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2021 Jul 1z0-238 practice

Q41. You have done a single-node installation of Oracle Applications R12 on node 1. Because of some resource issues, you move only DB_ORACLE_HOME( and the database (.dbf files) to a new server (node 2). 

Which statement is correct about uXXXXXX.drv being applied to node 1 and node 2? 

A. uXXXXXX.drv only on node 2 

B. uXXXXXX.drv only on node 1 

C. uXXXXXX.drv on node 1, and then on node 2 

D. uXXXXXX.drv on node 2, and then on node 1 

Answer: B 

Q42. The Oracle Applications R12 database administrator (DBA) runs the "Recreate grants and synonyms for APPS schema" task by using the adadmin utility when grants or synonyms are missing from the database. Which three causes are responsible for this? (Choose three.) 

A. incomplete database migrations (exports or imports) 

B. patch and administrative sessions that failed to run successfully to completion 

C. invoking PL/SQL routines to maintain multilingual tables by adding missing, untranslated rows 

D. installing or maintaining Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite underlying database components or options such as Replication 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q43. R12 Rapid Install sets the APPL_TOP directory value to _____. 

A. <base directory>/<SID>APPL 

B. <base directory>/APPL<SID> 

C. <base directory>/<db_name>APPL 

D. <base directory>/apps/apps_st/appl 

E. <base directory>/<context_name>APPL 

Answer: D 

Q44. As an Applications DBA, you are tasked with cloning a User Acceptance Test System (UAT) to Test System on July 28. You ran preclone on database tier on July 23 itself. Between July 23 and July 28, some changes have happened to the database. Identify three scenarios in which you would have to run preclone again. (Choose three.) 

A. A database was restarted 

B. A tablespace was dropped. 

C. A custom schema was dropped. 

D. A database data file was resized. 

E. A data file was added to the database. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q45. AD Administration contains a utility named Maintain Snapshot Information. Which statements correctly describe the functionality of this utility? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. You can create a copy of an existing snapshot. 

B. You can delete the current view snapshot. 

C. You can create a list of the current view and named snapshots stored in your system. 

D. You can export an existing snapshot to a file for storage or to another system. 

E. You can update the current view snapshot with any changes to the snapshot since the last update. 

Answer: A,C,D,E

Refresh 1z0-238 actual test:

Q46. As the Applications DBA, you are tasked to apply a patch and use the adpatch utility in the command line. Only the database driver should be applied. Choose the correct adpatch command-line syntax. 

A. adpatch options=applydatabaseportion 

B. adpatch option=nocopyportion, nogenerateportion 


D. adpatch options=nocopyportion,nogenerateportion 

E. adpatch option=nodatabaseportion,nocopyportion,nogenerateportion 

Answer: D 

Q47. John is working for XYZ company. He received a tape from a customer that has the.dbf files and ORACLE_HOME database. He extracted the .dbf files from the tape to the server. After checking, he realized that the customer's DBA forgot to run preclone on the source database tier before taking a backup on the tape. To bring up the database successfully using (postclone) on target, what action would you ask the customer's DBA to perform instead of requesting for a full backup again? 

A. Run preclone on the source database tier and request the customer's DBA to send only <Context_name>.xml. 

B. Run preclone on the source database tier and request the customer's DBA to send only the oraInventory directory. 

C. Run preclone on the source database tier and request the customer's DBA to send only the .dbf system tablespace files. 

D. Run preclone on the source database tier and request the customer's DBA to send only bin under the $ORACLE_HOME database. 

E. Run preclone on the source database tier and request the customer's DBA to send only the appsutil directory under the $ORACLE_HOME database. 

Answer: E 

Q48. The AD Administration task utility Compile APPS Schema is similar to the "Validate APPS Schema" task, except that instead of just producing a list of invalid objects, it compiles invalid objects using multiple workers in an attempt to move them back to the valid object state. This task is most often run when custom packages are moved into the APPS schema, and during the upgrade process. The "Compile APPS Schema" task can be toggled to compile all objects or just the invalid objects. Choose three correct benefits of using this task. (Choose three.) 

A. increases run-time performance in the applications 

B. corrects all corrupt schema package bodies and headers 

C. finds truly invalid objects before users get a run-time error 

D. allows new custom or patched packages to be immediately validated 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q49. The patch 384610 was applied to the test environment successfully. To schedule the patch to be applied to the production environment, the Applications DBA should inform the users of the unavailability of the production environment. Which report can the Applications DBA look at to determine the estimated duration of the task, assuming that the hardware, server load, and applications running on the servers are unchanged? 

A. Timing report 

B. Bug Fixes report 

C. Files Copied report 

D. Action Details report 

E. Patch Details report 

F. Action Summary report 

Answer: A 

Q50. Identify four scenarios in the Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite environment in which you would need to run AutoConfig. (Choose four.) 

A. after relinking product libraries 

B. after restoring a previous configuration 

C. after registering products and languages 

D. after using AD Splicer to add a product to the existing stack 

E. after adding a new variable to the existing context parameters 

F. after using the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) shopping cart 

Answer: B,C,D,E