Exam Code: 1z0-238 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Enterprise Linux: Fundamentals
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1z0-238 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. The Applications DBA is tasked with applying 10 patches for the Accounts Receivable product. There is no order for applying the patches. According to readme.txt of two patches, only the database drivers should be applied. These patches are 135792 and 246813. 

Review this list of steps that the DBA is considering: 

A.Merge 8 of the 10 patches, excluding 135792 and 246813. 

B.Merge the patches 135792 and 246813. 

C.Merge all 10 patches. 

D.Apply cmerged1.drv. 

E.Apply dmerged1.drv. 

F.Apply gmerged1.drv. 

G.Apply cmerged2.drv. 

H.Apply dmerged2.drv. 

I.Apply gmerged2.drv. 

J.Apply cmerged.drv. 

K.Apply dmerged.drv. 

L.Apply gmerged.drv. 

M.Rename cmerged.drv as cmerged1.drv. 

N.Rename dmerged.drv as dmerged1.drv. 

O.Rename gmerged.drv as gmerged1.drv. 

P.Rename cmerged.drv as cmerged2.drv. 

Q.Rename dmerged.drv as dmerged2.drv. 

R.Rename gmerged.drv as gmerged2.drv. 

Which set of steps would meet the requirement? 

A. C, J, K, L 

B. B, K, C, J, K, L 

C. A, J, K, L, B, K 

D. A, J, K, L, B, J, K, L 

E. B, N, A, M, N, O, D, E, F 

F. A, M, N, O, B, P, Q, R, D, E, F, G, H, I 

Answer: C 

Q112. Which command can be used only with a single-node installation? 

A. rapidwiz -restart 

B. rapidwiz -techstack 

C. rapidwiz -servername <myhost> 

D. rapidwiz -silent -config <location of config.txt> 

Answer: C 

Q113. Which Oracle Applications environment file compiles and links custom Oracle Forms user exits and concurrent programs with Oracle Applications R12? 

A. fndenv.env 

B. devenv.env 

C. adovars.env 



Answer: B 

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Q114. Identify three situations where relinking may be necessary. (Choose three.) 

A. after running AutoConfig 

B. after the server libraries are updated 

C. after the product JAR files are generated 

D. when executable programs become corrupted 

E. when executable programs are accidentally deleted 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q115. Identify the formula based on which AD utilities provide the default number of workers. 

A. 2 * (the number of CPUs on the database server) 

B. 2 + (the number of CPUs on the database server) 

C. 2 * ( the parallel_max_servers initSID.ora parameter in the database) 

D. 2 + (the parallel_max_servers initSID.ora parameter in the database) 

Answer: A 

Q116. On a database server that uses a Windows platform, there are two ways to stop a database. One way is to go to the Windows Services window, and then click Stop. Which is the other way (on a Windows platform)? 

A. $ addbctl.sh stop normal 

B. $ addinctl.sh stop <SID> 

C. C:> addbctl.cmd stop normal 

D. C:> addinctl.cmd stop <SID> 

E. C:> addbctl.cmd shutdown immediate 

Answer: C 


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Q117. Identify the files that are changed when you run AutoConfig. (Choose all that apply.) 

A. <TNS_ADMIN>/listener.ora 


C. <APPL_TOP>/admin/adconfig.txt 


E. <INST_TOP>/appl/admin/<CONTEXT_NAME>.xml 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q118. As part of the cloning process, the Applications DBA needs to copy the database tier file system to the target system. Which step is NOT a part of this cloning process? 

A. Perform a normal shutdown of the source system database. 

B. Copy the database files from the source to the target system. 

C. Log on to the source system application tier nodes as the oracle user. 

D. Copy the source 10.1.2 and RDBMS Oracle home directory to the target system. 

Answer: D 

Q119. The adovars.env file specifies the location of different types of files, by using various environment variables. Identify three parameters that are part of this environment file. (Choose three.) 








Answer: B,D,E 

Q120. A company has implemented Oracle Applications Release 12. It wants to configure a system that sends emails to key database administrators (DBAs) when a tablespace in the Oracle Applications database does not have adequate free space. Identify which component in the Oracle Applications technology layer performs this task. 

A. Oracle Alert 

B. Oracle Workflow 

C. Oracle E-mail Notification 

D. Oracle Applications Framework 

Answer: A