Exam Code: 1z0-241 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: PeopleSoft Application Develper I: PeopleTools&PeopleCode
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1z0-241 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. Which two statements are true regarding the usages and description of the Crystal/Bus.

Interlink/JDeveloper tab in the PeopleTools Configuration Manager? (Choose two.)

A. The Crystal/Bus, Interlink/JDeveloper tab is used to specify the locations of Crystal Reports executables and the default location for Crystal Reports that are generated through PeopleSoft Query.

B. If you have Crystal Reports installed on a network drive, the Crystal EXEs Path parameter is populated automatically to reflect the location of the Crystal Reports executables-for example: n:hr880binclientwinx86crystal.

C. If you have Crystal Reports installed locally on the workstation, the Crystal EXEs Path parameter is populated automatically.

D. If the Default Crystal Reports option is deselected, you are able to create a Crystal report from Oracle's PeopleSoft Query.

Answer: AC

Q72. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: Local Rowset &RSCUST, &RSSTUD;



&RSCUST.CopyTo(&RSSTUD, RECORD.CUST_TBL, RECORD.STUDENT_TBL); Select the two correct statements. (Choose two.)

A. &RSCUST is a stand-alone rowset object that references the rows in PS_CUST_TBL.

B. &RSSTUD is a stand-alone rowset object that references the rows in PS_STUDENT_TBL.

C. &RSCUST is a rowset object that references the component buffer data for the CUST_TBL record.

D. &RSCUST is a stand-alone rowset object based on the structure of the CUST_TBL record definition.

E. &RSSTUD is a rowset object that references the component buffer data for the STUDENT_TBL record.

F. &RSSTUD is a stand-alone rowset object based on the structure of the STUDENT_TBL record definition.

Answer: CF

Q73. Select the three primary purposes for SQL views in PeopleSoft applications. (Choose three.)

A. Reporting

B. Filtering rows

C. Joining tables

D. Assigning aliases

E. Rearranging columns

Answer: BCE

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Q74. This PeopleCode snippet is in PreBuild:

&Object = GetLevel0();

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. &Object is a stand-alone row.

B. &Object is a stand-alone rowset.

C. &Object represents the entire component buffer.

D. &Object is a row object that contains the level 0 rowset.

E. &Object is a rowset object that contains the level 0 row.

F. &Object is a record object that contains the level 0 record.

Answer: CE

Q75. The primary role of Oracle's PeopleSoft Process Scheduler is to support the PeopleSoft application environment. Which three statements are true regarding the usage and advantages of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler? (Choose three.)

A. You can perform certain processes (such as running reports, loading benefit enrollment forms, calculating payroll deductions, and so on) in the background of the online system.

B. PeopleSoft Process Scheduler has two purposes. The first is to provide different methods of viewing reports, based on the level of access granted. The second is to assign users to a Report Manager Administration role in PeopleSoft Security, so they can delete reports from the database.

C. You can take advantage of the distributed computing environment at your site, whereby you can schedule performance-sensitive jobs to run on a powerful server while the online system is still available to end users.

D. You can extract the precise information that you are looking for by using visual representations of your PeopleSoft database, without writing SQL statements.

E. You can schedule a process request to run on any date or during any time interval that your business requires, such as monthly, daily, hourly, or by the minute.

Answer: ACE

Q76. Signon PeopleCode is commonly used to _____.

A. validate page data

B. audit data changes

C. migrate user profiles between databases

D. apply personalizations to the user home pageapply personalizations to the user? home page

E. validate a user ID and password against a directory server

Answer: E

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Q77. View the Exhibit.

The red dot on the left margin of the PeopleCode Editor screen _____.

A. marks a breakpoint

B. marks a bookmark

C. indicates an abend

D. indicates a syntax error

E. indicates a compile error

F. indicates a run-time error

Answer: A

Q78. This PeopleCode function uses effective-date logic to return the current row from PSXLATITEM. SQLExec("SELECT A.XLATSHORTNAME, A.XLATLONGNAME




B.EFFDT <= <date>)");

Which system variable should be substituted for <date> so the function correctly returns the current row as of the run date for all supported database platforms?

A. %Date

B. %AsOfDate

C. %DateTime

D. %EffDtCheck

E. %CurrentDateIn

F. %CurrentDateOut

Answer: E

Q79. If your Crystal report contains numeric fields that are formatted to have single-line or doubleline borders at the top of the container, you may experience incorrect justification of numbers in the HTML output.Which two options would solve your problem? (Choose two.)

A. Draw lines above the numeric fields using the line drawing tool.

B. Insert summary fields into a blank text object and then format the container text object to include borders above the text.

C. Get full reporting flexibility by signing out and then successfully signing in to a PeopleSoft database using the PeopleSoft sign-in dialog.

D. Select the Design tab, save the report, return to the Preview tab, and click the Refresh button to refresh your data after making changes.

E. Select the Design tab and, in the Page Header section, double-click the field that has singleline or double-line borders at the top, and then click a blank area of the report to deselect the text object.

Answer: AB

Q80. Select four PeopleSoft field definition types. (Choose four.)

A. VarChar

B. Integer

C. Number

D. Binary

E. Long Character


G. Image

H. ImageReference

Answer: CEGH