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2021 Jun 1z0-238 exam question

Q151. Your patch was applied and finished without encountering any error during the process. Which is NOT a correct part of the postpatch process? 

A. updating the MLS 

B. removing any obsolete files 

C. restarting all server processes 

D. cleaning up the log, restarting and out directories 

E. pinning packages and sequences in the System Global Area 

F. performing any manual steps on the basis of readme.txt of the patch 

G. using the Change Maintenance Mode option of AD Administration to enable maintenance mode 

Answer: G 

Q152. What is the version of the Java Oracle home in Oracle Applications Release 12? 

A. 10.2 

B. 8.1.7 

C. 8.0.6 

D. 10.1.3 

E. 10.1.2 

Answer: D 

Q153. You have a multi-node installation with Forms services and Batch Processing services configured on separate nodes. You attempt to update the Context variable on the batch processing node although Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) fails. What should you do to resolve the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. Check whether the Web service is up on Forms services. 

B. Check whether the Forms service is up on the middle tier. 

C. Check whether the listener service is up on Forms services. 

D. Check whether the batch processing service is up on the middle tier. 

E. Enable the TNS listener service in the Application's Context file and run AutoConfig. 

Answer: C,E

Renewal 1z0-238 exam answers:

Q154. In Oracle Applications R12, the Applications modules (packaged in the formsapp.ear file) are deployed to the OC4JForms instance. Identify the ORACLE_HOME used by this OC4J instance. 

A. 8.0.6 

B. 8.1.7 

C. 10.1.2 

D. 10.1.3 


Answer: D 

Q155. Identify five required post-installation tasks for Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite. (Choose five.) 

A. Set up a stage directory. 

B. Configure the client software. 

C. Review security practices. 

D. Install the latest Java Development Kit. 

E. Update the log and out PL/SQL directories. 

F. Configure database initialization parameters. 

G. Implement product- and country-specific functionalities. 

Answer: B,C,E,F,G 

Q156. Identify four statements that correctly describe a schema. (Choose four.) 

A. A schema is a named collection of database objects. 

B. The database user and the schema never have the same name. 

C. A schema can allow another schema to use its objects by granting access. 

D. There is no one-to-one relationship between schemas and users in a database. 

E. An Oracle Application products database objects are divided between the product schema and the APPS schema. 

F. The concept of a database schema is directly tied to the concept of a database user, or a grant from the schema owner. 

Answer: A,C,E,F 

Q157. As an Oracle Applications DBA, you are asked to bring up the Oracle Applications R12 environment, which is restored from backup. You try to start the services and find that the startup scripts,, and are missing. Identity which utility you will use to re-create these scripts? 






Answer: C