Exam Code: 1z0-238 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Enterprise Linux: Fundamentals
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q31. You have done a single-node installation of Oracle Applications R12 on node 1. Because of some resource issues, you move only DB_ORACLE_HOME( and the database (.dbf files) to a new server (node 2). 

Which statement is correct about uXXXXXX.drv being applied to node 1 and node 2? 

A. uXXXXXX.drv only on node 2 

B. uXXXXXX.drv only on node 1 

C. uXXXXXX.drv on node 1, and then on node 2 

D. uXXXXXX.drv on node 2, and then on node 1 


Q32. You discover that you will be applying an application patch on your APPL_TOP by using AutoPatch, which contains a compatible feature, the prereq line. To ensure that the automatic, prerequisite patch-checking feature operates during the application of the patch, you must run AD Administration, Maintain Snapshot Information, then perform some key tasks, and then AutoPatch. Select four key Maintain Snapshot Information tasks or combination of tasks that will ensure that the prerequisite patch-checking feature operates during the application of the patch. (Choose four.) 

A. Update a current view snapshot, or create a named snapshot. 

B. Export a snapshot to a file, and then delete the named snapshot. 

C. Import an up-to-date snapshot from a file from a different APPL_TOP. 

D. List snapshots, delete the named snapshot, and create a named snapshot. 

E. Copy the existing snapshot, delete the named snapshot, and then create a named snapshot. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q33. Your Oracle Applications system is reporting some problem and the solution is to apply a patch. Before applying the patch, you want to check the effects this new patch would have on your system. Which command would help you achieve this? 

A. adpatch 

B. adpatch test=y 

C. adpatch apply=n 

D. adpatch preinstall=y 


Q34. Identify three situations where relinking may be necessary. (Choose three.) 

A. after running AutoConfig 

B. after the server libraries are updated 

C. after the product JAR files are generated 

D. when executable programs become corrupted 

E. when executable programs are accidentally deleted 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q35. What does the <AU_TOP>/resource directory contain in Oracle Applications? 

A. product-specific GIF files 

B. .pll files used by Oracle Reports 

C. .pll and .plx files used by Oracle Forms 

D. SQL scripts used by Oracle Applications products at run time 


Q36. Oracle Workflow provides infrastructure for the enterprise wide communication of data. This data is related to defined business events, providing capabilities needed to _____. (Choose three.) 

A. manage concurrent processing 

B. streamline and automate transaction flows 

C. notify users about specific database exceptions 

D. support standard and personalized business rules 

E. deliver notification emails to any Oracle Applications or Internet user 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q37. There was an error while applying a patch. The AutoPatch error message indicates that the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table already exists. AutoPatch asks if you want to drop the table. Which two steps need to be performed before dropping the table? (Choose two.) 

A. Shut down the concurrent managers process. 

B. The users need to log out of Oracle Applications. 

C. Determine if there are errors in the Patch log files. 

D. Determine if other users are running the AD Merge program. 

E. Check whether a previous patch session did not run to completion. 

F. Determine if AutoPatch or any other AD Utility is running in another session. 

G. The password for the APPS user is invalid. Confirm the password of the APPS user. 

Answer: E,F 

Q38. In Oracle Applications R12, the Applications modules (packaged in the formsapp.ear file) are deployed to the OC4JForms instance. Identify the ORACLE_HOME used by this OC4J instance. 

A. 8.0.6 

B. 8.1.7 

C. 10.1.2 

D. 10.1.3 



Q39. What are the prerequisites (minimum version) at the operating system level before cloning an environment in Oracle Applications Release 12? 

A. tar version 4.x (Minimum) and zip version 3 (Minimum) 

B. perl version 5.x (Minimum) and zip version 2.3 (Minimum) 

C. gzip version 2.5 (Minimum) and tar version 5.0 (Minimum) 

D. gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) and perl version 5.x (Minimum) 

E. perl version 2.3 (Minimum) , zip version 5.x (Minimum), and gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) 


Q40. In Oracle Applications R12 configured on a UNIX operating system, where will you find the various application tier control scripts? 

A. $INST_TOP/admin 

B. $APPL_TOP/admin/scripts 

C. $INST_TOP/admin/scripts 

D. $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts 

E. $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME