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2021 May 1z0-238 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Where can you find the generated report file after running the Validate APPS schema task in the Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite setup? 

A. <APPL_TOP>/admin/<APPS schema name>.lst 

B. <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/admin/out/<SID>.lst 

C. <AD_TOP>/admin/out/<APPS schema name>.lst 

D. <APPL_TOP>/admin/<context_name>/out/<SID>.lst 

E. <APPL_TOP>/admin/<SID>/out/<APPS schema name>.lst 

Answer: E 

Q12. R12 Rapid Install sets the APPL_TOP directory value to _____. 

A. <base directory>/<SID>APPL 

B. <base directory>/APPL<SID> 

C. <base directory>/<db_name>APPL 

D. <base directory>/apps/apps_st/appl 

E. <base directory>/<context_name>APPL 

Answer: D 

Q13. The Application Utilities (AU_TOP) directory contains _____. 

A. a consolidated set of all product files 

B. utilities such as AutoUpgrade and AutoPatch 

C. files and scripts used by AutoUpgrade during upgrade 

D. consolidated logs and output directories used by concurrent processing 

Answer: A

Most recent 1z0-238 latest exam:

Q14. You are in the midst of applying a patch on an Oracle Applications system when AutoPatch reports that one of the workers failed and that it requires you to fix this error before proceeding. Where would you get detailed information about the cause of the worker's failure? 

A. adpatch.lgi 

B. adpatch.log 

C. adwrkXXX.log 

D. adworkXXX.log 

E. adworkerXXX.log 

Answer: D 

Q15. What are the four benefits of using shared APPL_TOP? (Choose four.) 

A. Disk space requirements are greatly reduced. 

B. Administrative tasks need to be carried out only once, on any node. 

C. There is an increased performance for larger workloads and growing user population. 

D. All active instances can concurrently execute transactions against a shared database. 

E. It provides extensible system architecture; machines can be easily added to an existing system. 

F. By enabling the use of distributed AD, it improves the efficiency of patch application, thereby reducing the down time. 

Answer: A,B,E,F 

Q16. Your Oracle Applications system is reporting some problem and the solution is to apply a patch. Before applying the patch, you want to check the effects this new patch would have on your system. Which command would help you achieve this? 

A. adpatch 

B. adpatch test=y 

C. adpatch apply=n 

D. adpatch preinstall=y 

Answer: C

Refined 1z0-238 practice exam:

Q17. You discover that you will be applying an application patch on your APPL_TOP by using AutoPatch, which contains a compatible feature, the prereq line. To ensure that the automatic, prerequisite patch-checking feature operates during the application of the patch, you must run AD Administration, Maintain Snapshot Information, then perform some key tasks, and then AutoPatch. Select four key Maintain Snapshot Information tasks or combination of tasks that will ensure that the prerequisite patch-checking feature operates during the application of the patch. (Choose four.) 

A. Update a current view snapshot, or create a named snapshot. 

B. Export a snapshot to a file, and then delete the named snapshot. 

C. Import an up-to-date snapshot from a file from a different APPL_TOP. 

D. List snapshots, delete the named snapshot, and create a named snapshot. 

E. Copy the existing snapshot, delete the named snapshot, and then create a named snapshot. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q18. What are the three benefits of having the APPS schema in the Oracle Applications R12 database? (Choose three.) 

A. By using the APPS schema, the effect of inefficient ad hoc queries is limited. 

B. By eliminating the need for cross-product grants and synonyms, the APPS schema improves reliability. 

C. The APPS schema helps to ensure that the highest-priority business activities always have sufficient resources. 

D. By using one APPS schema that can access all Oracle Applications objects, cross-product dependencies are eliminated. 

E. By eliminating the need for cross-product grants and synonyms, the APPS schema reduces the time needed for installation, upgrade, and patching. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q19. Which can be patched using the AutoPatch utility? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Applications 

C. Oracle Application Server 

D. Oracle Development Tools 

Answer: B 

Q20. What is the default value of <CONTEXT_NAME>? 






Answer: D