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Q61. Your Oracle Applications installation is configured on a Windows operating system. As the Applications DBA, you need to run the adadmin utility to carry out certain maintenance tasks on the system. 

Identify the steps you need to perform and their correct sequence to complete the task mentioned above. 

1. Log in to the application tier node as the owner of the database file system. 

2. Log in to the application tier node as the owner of the applications file system. 


4. Run %APPL_TOP%\envshell<CONTEXT_NAME>.cmd. 

5. Run the adadmin utility in the window in step 3. 

6. Run the adadmin utility from the window created in step 4. 

A. 1,3,5 

B. 2,3,5 

C. 2,4,6 

D. 1,4,6 


Q62. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.) 

A. applterr.txt contains custom error messages. 

B. adlinkbk.txt lists files that the AD Relink utility should back up, rather than delete. 

C. adconfig.txt contains environment information about all ports used by Oracle E-Business Suite R12. 

D. applprod.txt is a product description file, which is used to identify all products and product dependencies. 

E. adalldefaults.txt is a template defaults file that contains entries for all defaults-enabled prompts in the AD utilities for Oracle E-Business Suite R12. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q63. Which can be patched using the AutoPatch utility? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Applications 

C. Oracle Application Server 

D. Oracle Development Tools 


Q64. Where is the AutoPatch executable located in Oracle Applications R12? 


B. $AU_TOP/bin 

C. $AD_TOP/bin 

D. $APPL_TOP/admin 



Q65. You run the adadmin utility to generate message files. It completes with errors. Where will you find the log file (adadmin.log)? 

A. $INST_TOP/logs/appl/admin/log 

B. $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.2/log 


D. $AD_TOP/<SID>/log, where <SID> is the value of your ORACLE_SID or TWO_TASK variable (UNIX) or LOCAL variable (Windows) 

E. $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log, where <SID> is the value of your ORACLE_SID or TWO_TASK variable (UNIX) or LOCAL variable (Windows) 


Q66. What is true about editing and saving the <CONTEXT_NAME>.xml file by using the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) Web page? 

A. The Context file is edited and saved only to the file system. AutoConfig picks up the changes whenever it runs next after the update. 

B. AutoConfig automatically starts and picks up the changes and propagates them when the Context file is saved on the OAM Web page. 

C. After changes made to the Context file are saved on the OAM Web page, you must log out and log in again to OAM to apply and propagate the changes. 

D. When you make changes to the Context file on the OAM Web page and save the file, the changes are stored in the OAM database and the Context file is updated. 


Q67. You installed Oracle Applications Release 12 as a multi-node system where every node has a separate APPL_TOP. 

Consider the following configuration: Node 1 hosts Forms server and Web server. 

Node 2 hosts batch processing services and database server. 

As per the above configuration, which values will you find in the Applications Context file of Node 1? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. s_isAdWeb = Yes 

B. s_isAdConc = Yes 

C. s_isAdAdmin = No 

D. s_isAdForms = Yes 

E. s_isAdAdmin = Yes 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q68. You have to perform a two-node installation of Oracle Applications Release 12. The configuration should be the following: Application Database and Concurrent Processing should be deployed on Server A, and Web and Forms services should be deployed on Server B. Which services should you install on the respective nodes? (Choose two.) 

A. Web Entry Point Services on Server B 

B. Batch Processing Services on Server A 

C. Batch Processing Services and Other Service Group on Server A 

D. Root Services, Batch Processing Services, and Other Service Group on Server A 

E. Root Services, Web Entry Point Services, and Web Application Services on Server B 

Answer: B,E 

Q69. Which two values must be set for changing the temporary directory for log and output files from the PL/SQL concurrent program? (Choose two.) 

A. TMP_DIR variable 

B. APPLPTMP variable 

C. APPLTMP parameter 

D. Utl_file_dir parameter 

Answer: B,D 

Q70. Identify four scenarios in the Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite environment in which you would need to run AutoConfig. (Choose four.) 

A. after relinking product libraries 

B. after restoring a previous configuration 

C. after registering products and languages 

D. after using AD Splicer to add a product to the existing stack 

E. after adding a new variable to the existing context parameters 

F. after using the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) shopping cart 

Answer: B,C,D,E