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Q11. Which four statements are true with respect to the APPS schema? (Choose four.) 

A. It has synonyms to all base product tables and sequences. 

B. Each products schema grants full privileges to the APPS schema. 

C. It contains only its own data objects (tables, sequences, and indexes). 

D. It is the only schema that has universal access to Oracle Applications. 

E. Run-time usage of Oracle Applications is through the APPS schema only. 

F. Data objects for the Applications technology-layer products (FND, AD, and so on) are stored under the APPS schema. 

Answer: A,B,D,E 

Q12. What are the prerequisites (minimum version) at the operating system level before cloning an environment in Oracle Applications Release 12? 

A. tar version 4.x (Minimum) and zip version 3 (Minimum) 

B. perl version 5.x (Minimum) and zip version 2.3 (Minimum) 

C. gzip version 2.5 (Minimum) and tar version 5.0 (Minimum) 

D. gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) and perl version 5.x (Minimum) 

E. perl version 2.3 (Minimum) , zip version 5.x (Minimum), and gunzip version 5.x (Minimum) 


Q13. Your system crashes while running an Application DBA (AD) utility. Which are the corrective actions you perform to synchronize the utility status and system status before restarting the utility? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Start the AD patch. 

B. Start AD Controller. 

C. Tell the worker to quit. 

D. Tell the worker to restart a failed job. 

E. Tell the manager that a worker failed its job. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q14. In Oracle Applications R12, the Applications modules (packaged in the formsapp.ear file) are deployed to the OC4JForms instance. Identify the ORACLE_HOME used by this OC4J instance. 

A. 8.0.6 

B. 8.1.7 

C. 10.1.2 

D. 10.1.3 



Q15. The Oracle Applications Release 12 processes on the application tier are started successfully. The Applications database administrator (DBA) must apply a patch while the users are still using Oracle Applications. 

According to the instructions from readme.txt of the patch to be applied, only the concurrent manager process must be shut down before applying the patch. After the patch is applied successfully, one should start the concurrent manager processes. 

The Applications DBA performs these steps to apply the patch on the application tier: 

Step 1: Logs in to the application tier as "applmgr" 

Step 2: Changes to the $INST_TOP/admin/scripts directory 

Step 3: Executes the script 

Step 4: Applies the patch 

Step 5: Checks the log file of the patch for any errors 

Step 6: Runs the $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ script 

What do you conclude? 

A. There are no mistakes in the steps. 

B. In the sixth step, the location of the script is wrong. 

C. In the third step, the script should not be used. 

D. In the first step, the user should be oracle instead of applmgr. 


Q16. A company has implemented Oracle Applications Release 12. It wants to configure a system that sends emails to key database administrators (DBAs) when a tablespace in the Oracle Applications database does not have adequate free space. Identify which component in the Oracle Applications technology layer performs this task. 

A. Oracle Alert 

B. Oracle Workflow 

C. Oracle E-mail Notification 

D. Oracle Applications Framework 


Q17. Which command needs to be run to add a new node to an existing system? 

A. perl 

B. perl 

C. perl addnode 

D. perl appsTier 


Q18. You run a report that generates output in PDF format. The report completes with the error "REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit." How will you resolve this? 

A. Set up the DISPLAY environment variable in .profile of the database user. 

B. Set up the DISPLAY environment variable in .profile of the application user. 

C. No DISPLAY settings are required. Shutting down and restarting the services under APPSTier will fix the issue. 

D. Set up the DISPLAY environment variable in adovars.env to point to an active X Windows. 

E. Set up the DISPLAY environment variable in $CONTEXT_FILE of the database tier to point to an active X Windows, and then run AutoConfig. 

F. Set up the DISPLAY environment variable in $CONTEXT_FILE of the application tier to point to an active X Windows, and then run AutoConfig. 


Q19. Consider a situation where a worker failed with a core dump and cannot be restarted. Although the worker is listed as running in the adctrl utility, there is no operating system-level process for the erring worker. 

In this situation, the only option is to restart the patch. What are the steps performed to restart the patch? 

1. Tell the manager that a worker acknowledges quit. 

2. Restart the patch. 

3. Tell the manager that a worker failed its job. 

4. 3bbTell the worker to shut down or quit (all workers). 

Identify the correct sequence in which you perform the task in the above scenario. 

A. 1, 3, 4, 2 

B. 4, 3, 1, 2 

C. 4, 1, 3, 2 

D. 1, 3, 2, 4 

E. 3, 4, 1, 2 


Q20. The patch 384610 was applied to the test environment successfully. To schedule the patch to be applied to the production environment, the Applications DBA should inform the users of the unavailability of the production environment. Which report can the Applications DBA look at to determine the estimated duration of the task, assuming that the hardware, server load, and applications running on the servers are unchanged? 

A. Timing report 

B. Bug Fixes report 

C. Files Copied report 

D. Action Details report 

E. Patch Details report 

F. Action Summary report