Exam Code: 1z0-241 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: PeopleSoft Application Develper I: PeopleTools&PeopleCode
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1z0-241 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. Select the two true statements about the Web server and the application server. (Choose two.)

A. Executables reside on the application server.

B. PeopleSoft services generally run from the Web server.

C. The Web server caches images, style sheets, and JavaScript.

D. The application server stores user data until the Web server connects with and writes the values to the database server.

E. Under certain development configurations, you can connect the browser directly to the database server for testing purposes.

Answer: AC

Q112. The Component Processor's flow can be used to simulate a looping construct. In which event would a PeopleCode program designed to take advantage of this feature be placed?

A. RowInit

B. PreBuild

C. PostBuild

D. SearchInit

E. FieldDefault

F. FieldFormula

Answer: A

Q113. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: class OCP_ROWSET extends Rowset; property integer FilledRowCount get;method OCP_ROWSET(&strRecName As string, &strDataFld As string, &strGetOrCreate As string);method InsertRow(&iRow As integer) Returns boolean; Select the correct statements. (Choose all that apply.)

A. OCP_ROWSET is the constructor method for the OCP_ROWSET class.

B. Executing the RO_ROWSET method instantiates an object of the OCP_ROWSET class.

C. The OCP_ROWSET method runs automatically whenever an object is instantiated using the OCP_ROWSET class.

D. The OCP_ROWSET method must initialize the ROWSET class.

E. The OCP_ROWSET method is added to the ROWSET class, and, by extension, to any instances of the ROWSET class.

Answer: ACD


Improved 1z0-241 latest exam:

Q114. Your manager asks you to use PeopleCode to autogenerate the keys for the Orders page.

Which event do you use?

A. RowInit

B. SaveEdit

C. PostBuild

D. SearchSave

E. SavePrechange

F. SavePostchange

Answer: E

Q115. Select two parts of the Message Catalog. (Choose two.)

A. Message page

B. Message number

C. Message ID

D. Message set

E. Message scroll

Answer: BD

Q116. View the Exhibit.

Select the page that most likely uses this subpage.

Answer: A


Validated 1z0-241 courses:

Q117. You are testing a completed application and you see an incorrect label on one field on the page. Select the option that is the best course of action to correct this problem.

A. Change the item label name in the component definition.

B. Select the correct record field label on the record definition.

C. Enter the correct field label as text on the page field definition.

D. Change the default label on the field definition to the correct label.

Answer: B

Q118. Which PeopleCode statement would you use to instantiate an unpopulated, stand-alone record object?

A. &Rec = GetRecord();

B. &Rec = &Row.RecordName;

C. &Rec = GetRecord(RECORD.PSU_TASK_RSRC);

D. &Rec = &Row.GetRecord(RECORD.RecordName);

E. &Rec = CreateRecord(RECORD.PSU_COURSE_TBL);

Answer: E

Q119. Many steps in the application development process access the PeopleTools tables. Which step accesses all three categories of tables?

A. Building the table.

B. Defining the page.

C. Defining new fields.

D. Defining the record.

E. Registering the component.

Answer: A

Q120. Which three statements are true when you want to view queries? (Choose three.)

A. You can view all public queries, and private queries that are in your list of queries.

B. If you want to run queries that are not saved in PeopleSoft Query, you can use the Run page in Query Manager.

C. Query Viewer is a version of Query Manager. It has the same functions, but in a different view.

D. You can run a predefined query from your browser and view it online using any of the following links on the Query Manager search page: HTML, Excel, or Schedule.

E. If you want to run multiple queries and run each query multiple times with different runtime prompt values, the Run page is more useful than the HTML, Excel, or Schedule links on the Query Manager search page.

Answer: BDE