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2021 Jun 1z0-141 test preparation

Q11. The Orders table in the database contains several thousand records. There is a block in the Orders form that is based on the ORDERS table and displays one record. The block is ordered by the Order_Date in descending order, because order entry clerks usually must access only the most recent orders.

Which one of the following combinations of property settings for the Orders block will provide the fastest response time before a record appears in the block upon executing a query?

A. Query Array Size: 0

Number of Records Buffered: 1000

Query All Records: No

B. Query Array Size: 0

Number of Records Buffered: 0

Query All Records: Yes

C. Query Array Size: 1000

Number of Records Buffered: 0

Query All Records: Yes

D. Query Array Size: 1000

Number of Records Buffered: 0

Query All Records: No

E. Query Array Size: 0

Number of Records Buffered: 1000

Query All Records: Yes

Answer: A

Q12. The database EMPLOYEES table has a foreign key constraint referencing the DEPARTMENTS table.

You are developing a Human Resources application. HR clerks use the Employees form to query, update, and insert employee records. They occasionally attempt to add an employee who is in a new department that has not yet been entered into the database. When this happens, they receive an error indicating that the parent record cannot be found, so they cannot commit the employee record.

The HR clerks have requested that you place a button on the form to enable them to invoke the Departments form to enter the new department and save it independently. Then they want to be able to return to the Employees form and decide whether or not to save the new employee record.

How should you code the When-Button-Pressed trigger to achieve this?

A. NEW_FORM('Departments');


C. OPEN_FORM('Departments');

D. CALL_FORM('Departments'); E. POST;


F. CALL_FORM('Departments',NO_HIDE);


Answer: G

Q13. You are developing a form that serves as a front end to access the Order Entry application. Within the form you want to store the usernames of those users who have permission to run the application. This information is accessed when the form starts up to determine if the user is authorized. The list of usernames is not stored in the database and should not be visible to users.

How will you store this information?

A. In a record group

B. You cannot store this information within a form; you must create a database table to store it and query the information at run time.

C. In a list item

D. In a list of values

E. In a set of parameters

Answer: A

Q14. View the Exhibit.

You are running the Employees form in debug mode and stepping through a procedure (as shown in the exhibit). You know that the stored function RAISE_SALARIES performs the correct calculation.

Which Forms Builder menu item from the Debug menu should you select to position the marker on the line of code that begins as follows?

IF :employees.salary > 2000

A. Stop

B. Step Over

C. Go

D. Step Into

E. Step Out

Answer: B

Q15. You are running a multiple-form application. The Customers form invokes the Orders form. When the Orders form launches, it displays orders for only the active customer from the Customers form.

Forms exchange data with the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable.

The Orders form should be restricted to orders for the current customer only the first time a query is issued after invoking the Orders form. Which built-in helps you do this by setting the ONETIME_WHERE property to refer dynamically to the GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID?





Answer: B

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Q16. You are developing a form for customers to order tickets to events. There is an Event_Date item in the Tickets block of the form that has an LOV whose record group uses the following query:

SELECT event_name, event_date FROM events

ORDER BY event_date

In the Choose_Event block of the form, you want users to be able to select an event name into an Event_Name item. The event name will be selected from an LOV that is sorted by the name of the event.

You do not want to modify either the LOV or the record group at run time. Which statement is true for the LOV and the record group as specified at design time?

A. You must define a new LOV for the Choose_Event.Event_Name item, but you can base it on the same record group.

B. You must define a new LOV for the Choose_Event.Event_Name item that uses a different record group.

C. You can use the same LOV and record group for the Choose_Event.Event_Name item that you used for the Tickets.Event_Date item.

D. You can use the same LOV for both items, but you should specify that each item must use a different record group for the LOV.

Answer: B

Q17. View the Exhibit.

You created and compiled the Summit menu whose properties are shown in the exhibit. You attach the menu to the Orders form and run it to test the menu.

In addition to the Window item, which items from the Summit menu will appear in the top-level menu of the running form when the Summit menu is displayed?

A. File, Edit, Reports, and Applications

B. Save, Exit, Cut, Paste, Order, Invoice, Customers, and Warehouse

C. Save and Exit only

D. Menu1 only

E. File_Menu, Edit_Menu, Reports_Menu, and Applications_Menu

Answer: C

Q18. The menu that appears by default in a Forms application does not quite meet your needs, so you decide to create a custom menu. You create and compile a menu module called Test with three submenus that contain PL/SQL code, and you attach the Test menu to a form. How will the menu of the form appear and perform at run time?

A. You will see only the submenus of the default menu (plus Window) until you issue the REPLACE_MENU built-in in the form.

B. You will see only the submenus of the default menu (plus Window), but you will be able to call code from the Test menu in your form.

C. You will see the three submenus from the Test menu merged with the submenus of the default menu (plus the Window submenu that is usually displayed).

D. You will see only the Test menu submenus (plus Window), but you will be able to call code from the default menu in your form.

E. You will see only the three submenus from the Test menu (plus the Window menu that is usually displayed), and you will not be able to call code from the default menu in your form.

Answer: E

Q19. You have the Orders form open in Forms Builder. You create an object group in the Orders form and you try to drag various components in the Object Navigator to the object group. Which two components will you be unable to place in the object group? (Choose two.)

A. the When-New-Form-Instance trigger of the Orders form

B. the Product_Id item in the Order_Items block of the Orders form

C. the When-New-Item-Instance trigger of the Order_Items.Quantity item in the Orders from

D. the Order_CV canvas of the Orders form

E. the Orders block of the Orders form

Answer: BC

Q20. Which statement about object libraries is true?

A. Using object libraries can increase network performance by promoting object similarities.

B. You cannot place an individual item into an object library.

C. When you open Forms Builder, all object libraries in the current working directory are opened.

D. Object libraries are saved as part of the Forms module.

Answer: A