTML code to customize the standard text section.
  • C. You can eliminate part of the standard message, but cannot remove the User Details section, by editing the message: SVC_EMAIL_ACK_FOR_KNOWN_CUST.
  • D. You cannot completely remove the appended message text but you can edit the appended text by editing the message: SVC_EMAIL_ACK_FOR_KNOWN_CUST.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding the Audit History tab of a Service Request?

  • A. It is enabled by default.
  • B. It is available only to authorized administrators.
  • C. It is searchable by date range, username, event type, event severity, and event duration.
  • D. It is exportable to Excel.
  • E. It allows users to save searches for later reuse.

Answer: AE

Which three statements are true?

  • A. Oracle Engagement Cloud shares a common data model with Oracle Sales Cloud and other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • B. Oracle Engagement Cloud shares a common customization toolset including Sandboxes, Application Composer, Page Composer and Groovy scripting, with Oracle Sales Cloud and other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • C. Like other Oracle Cloud Applications, Engagement Cloud provides REST APIs to integrate with other services.
  • D. Like other Oracle Cloud Applications, Engagement Cloud provides SOAP APIs to integrate with other services.

Answer: ACD

Which two statements are true about system-to-system authentication between Digital Customer Service (DCS) and Oracle Engagement Cloud?

  • A. It does not require matching passwords between Engagement Cloud and DCS.
  • B. It is configured exclusively via the Engagement Cloud Security Console.
  • C. It enables anonymous users to search the DCS knowledge base.
  • D. It must be configured by a user signed in to the Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service with a valid developer or administrator account.

Answer: BC

Your customer noticed that all incoming messages containing MIME attachments that are either text or HTML are not being received.
What is the problem?

  • A. An administrator needs to set the profile option SVC_EMAIL_PROCESS_UNKNOWN_CUST to Y and schedule the process.
  • B. The configured frequency to retrieve emails is too long.
  • C. Incoming messages have a custom filter.
  • D. Incorrect configuration of the inbound profile option: SVC_INBOUND_EMAIL_MAX_ATTACH_SIZE.

Answer: C

You have been asked to manage the availability of Knowledge articles. The requirement is that agents, internal users, and external users should all have a way of accessing the articles.
Which three options achieve your customer’s requirement?

  • A. Make them available to external users by giving them access to the internal “My Knowledge” page.
  • B. Make them available externally to customers via My Digital Customer Service (DCS).
  • C. Make them available to employees and agents via My Knowledge.
  • D. Make them available internally to agents as part of the Service Request Knowledge Panel.
  • E. Make them available for users with the “Knowledge Analyst” and “Knowledge Manager” roles only.

Answer: BCE

You created two assignment rules for service requests using the Use Score option. For some service requests both rules return a result with the same total points.
What will be the expected result in the assignment of a queue for these service requests?

  • A. An error will occur; no queue is assigned to the service request.
  • B. The queue defined in the first evaluated rule is always assigned to the service request.
  • C. The queue defined by default is the one assigned to the service request.
  • D. The service request assignment will be unpredictable.

Answer: B


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